Mai Haruna

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Mai Haruna
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Background information
Birthdate: Mar 20, 1984
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 5' 1" / 1.55m
Measurments: 88(H-70)-60-84(cm)
Natural bust: Yes
Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Japanese
Blood: B

This article is about a Japanese porn star

Mai Haruna (春菜まい Haruna Mai) is a popular and prolific Japanese model and AV idol. She debuted in 2002, and is still active today. Her videos have been in a variety of Japanese adult video genres.

Life and career

Born in Tokyo on March 20 1984, Mai Haruna's AV (porn film) career focuses her large bust. Until Haruna's generation, the women in her family were of a thin build. Both her mother and grandmother were thin, and Haruna and her older sister were the first in the family to have large breasts. Haruna's bust developed early, beginning before her entrance into junior high school. By her third year in junior high school, she was already a metric F-cup.

Haruna made her AV debut at the age of 18, in September of 2002. In October of that year she appeared in the |English-titled HOLIDAYS, the first of her many photo books. Haruna's "cute face" and (metric) "H-cup dynamite breasts" have helped make her a popular and busy actress in Japanese adult videos. As one indication of her prolific output, Japanese Amazon currently lists 185 DVDs, 28 videos and 7 books in which Haruna appears. Haruna stands out in the Japanese AV field, where an average career spans about a year, with five to ten videos total. Haruna's most recent DVD appearance indicates that nearly five years after her debut, as of February 2007 she is currently still active.

Haruna has worked in various genres of the Japanese AV including S&M, orgies and urolagnia. Her December 2004 video, Suppin' follows the classic Japanese AV mock-documentary format pioneered by early AV innovator, Toru Muranishi. Purporting to show Haruna's real life, the video includes scenes of outdoor sex. Others of Haruna's documentary-inspired AVs have her learning soap and massage techniques from professionals and then demonstrating her newly-acquired skills for the video audience. Haruna's August, 2004 appearance in the popular Sin and Punishment video series, which focuses on various forms of humiliation, has her assaulted with a candle, forced to drink semen, and concludes with her having sex with "7 fat actors." Her latest video appearance, A Band of Nasty AV Actresses, shows that Haruna is still working in the humiliation and punishment genres of Japanese AV, genres for which her physical attributes have been singled out for praise.

Partial filmography

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Video title Company Director Release date
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