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Info on marriage rituals

  • Something old, (something to bring good wishes from the past)
  • something new, (something to go bring good luck in the future,
  • something borrowed, (something to show the support of your friends,)
  • something blue (constancy and fidelity (from the ancient greek - the color of the sky).

When a warrior wanted a bride, he would capture her from a nearby village and carry her back to his home. Once there, he would shackle her to his home so she could not return to her family.

Today, carrying the bride over the threshold is a symbol of the "capture custom", while the ring is the symbol of her shackles.

On her wedding day, a bride will do everything to make herself more beautiful. In Ancient Rome, it was feared that demons would see her beauty and steal her away, so she would wear a veil until the very last moment of the wedding ceremony.
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