Marilyn Maxwell

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Marilyn Maxwell

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The Resume (-) Born in Marilyn Maxwell (born Marvel Marilyn Maxwell on August 3, 1921 Clarinda, Iowa, died March 20, 1972 in the bathroom of her Beverly Hills home of a heart attack at age 50)

  • She was thrice married and divorced. As a friend of Rock Hudson she made frequent public appearances with him to help quell talk of his homosexuality.
  • She dated notorious womanizer Frank Sinatra.
  • When compared to Marilyn Monroe she stated, 'Hey, I'm the blond with her clothes on.'
  • When she couldn't find work in 1967 she accepted a position as a burlesque show stripper in Queens.
  • She started training as a dancer at age 3 and a radio singer as a teen, which came in handy for those MGM musicals.
  • In 'The Lemon Drop Kid' she sang 'Silver Bells,' introducing a song that became a holiday classic.
  • She toured with Bob Hope and other USO tours to entertain overseas troops.
  • Because she was on these tours she missed both her father's 1950 funeral and her mother's funeral a year later.
  • Her 1950s nightclub acts were a hit and she found steady work in New York's famed Latin Quarter.
  • Her 15-year-old son found her dead in their house, so her friend Hudson cared for him until funeral arrangements could be made. Pallbearers at her funeral included Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Jack Benny.

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Acted in 'Stand by for Action (1942),' 'Thousands Cheer (1943),' 'Lost in a Harem (1944),' 'Summer Holiday (1948),' 'Race Street (1948),' 'Champion (1949),' 'Key to the City (1950),' 'The Lemon Drop Kid (1951),' 'Rock-A-Bye Baby (1958),' 'Critic's Choice (1963),' 'The Lively Set (1964)' and 'Arizona Bushwhackers (1968)'


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