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Maternal Matrimony is a science fiction spanking novel by Crimson Kid. Set in Lurking Dragon's Rejuve Universe. It has been called an example of an F/m (boy spanking) story that is also clearly Femdom. Nineteen Chapters have been published so far.


Maternal Matrimony is set in the mid 28th Century, as such is contemporary with Melody's Stories, but instead of being set on Earth it is set on the Vladivost colony and it's orbiting station, Starbase Seventeen.

Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Commander Carlton Kristain, became a public hero and a medicalos, when he lead a his team on a rescue mission in an action that was against the recommendation of his wife Rear Admiral Rebecca McMichael. His brave but reckless actions changed him from a husband and father of a teenage kinderd daughter, to being a son and little brother. The story follows how he and his family deals with and adapts to the changes in their family.


  • Maternal Matrimony
  • Awareness (f/m)
  • Small World (F/m)
  • Rules and Consequences
  • Dreams and Awakenings (f/m)
  • Reflections (F/m f/m)
  • Discipline and Forgiveness (f/m)
  • Eavesdropping (F/m)
  • Bedtime Bookends (F/m f/m)
  • Skywards Bound (Part 1 - 2) (F/m)
  • Comrades-in-Rejuves (F/f F/m)
  • Babysitter Reds (Part 1 - 2) (F/mm)
  • Aftermath (F/m)
  • Yikes! (F/m)
  • Bad Thursday (Part 1 - 3) (f/m F/m F/f)
  • Nudity (Part 1 - 2) (f/m)
  • Easter, Bright and Dark (Part 1 - 6 + Epilogue) (F/m F/f f/m F/F)
  • Triple Jeopardy (Part 1 - 3 + Epilogue) (f/m F/m F/f F/mf, f/mf)
  • Now We Are Six not yet written
  • Literary Criticism (F/m)

Major characters

  • Carlton Kristain formerly Lt. Commander Carlton Kristain, a medicalos.
  • Rear Admiral Rebecca McMichael, Carlton's wife turned mother.
  • Nantessa McMichael, a kindern and Carlton's daughter turned big sister.
  • Montana Starr, a medicalos and Carlton's best friend.
  • Katrina Kemp, Carlton's kindergarten teacher.
  • Billy Treadwell formerly Billy Goodnight, a penitatas (2x6-12) and Carlton's friend.
  • Commodore Lavinia Treadwell, Admiral McMicheal's executive officer, and Billy's current mother.
  • Selena Lamonica, Commodore Treadwell's life-partner.
  • Lieutenant jg. Yolanda Lansford, A member of Carlton's former medical team and now babysitter.
  • Greta Jurgensen, a Innocentata and a friend of Carlton's.
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