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Lolo Ferrari
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Lolo Ferrari
Background information
Alias(s): Lolo Ferrari
Birthdate: Feb 09, 1963
Born as: Eve Geneviève Aline Valois
Location: Clermont-Ferrand, Puy-de-Dôme, France]]
Spouse(s): Eric Vigne (1988 - 2000)
IMDB #: 0274097
IAFD: LoloFerrari
AFDB #: 6336

This article is about a porn star

Lolo Ferrari, born Eve Geneviève Aline Vallois (born Feb 9, 1963 – March 5, 2000) was a French erotic dancer, porn star, actress, and singer billed as "the woman with the largest breasts in the world" though their size was artificially achieved. She appeared in the French Guinness Book of World Records in 1996 and again in the American Guinness Book of World Records in 2003, three years after her death.


Born in Clermont-Ferrand, Puy-de-Dôme, France, she was raised in the resort town of La Baule. As a teenager, she obtained a few modelling jobs. In 1988, she married Eric Vigne, a man 15 years her elder.


Encouraged by her husband, Ferrari underwent numerous plastic surgery operations to create a 71inch/180cm silicone-enhanced bust (22 enlargements, a Guinness world record). The Guinness Book of Records says each of her breasts weighed 6.5 pounds/2.8 kg and contained three litres of serum. She had to wear a specially engineered brassiere, and as a result of her many surgeries she suffered from a number of medical afflictions and lived with a heavy regimen of drugs. Her brassiere measurements have been given by various sources as 58F, 54G, and 54J.

The question of whether Ferrari had the largest surgically enhanced breasts in the world was hotly debated. Adult film stars such as Chelsea Charms, Maxi Mounds and Minka have been reported with even larger surgically enhanced busts, which they gained through the use of string implants.


Adopting the stage name "Lolo", from a French slang word for breasts, along with "Ferrari" as a last name, she made a few pornographic films. Use of the Ferrari name (which she justified since it was her maternal grandfather's name) led to lengthy trademark infringement court battles with the Italian Ferrari automobile company when she tried to market a line of underwear called Ferrari Underwear and a Lolo Ferrari doll. In 1995, she caused a sensation at the Cannes Film Festival with the presentation of the movie Camping Cosmos by Jan Bucquoy and producer Francis De Smet] during a boxmatch which was a remake of the boxmatch in Camping Cosmos between the European champion and the former opponent of Cassius Clay (Jean-Pierre Coopman)

She used the publicity surrounding her appearance to obtain a regular role on the British Channel 4 television show Eurotrash. Ironically, when Channel 4 broadcast Miss Valois's obituary, it was transmitted with straight dubbing as a mark of respect. The media hype led to appearances on other European shows and work in cabaret shows doing a song and striptease act. Hoping to launch a pop music career, she recorded two singles, titled "Airbag Generation" and "Set Me Free", as well as two more singles, a Euro disco cabaret song called "Dance Dance Dance", and a cover of Thelma Houston's Euro disco hit, "Don't Leave Me This Way". Neither song was given a commercial release. However, Ferrari retained a cult-like following.


On the morning of March 05, 2003, one month after her 37th birthday, Ferrari was found dead at her home in Grasse in the Alpes-Maritimes département on the French Riviera of undetermined causes. Originally, she was thought to have died of a drug overdose, but a further autopsy revealed that she had died from mechanically induced suffocation. Her husband was suspected of her death and was arrested, spent one year in prison, but was later released.


  • Big DD (1996)
  • Camping Cosmos (1996)
  • Double Airbags (1996)
  • Planet Boobs (1996)
  • Lolo Ferrari Special - The Biggest Tits In The World (1997)
  • Mega Tits 6 (1998)
  • Le King de ces Dames (1999)
  • Quasimodo d'El Paris (1999)
  • Der Generalmanager oder How To Sell A Tit Wonder (2006)

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