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A relationship in which protocols are in place continuously.

Surface play with abrasive materials. Rabbit fur, rough silk, chamois leather, fine sandpaper, assorted brushes and wire wool are just a few samples of some very effective items to enhance the body sensations of a blindfolded bottom.
sexual attraction to people who wear leg braces, casts, etc.(also see Apotemnophilia below)
Preference for hairless genitals.
A fear of heights - also see Phobophilia
A sexual attraction to 'bodily defects' (also see Apotemnophilia below)
Sexual attraction to men who are circumcised.
Oriental medicine using needles, etc., to heal the body
More information on this topic is available at [ Wikipedia:Acupuncture ]
Arousal from sound: (ie: the sound of high heels walking on hard-wood floors).
Sexual attraction to overweight sexual partners
Adult Babies
Mainly refer to those who gain satisfaction from dressing up in infants' clothing and using associated objects like dummies and cribs; may also indicate those who enjoy elaborate role-playing scenes in which they act out the part of a baby as fully as possible. See Age Play
Communication after scenes is part of what is called aftercare. Aftercare is a time when the partners typically cuddle, decompress, and eventually talk about the good and bad parts of the scene. The importance of quality aftercare cannot be stressed enough. Most people do aftercare naturally, with both partners enjoying it as part of the entire BDSM experience. BDSM often involves an endorphin high and very intense experience, and failure to engage in proper aftercare can lead to sub-drop as these return to more everyday levels.
The adoration of a single part of another persons body. It can be something quite common such as a woman's breasts or a man's genitals, although it could be any part of the body. (Also known as 'partialism' )
Age Play
A common variant of role-play in which the top becomes the Daddy or Mommy and the bottom child-like. Most commonly, adults take on the role of children, perhaps in a submissive capacity. Younger people may also take on the role of older people. Does not usually include or imply aspects of incest, but rather the nurturing relationship of Parent/child or Teacher/student
An uncommon fetish or paraphilia, also known as Pygmalionism after the Greek myth of Pygmalion. In its most literal sense the term means sexual attraction to statues. This may also be extended to mannequins and/or sex dolls. In a broader sense the term may refer to sexual fantasies about oneself and/or others being transformed into, or simply rendered as motionless as, a statue, mannequin or doll. Such fantasies may of course be extended to role playing. There is a broad crossover between agalmatophilia and robot fetishism or ASFR (alt.sex.fetish.robots).
that funny little piece of plastic on the end of a shoe lace
the love of needles
Air tight (or Airtight)
Situation where the female sex partner has her mouth, vagina and anus filled with any combination of dildos, plugs, inflatable toys and/or male sex organs
(See Algophilia below)
Sexual arousal from experiencing pain.
Reaching orgasm from watching other people in sexual activities. (See Voyeurism )
Alternative Sexuality
Any number of alternative or exploratory sexual activities.
fetish for high heel shoes.
Deriving adult sexual arousal from objects that one was exposed to as an infant. The fetish value often stems from tactile stimulation similar to that experienced by the infant before it could see well. Anaclitism is closely related to the phenomenon of infantilism, also known by the terms adult babyism and autonepiophilia.
Anal Masterbation
Autoerotism focusing on the anal area.
Anal Play
A wide range of sexual activities including:
anal sex;
Dildo and butt-plugs;
anal beads and
Rimming (oral to anal contact).
Anal Spincter
More information on this topic is available at [ Wikipedia:Anal_sphincter ]
Amyl Nitrate
an inhalent, also known as 'Poppers'
The blending of the charachteristics of both male and female (Also see: Asexual)
Sexual arousal from female cross dressers.
Androphilia (from Greek andro-, "male," + -philia, "love")
The romantic and/or sexual attraction to adult males.
the act of licking and sucking the anus: a sex act performed by (or on) either sex. (Also see: Rimming)
Anal torture
The BDSM practice of inflicting pain on the anus.
Animal Training
Play scenes where the bottom usually takes on the role of an animal. A very common example of this scenario is the sub playing the role of a dog. Horses are also popular, as in pony girls. In order to emphasize this behavior the sub will wear items such as collars, leads and bridles.
Animal transformation fantasy
Fantasy in which the focus is on the sub entering the altered mindspace of a different species, typically a dog, pony or horse.
Anime (Japanese "anime" + "tion")
Cartoons (in books, DVD and videos) usally depicting sex and/or bondage
More information on this topic is available at [ Wikipedia:Anime ]
Animal Play
Fantasy in which the focus is on the sub entering the altered mindspace of a different species, typically a dog, pony, horse, puppy, cow, etc.).
APE - Absolute Power Exchange
Alternate phrase similar to "Total Power Exchange"
being sexually excited by exhibitionism (also known as 'Lady Godiva Syndrome') - the behavior of showing or exposing naked parts of the body.
being aroused by having a limb amputated
A title or identifier (See Honorifics)
Aquaphilia also called Hydrophilia
A term used to describe a form of sexual fetishism which involves images of people swimming or posing underwater, and sexual activity in or under water. Some subsets of this category are underwater glamour, breathholding, underwater fashion (models posing underwater, often while fully clothed), scuba fetishism, rubber (people in skin-tight rubber wetsuits), simulated or fantasy drowning (often incorporating asphyxiation), mermaids, and underwater sex.
Arse and Ass are coarse words for the buttocks and/or anus.
Having no sexual charachteristics (Also see: Androgyny)
auto-erotic asphyxiation (if solo play). Games involving control or restriction of air and/or the supply of oxygen to the brain. Strangling is usually the compression of the carotid arteries to prevent oxygenated blood reaching the brain; suffocation involves reducing the level of oxygen in the air available to breathe. Hanging, where the body is suspended by the neck, though a relatively common fantasy is very difficult to stage in a non-harmful way. This form of play is extremely dangerous and not recommended for the inexperienced.
Arse and Ass are coarse words for the buttocks and/or anus.
Ass to mouth
The removal of the penis or another object from the anus followed by the immediate insertion of the object into the mouth.
Ass play
next to the clitoris, the asshole contains the largest number of nerve endings on a female body. For males the prostate is an extremely sexually arousing gland in the male body. Inserting dildos, fisting, fucking and douching can be very stimulating forms of ass play. Hygiene should always be a main consideration with this type of play.
Asymmetric bondage
a form of bondage in which the bound person is tied in non-symmetrical position. This has a disorienting effect, confusing the body's self-image and sense of balance, and hence increasing the psychological impact of the bondage. Asymmetric bondage is a common technique in Japanese bondage.
A common technique is to make the person stand on one foot, binding their other foor to their thigh. See jb#k.
Ataraxia (Latin word root) or Catharsis (Greek word root)
To cleanse or purify
A person undergoing severe pain or emotional experiences will generate adreneline. As the adreneine levels subside, the person will have a feeling of well-being, relaxation and serenity.
Auctioned off
Dom/me auctions off the Slave to the highest bidder (usually supervised and for temporary use).
Professional sterilization device, often used for cutting or piercing equipment.
Autogynephilia — ("love of oneself as a woman")
A paraphilia proposed in 1989 by Ray Blanchard, who defined it as "a man's paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman."
See "Anaclitism" above
the act of a man inserting his own penis into his own anus. This can only be performed by a man with a penis long enough and flexible enough, and by moving the genitals to one side.
Avant-garde (Fr. "advance guard")
In the fetish and fashion world, it usually refers to "advanced" thinking or designs.
More information on this topic is available at [ Wikipedia:Avant-garde ]

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