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In the fictional spanking stories of Lurking Dragon (and other authors) set in Rejuve Universe, such as Melody's Stories, a Medicalos is person that has been rejuvenated for medical reasons other than old age.

In this science fictional setting this life saving measure will result in the patient return to prepubescent age. If the patient can make it to a full medical facility, this will typically result end age of about 12.


  • Body mass: If the injures results in the lost of body parts, the rejuvenation will rebuild the missing parts, but may lower the end resultant age if there is not enough body mass.
  • Radiation: Radiation Poisoning is hard to clean out, in particular, chronostatic radiation might require multiple rejuves. Each rejuvenation has a minimum of about 3 years, resulting in Medicalos start are ages of 9 and 6.
  • Emergency Rejuvenation Chambers: If the patient can not make it to a full rejuvenation chamber, *Emergency Response Teams carry a cut-down, portable version. but the patient can come out, at best, somewhere between the ages 6 to 8, and female. A second rejuve can correct the gender swap in males if a full chamber is used, resulting in a final age of 3 to 5 years-old.

Treatment of Medicalos

The rejuvenation process' revision to a younger physical state also includes the brain. Their preteen brains lack the late adolescent developments need for complex reasoning and long term planing. So while they have all their adult memories, the have the forethought and emotional needs of their new physical age. Due to this the are legally minors and need guardians who become for all intensive purposes their parents. But due sudden nature of most Medicalos rejuvenations ,unlike Voluntaras, the rejuve has little to no choice in who their new parent(s) will be. If possible they will enter the care of an immediate family member (such as a spouse, biological parent, or sibling) as this place them in a home with familiar practices. But if not possible they will end up with a court appointed parents from the Association of Professional Parents (APP).

And legal contracts, such as marriages or military commotions are suspended with no obligations to renew them when they return to the age of majority at 21. So marriages do survive multiple rejuvenations, many do not.

Due to their sudden and unexpected return to the restriction of childhood, Medicalos rank high on the child social hierarchy; the highest that most people will ever likely meet (see Innocentatas). As such any responsible request is granted when possible, and their wishes are given priority over their peers. But they still must abide by the restriction of childhood, and will be punished if the misbehave, and unlike kindern (real children), they are automatically expect to know better.

Medicalos as major characters

Like Penitatas, medicalos have interesting reasons for being rejuves but unlike them their reasons are more sympathetic making them likable characters without having them in unfair situations.

  • Carlton Kristain, main character in Crimson Kid's "Maternal Matrimony".
  • Ellie Miller, major supporting cast in Lurking Dragon's "Melody's Stories".
  • Johnny Devine, major supporting cast in Lurking Dragon's "Melody's Stories".
  • Rodger Murphie, main character in Roguebfl's "Pint-Sized Engineer".
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