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A bondage rigger is person who ties up others primarily as an art form, as opposed to people who do this to immobilize a bottom to prepare them for other forms of BDSM like flogging.

Bondage riggers may or may not be BDSM players. Some do this as pure art, some for profit by selling photos, etc. to enthusiasts. Many riggers do nothing but bondage, and often specialize in specific forms like nawa shibari.

Professional bondage riggers usually work with bondage models who themselves may or may not be kinky. For many it is simply another form of income in the competitive modelling field. Some bondage riggers are themselves also bondage models.

Other riggers consider it a form of D&S, with the rigger dominating the bottom by partially or completely immobilizing them.

In recent years, SIGNY Awards have been awarded to the most popular bondage riggers, with the winners and runners-up being:

  • 2001: Jim Weathers, runners up Jay Edwards, Kristine Imboch aka Lorelei
  • 2003: Jim Weathers, runners up Julie Simone, Jay Edwards
  • 2004: Julie Simone, runners up Jeff Gord, Jim Weathers

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