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This is a list of men who have appeared in gay pornographic films (porn stars).

The listing is alphabetic by first name. Some performers have many pseudonyms and stage names (indicated here by a.k.a.).

The men listed here are known, gathered from their respective articles on Wikipedia, to have appeared in a gay porn film; however, this does not necessarily mean they are gay—see Gay-for-pay. Many of these men have also appeared in other forms of pornography such as pornographic magazines. They may have appeared in other genres of pornography -- heterosexual and/or bisexual porn. The list does not include performers who have appeared in other forms of pornography unless they have also appeared in a gay porn film.

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  • [-Aaron Austin]]
  • [-Aaron Lawrence]]
  • [-Adam Hart (porn star)|Adam Hart]]
  • [-Adam Dexter]]
  • [-Aiden Shaw]]
  • [-Al Parker]]
  • [-Alec Powers]]
  • [-Aleš Hanák]] a.k.a. Jirka Kalvoda, Petr Katja
  • [-Alex Wilcox]] a.k.a. Zach
  • [-Andy Dill]]
  • [-Anthony Gallo]]
  • [-Anton Michael]] a.k.a. Tony Valentino
  • [-Antonio Madiera]]
  • [-Arpad Miklos]]
  • [-Ashton Ryan]]


  • [-Billy Brandt]]
  • [-Billy Herrington]]
  • [-Blade Thompson]]
  • [-Blake Harper]]
  • [-Bobby Blake]]
  • [-Bobby Madison]] a.k.a. Brian Michaels
  • [-Boomer (porn star)|Boomer]]
  • [-Brad Hanson]] a.k.a. Ken Eastman
  • [-Brad Patton]]
  • [-Brad Stone (porn star)|Brad Stone]]
  • [-Brandon Lee (porn star)|Brandon Lee]]
  • [-Brandon Manilow]]
  • [-Breck Stewart]]
  • [-Brenden Michael]]
  • [-Brent Corrigan]]
  • [-Brent Everett]]
  • [-Bret Wolfe]]
  • [-Brett Mycles]]
  • [-Brian Hawks]] a.k.a. Brian Hawkes, Shawn McIvan
  • [-Butch Taylor (porn star)|Butch Taylor]]


  • [-Cameron Jackson]] a.k.a. Krystof Nikolas
  • [-Carey Lexes]] a.k.a. Matias Mayer
  • [-Casey Donovan (porn star)|Casey Donovan]] a.k.a. Cal(vin) Culver
  • [-Chad Donovan]]
  • [-Chad Douglas]]
  • [-Chad Hunt]]
  • [-Chris Steele]]
  • [-Chris Stone]]
  • [-Christian Fox (porn star)|Christian Fox]]
  • [-Christian Owen]]
  • [-Christy twins]]: Christopher and Tim Christy
  • [-Claude Jourdan (porn star)|Claude Jourdan]] a.k.a. Lucien Fortier
  • [-Clay Maverick]]
  • [-Cody Foster]]
  • [-Colby Taylor]]
  • [-Cole Carpenter]] a.k.a. Jim Erickson
  • [-Cole Youngblood]]
  • [-Colton Ford]]
  • [-Corky Adams]] a.k.a. Shawn Young
  • [-Cort Stevens]]
  • [-Cory Adams]]


  • [-Damian Ford (porn star)|Damian Ford]]
  • [-Damon Dogg]]
  • [-Daniel Lautrec]]
  • [-Dano Sulik]]
  • [-Dax Kelly]]
  • [-Dean Phoenix]]
  • [-Derrick Vinyard]]
  • [-Dex Brown]]
  • [-Dominik Trojan]] a.k.a. Eugen Procci, Jaromir Foglar
  • [-Dred Scott (porn star)|Dred Scott]]
  • [-Drew Andrews (porn star)|Drew Andrews]]


  • [-Eddie Stone]]
  • [-Eric Hanson]]
  • [-Eric Stryker]] a.k.a. Mike Kelly, Noel Kemp
  • [-Eric York]]
  • [-Erik Rhodes (porn star)|Erik Rhodes]]


  • [-Felippe Hrabik]]
  • [-Fernando Nielsen]] a.k.a. Atilla K.
  • [-François Sagat]]
  • [-Fredrik Eklund]] a.k.a. Tag Eriksson


  • [-Geoffrey Karen Dior]]
  • [-Gianfranco]] a.k.a. Benny Yip
  • [-Giorgio Canali]] a.k.a. Rocco Rizzoli
  • [-Glenn Steers]] a.k.a. Glen Steers
  • [-Gus Mattox]]


  • [-Hal Rockland]]
  • [-Hank Hightower]] a.k.a. Hank Tower
  • [-Hans Mueller]]
  • [-Haus Weston]]
  • [-Huessein]]


  • [-Ion Davidov]] a.k.a. Pieter Gierek


  • [-J.W. King]] a.k.a. Jim King
  • [-Jack Radcliffe]]
  • [-Jack Wrangler]]
  • [-Jamie Gillis]]
  • [-Jamie Wingo]]
  • [-Jan Fischer]]
  • [-Jason Hawke]] a.k.a. Jay Heiss
  • [-Jason Ridge]]
  • [-Jason Ross (porn star)|Jason Ross]]
  • [-Jason Tyler]]
  • [-Jean Lautrec]]
  • [-Jeffrey Wayne Cole|Jeff Cole]] a.k.a. Buster
  • [-Jeff Hammond (porn star)|Jeff Hammond]]
  • [-Jeff Palmer]]
  • [-Jeff Quinn]]
  • [-Jeff Stryker]]
  • [-Jens Hammer]] a.k.a. Jens "Turboslut" Hammer, Stefan Hammer, Turbo Slut
  • [-Jeremy Jordan (porn star)|Jeremy Jordan]]
  • [-Jeremy Tucker]]
  • [-Joe Landon]]
  • [-Joey Stefano]]
  • [-Joey Yale]] a.k.a. Joseph Yale
  • [-Johan Paulik]]
  • [-Johan Volny]]
  • [-John Davenport (porn star)|John Davenport]]
  • [-John Holmes (actor)|John Holmes]] a.k.a. Johnny Wadd
  • [-Johnny Hazzard]]
  • [-Johnny Rahm]]
  • [-Jon King (porn star)|Jon King]]
  • [-Josh Weston]]
  • [-Julian (pornographic actor)|Julian]] a.k.a. Jordan Rivers
  • [-Julio Vidal]]
  • [-Justin Dragon ]]


  • [-Ken Ryker]]
  • [-Kent Larson]]
  • [-Kevin Dean (porn star)|Kevin Dean]]
  • [-Kevin Kite]]
  • [-Kevin Williams (porn star)|Kevin Williams]]
  • [-Kris Lord (porn star)|Kris Lord]] a.k.a. Kris Kayman
  • [-Kristen Bjorn]]
  • [-Kyle Bradford]] a.k.a. Chad Slater
  • [-Kyle Carrington]]


  • [-Lance (porn star)|Lance]]
  • [-Lee Ryder]]
  • [-Lee Walbash]]
  • [-Leo Ford (porn star)|Leo Ford]]
  • [-Logan Reed]]
  • [-Lou Cass]]
  • [-Lukas Ridgeston]]
  • [-Lazzaro Ramirez]]


  • [-Manuel Torres (porn star)|Manuel Torres]]
  • [-Marc Stevens (porn actor)|Marc Stevens]]
  • [-Marcel Schlutt]]
  • [-Mark Anthony (porn star)|Mark Anthony]]
  • [-Mark Dalton (porn star)|Mark Dalton]]
  • [-Mark Slade (porn star)|Mark Slade]] a.k.a. Frank Towers
  • [-Mark Wallice]] a.k.a. Don Weber
  • [-Mark Wolff]]
  • [-Martin Valko]] a.k.a. Sergej
  • [-Matt Gunther]]
  • [-Matt Majors]]
  • [-Matt Sanchez]] a.k.a. Pierre LaBranche, Rod Majors
  • [-Matthew Rush]] a.k.a. Greg Grove
  • [-Maxx Diesel]]
  • [-Michael Brandon (porn star)|Michael Brandon]]
  • [-Michael Christopher]]
  • [-Michael Lucas (porn star)|Michael Lucas]] a.k.a. Ramzes Kairoff, Michel Lucas
  • [-Michael Soldier]]
  • [-Michel D'Amours]] a.k.a. Michael D'Amours
  • [-Miguel Lopez]] a.k.a. Mike Chavez, Mike Lamas
  • [-Mike Branson]]


  • [-Nate Christianson]]
  • [-Nathan Hamilton]] a.k.a. Big Red
  • [-Nick Harmon]]



  • [-Patrick Veselsky]] a.k.a. Cole Thomas
  • [-Paul Barresi]]
  • [-Paul Carrigan]]
  • [-Pavel Matous]] a.k.a. Denis Read
  • [-Pavel Novotný]] a.k.a. Jakub Moltin
  • [-Peter Berlin]]
  • [-Peter North (porn star)|Peter North]] a.k.a. Matt Ramsey
  • [-Pierre Fitch]]



  • [-Randy White (porn star)|Randy White]]
  • [-Ray Dragon]]
  • [-Rex Chandler]]
  • [-Rex Morgan (porn star)|Rex Morgan]]
  • [-Rick Chase]]
  • [-Rick Donovan]]
  • [-Rob Cryston]]
  • [-Robert Van Damme]]
  • [-Rod Barry]]
  • [-Rod Phillips (porn star)|Rod Phillips]]
  • [-Roger (porn star)|Roger]]
  • [-Roman Heart (porn star)|Roman Heart]]
  • [-Ryan Idol]]
  • [-Ryan Zane]]


  • [-Sammy Case]]
  • [-Sanches Viva]]
  • [-Scott O'Hara]]
  • [-Sean Davis (porn star)|Sean Davis]]
  • [-Sean Michaels]]
  • [-Sean Storm]]
  • [-Sebastian Bonnet]]
  • [-Sergio Canali]]
  • [-Sexcyone]]
  • [-Shane Rockland]]
  • [-Shawn Jamieson]]
  • [-Simon Rex]] a.k.a. Sebastian
  • [-Spike (porn star)|Spike]] a.k.a. Rex Ruben
  • [-Stephen Geoffreys]] a.k.a. Sam Ritter
  • [-Steve Boyd]]
  • [-Steve O'Donnell (porn star)|Steve O'Donnell]]
  • [-Steve Ryder (porn star)|Steve(n) Ryder]]


  • [-Tag Adams]] a.k.a. Chet Roberts
  • [-Talvin DeMachio]]
  • [-Ted Cox (porn actor)|Ted Cox]] a.k.a. Teddy Cox
  • [-Thom Barron]]
  • [-Thomas Lloyd]]
  • [-Tiger Tyson]]
  • [-Tim Barnett (porn star)|Tim Barnett]]
  • [-Tim Hamilton (porn star)|Tim Hamilton]]
  • [-Timothy J. Boham]] a.k.a. Marcus Allen
  • [-Todd Baron]] a.k.a. Todd Barron
  • [-Tom Chase]]
  • [-Tommy Brandt (porn star)|Tommy Brandt]]
  • [-Tommy Hansen]]
  • [-Tony Donovan]] a.k.a. Jake
  • [-Tory Mason]]
  • [-Tristan Paris]]
  • [-Ty Fox]] a.k.a. J. Steele
  • [-Ty Lattimore]]



  • [-Van Darkholme]]
  • [-Vidkid Timo]]
  • [-Vince Rockland]]
  • [-Vladimir Correa]]


  • [-Will Clark (porn star)|Will Clark]]
  • [-Will West]]




  • [-Zak Spears]]
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