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Video of a headmaster caning a boy.

A headmaster (also known as a headmistress if female, head teacher, head, rector, or principal) is the most senior teacher and chief administrator of a school.


Assistants to the headmaster

A school usually also has a deputy head and several assistant heads, who act as assistants or subordinates to the head teacher. Commonly, a state school will have between two and six assistant head teachers (AHTs). Each AHT is normally in charge of a specific area of the school, such as administration, staff appraisal, first year, sixth form, discipline etc. Normally AHTs only have a small teaching role within the school.

In the U.S., the title principal is most common. The principal is assisted by one or more vice principals or assistant principals.

Headmasters and spanking

Since the headmaster is the highest authority in a school, it is his/her duty to deal only with major infractions of school rules - minor infractions are handled by the normal teachers. When a student commits an act of major severity, he or she is sent to the headmaster who will decide on his or her punishment.

In schools that use corporal punishment, the headmaster may mete out such punishment in his/her office. In the UK and other countries, this would usually (traditionally) be a birching or caning; in the U.S., a paddling. Punishments given by the headmaster are typically more severe than those given by regular teachers in the classroom, and are therefore feared more by the students. For example, a school may have the rule that teachers may cane schoolboys only on the seat of their trousers, while the headmaster is authorized to cane them bare bottom.

Spankings given by headmasters, headmistresses, or principals are featured in a lot of spanking art and spanking stories. Headmaster/schoolboy and headmaster/schoolgirl scenes are also popular in ageplay.

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