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Library update

For nearly two years, I tried to find a buyer, patron or partner to help keep the library in place.

Mid-March, the company where I had the library, equipment and my personal household effects stored auctioned all of that "stuff" at public, online auction - price was just over what I could afford.

It is all gone --- I am still in therapy (lol)

Library for sale (original article)

I recently turned 75 and, alas, I do not move as quickly as I used to - I am coming to grips with mortality, A lot of my dreams and desires, I am afraid, will not be coming to fruition. One of those dreams was to put my library (16,000 volumes+) somewhere on permanent display where people could get to them.

This library is primarily fetish and fantasies, Victorian and early erotica, thousands of bondage magazines and newspapers, with a smattering of science fiction. SM-201 category "Library" will give you an idea (but not a list) of it's contents. For example, I have the entire set of Bondage Life magazines (85 issues), but here they are listed as a single line entry.

All of the volumes are in good, fine, very fine or excellent condition. There are flyers from Movie Star News, Yank magazines from WWII, Exotique, Bizarre magazines, John Normans' Chronicles of Gor and the fourteen volume set of Book of One Thousand and One Nights. There are several hundred videotapes and hundreds and hundreds of CDs and DVDs. Obviously there is just not enough space to list them all here.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I am placing the entire library up for sale. My asking price is $240,000 for the entire lot. Many of these books sell for over a hundred dollars. I am placing the price at 16,000 times $15.00. To make this price a bit more palatable, terms are available, i.e. spreading the purchase price over time.

I would be willing to act as a librarian or archivist for a modest stipend/salary.

If you are interested in purchasing this library, or know of someone else who might be, please contact me.

Inquiries should be sent to me directly at:

In the book, "The Wonderful World of Bill Ward, King of the Glamour Girls" (published by Taschen) (page 341), Eric Kroll writes,

"I know I'm going to forget somebody. When one works 3+ years on a book project, someone vital gets left out. I need that mistake when doing The Art of Eric Stanton. I forgot to thank Robin Roberts of backdrop for letting me photocopy his fantastic library fetish books, covers and magazines. He invited me back for this book, so I'm doubly grateful."

To those who say I am asking to much, I will quote an advertisement I ran across on CollarChat:

I am offering for sale a complete collection of Bondage Life Magazine, all 85 issues in very good to excellent condition.
The retail value of the collection is over $1,000 and the early issues are rare and difficult to find. I will consider any reasonable offer and deliver the magazines to a buyer in the NYC area, or ship them anywhere if you pick up the shipping expenses. I want to pass this collection along to someone who will appreciate it.
Some history: Bondage Life was produced by Harmony Concepts and was published 1976-2001. Unlike most bondage magazines, it contained substantial amounts of editorial content, including articles, readers' letters and artwork, stories, photography and professional content. Harmony's editorial policy specialized in what they called "love bondage" and it had a positive impact in bringing BDSM more into the mainstream.
For more info and to view all 85 magazine covers, visit this link:
Please contact me directly if you are interested.
Warm wishes to all.

It is nice to know that someone is reading our site - LOL

He is selling 85 magazines for $1,000 obo while I am selling 16,000 volumes

Also see the page [ Library ]


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