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This list of people in Playboy 1953–1959 is a catalog of cover models, centerfold models, and selected others who appeared in Playboy magazine during the years 1953 through 1959.

Date Cover model Centerfold model Other
12-53 Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe  
1-54   Margie Harrison  
2-54 Yvonne Ménard Margaret Scott
(Marilyn Waltz)
3-54 Joanne Arnold Dolores Del Monte  
4-54 Leigh Lewin Marilyn Waltz  
5-54 no model pictured Joanne Arnold  
6-54 no model pictured Margie Harrison  
7-54 no model pictured Neva Gilbert  
8-54 no model pictured Arline Hunter  
9-54 no model pictured Jackie Rainbow  
10-54 Madeline Castle Madeline Castle  
11-54   Diane Hunter  
12-54 Terry Ryan Terry Ryan  
1-55   Bettie Page  
2-55 Leigh Lewin, Arlene Kieta Jayne Mansfield  
3-55 no issue published [1]    
4-55 Leigh Lewin Marilyn Waltz  
5-55 Leigh Lewin Marguerite Empey  
6-55 Donna Kime Eve Meyer  
7-55 Janet Pilgrim Janet Pilgrim  
8-55 Joanne Arnold Pat Lawler  
9-55 Marilyn Monroe Anne Fleming  
10-55 Marilyn McClintock Jean Moorehead  
11-55 Barbara Cameron Barbara Cameron  
12-55 Janet Pilgrim Janet Pilgrim  
1-56 Jean Moorehead Lynn Turner  
2-56 Margaret Scott
Eve Meyer
Marguerite Empey  
3-56 Marian Stafford Marian Stafford  
4-56 no model pictured Rusty Fisher  
5-56 Dolores Taylor Marion Scott  
6-56   Gloria Walker  
7-56   Alice Denham  
8-56   Jonnie Nicely  
9-56 Diane Harmsen Elsa Sorensen  
10-56 Shirley Janet Pilgrim  
11-56 Betty Blue  
12-56 Lisa Winters Lisa Winters Third Anniversary issue
1-57 Betty Blue
Marguerite Empey
Marian Stafford
Jonnie Nicely
Gloria Walker
Janet Pilgrim
Lynn Turner
June Blair  
2-57 Jayne Mansfield Sally Todd  
3-57 Sandra Edwards Sandra Edwards  
4-57 Elaine Conte Gloria Windsor  
5-57 no model pictured Dawn Richard Tina Louise
6-57 no model pictured Carrie Radison Vikki Dougan
7-57 Dawn Richards Jean Jani  
8-57 Dolores Donlon Dolores Donlon  
9-57 Jacquelyn Prescott Jacquelyn Prescott  
10-57   Colleen Farrington  
11-57   Marlene Callahan Sophia Loren
12-57 Lisa Winters
Linda Vargas
Linda Vargas Fourth Anniversary issue
1-58 Lisa Winters
Marian Stafford
June Blair
Gloria Walker
Gloria Windsor
Jean Jani
Elizabeth Ann Roberts  
2-58   Cheryl Kubert Jayne Mansfield
3-58 Brigitte Bardot
Michiko Hamamura
Zahra Norbo Brigitte Bardot
4-58   Felicia Atkins  
5-58 Lari Laine Lari Laine Tina Louise
6-58 Judy Lee Tomerlin Judy Lee Tomerlin  
7-58 Joyce Nizzari Linné Ahlstrand  
8-58   Myrna Weber  
9-58 Teri Hope Teri Hope June Wilkinson
10-58 Babette
Mara Corday
Pat Sheehan
Mara Corday  
11-58   Joan Staley Brigitte Bardot
12-58   Joyce Nizzari Fifth Anniversary issue,
Jayne Mansfield
1-59 Elizabeth Ann Roberts
Teri Hope
Myrna Weber
Cheryl Kubert
Lari Laine
Virginia Gordon  
2-59   Eleanor Bradley  
3-59   Audrey Daston  
4-59 no model pictured Nancy Crawford Tina Louise
5-59 Cindy Fuller
Fran Stacy
Mary Jane Ralston
Cindy Fuller  
6-59   Marilyn Hanold  
7-59   Yvette Vickers  
8-59 Clayre Peters Clayre Peters June Wilkinson
9-59 Marianne Gaba Marianne Gaba Bunny Yeager's beauties
10-59 Eleanor Bradley Elaine Reynolds Kim Novak
Elaine Stewart
11-59 no model pictued Donna Lynn Linda Cristal
12-59 Ellen Stratton Sixth Anniversary issue


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