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This is a list of notable women known for modeling or performing in big-bust adult entertainment —that is, magazines, videos, websites, etc., focusing on breast fetishism. These are women who are notable for the size of their breasts, whether natural or surgically enhanced. For inclusion on this list, the performer should have a U.S. cup size of 'DD' or larger. Although "large breasts" is a difficult concept to define quantitatively, the consensus among many independent web sites is that a DD cup size and larger qualifies as "large".


Many adult models and performers use pseudonyms or stage names such as "Peaks" or "Topps" to advertise their oversized bust.

It is fairly common for this category of models and dancers to publish misleading measurements. Though some appear to make up measurements out of whole cloth, a common middle ground is to give what appears to be a bra size (e.g. 43G) but is actually a bra cup size combined with a bust circumference; which includes an offset normally added to the number. For example, a woman who wears a (U.S.) 36G bra has a band size measurement (chest circumference beneath the breasts) of 36 inches, while the "G" indicates a circumference over her nipples 7 inches greater ("G" being the seventh letter). She might report a bust measurement or 36+7 or 43 inches. Some performers use metric system measurements and often do not indicate if the measurement is centimetres or inches. This practise caused stripper Crystal Storm some legal difficulties when Philadelphia's Department of Licenses and Inspections objected to her advertising her 50-inch bust as "127" without clearly stating that she was using centimeters.

Big bust models and performers in Japan

Though large breasts were not traditionally valued in Japan, buxom actresses had been admired in Japanese erotic cinema since at least the 1950s. Anderson and Richie mention busty 1950s actress Michiko Maeda, and a nation-wide search for other breasty models which followed in the wake of her popularity. However, it wasn't until the mid-1980s that large breasts became very popular in Japan. Eri Kikuchi, who debuted in AVs (Adult Videos) in 1984, was probably the first Japanese adult performer whose career was based mainly on the size of her large breasts. Nikkatsu capitalized on this change in cultural preference by naming as their Roman Porno "Queen of SM" for 1986, Ran Masaki whose 100cm (39in) bust was very large for Japan at the time. In 1989, Adachi says, the "Big Bust Boom" (巨乳ブーム - "Kyonyu Buumu") was set "on fire" with the AV debut of Kimiko Matsuzaka, who had an advertised 110.7cm bust. Following Matsuzaka's retirement, a new leading big-bust model appeared on the Japanese scene every few years, including Mariko Morikawa in 1994, and Anna Ohura in 2000. By the mid-1990s, a "Big Bust" genre had become established in adult entertainment in Japan with video companies, magazines such as D-Cup Japan, and websites dedicated exclusively to Big Bust models.

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