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This article is titled
Legends of Dominance
by Mistress Michelle Peters et al.
and posted with permission
(All information herein is provided by author)

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Mistress Lazer

Interview Unavailable

I was just starting to write for Corporal Newspaper when I heard of Mistress Lazer. I never had a chance to meet her but I heard she passed away due to cancer. Anyone know?

Lord Michael


Little mike and Darlene I met in 1975. After talking with them over the phone we decided to met, they came over to my apartment in Troy, Mi. a suburb of Detroit, and little mikie was a adult baby, Darlene was the mommy. She would cuddle him , let him nurse her and she would even change his diapers. That evening we decided to go to the drive in , so mommy Darlene put little mikie in his pj's and off to the drive in we went. When we approached the ticket booth the sign said 1.50 for adults and children under 12 FREE. So I paid the lady 3.00 and proceed to drive in. That's when the manager stopped me and asked what I thought I was doing??? I said the sign says children under 12 FREE. He looked at little mikie and about that time a airplane flew over head and little mikie climbed half way out the window yelling,,, ook,ook mommy a lane, a lane. Darlene put a bottle in his mouth and the manager said to me,,, "Lady , you may think he's a baby ,, but he has to pay full price."

A few years later little mikie was now Lord Mike and he was helping Sir Michael , build the Hell West in Detroit. This was the first B&D club in Detroit and that was also where Noir Leather of Royal Oak started.

Sir Michael may not remember this but I met him in 1974 in a bar where his first wife bar tended. Her name was Dollie Dagger. Dollie Dragger would do a B&D stage show using a person by the name of pleasure. Sir Michael and Dollie were divorced and pleasure then became Mistress Pleasure around 79 or 80. For years Mistress Pleasure and Sir Michael ran Hellfire Club in Detroit. Mistress Pleasure would do sessions in the day and worked at Hellfire at night. Pleasure also worked as a stripper and that is how she met slave donna. One night Corporal was having a party at Hellfire and two blondes came walking into the place. One of the blondes was Destiny.

Destiny was always at Hellfire and soon moved into Sir Michael's house with Mistress Pleasure and slave donna. Destiny was a smart girl. She was a slave at the house but , I'm not sure if she enjoyed being a slave that much,,, she was high strung.

Months passed and Destiny was to have her nipples pierced.

In those days you didn't collar a slave,, you pierced there nipples or branded them. Destiny was having her nipples pierced on stage at Hellfire,,, with one completed when Sir Michael was putting the other ring in and Destiny got sick,,, and threw up. We all said that the most exciting thing we've seen,,,, and we laughed. Later Sir Michael and Mistress Pleasure parted ,,, that was the birth of MISTRESS DESTINY!!!!

Mistress Destiny became a very good Mistress!!! WHY??? She understood how it feels to be a slave,,,, what slaves want and need. She appeared in many magazines and videos. Today Mistress Destiny is a Vice President of a fastener company in Detroit. Lord Michael and Darlene are divorced and is now married to Mistress Terri, Sir Michael is still in Detroit, slave donna ran off with one of my girl friends

One cold winter night in 1979, I went to a party little mike had. I have told you the story of how I met little mike and Darlene , and yes, little mike is now Lord Michael of Detroit. At the time little mike and Sir Michael of Hell Fire fame , were hanging out together. Both of them would go to New York and New Jersey to work with Esoteric Press and do videos for them. That is where little mike met Mistress Ann Pierce.

It was also that night I met Mistress Kristen and slave ron,,, you have seen her videos and photos grace a many of the magazines. In Corporal Magazine and others. As we were talking and introducing ourselves, Sir Michael, Mistress Pleasure and Mistress Ann Pierce walked into the room! We all introduced ourselves and all have become good friends over the years. We all partied till the morning sun came up. Lord Michael and Darlene are divorced , he is now remarried to Mistress Terry of Detroit, Sir Michael is living in Detroit, Mistress Pleasure is remarried and in the Detroit area, Mistress Kristen and ron are divorced, Mistress Ann Pierce is living in Amsterdam , Holland.

Mistress Brigit

My First Session with Mistress Brigit
by slave g, from Slave Exchange Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 3, 1992

As i sat on the black leather couch in the dimly-lit room waiting for Mistress Brigit to arrive, i wondered if i was going to be disappointed yet again in my search for the Mistress of my dreams. Maybe it is true, i thought, that a slave's fantasy is always far better than the reality.

Afterall, i had seen many Mistresses over a period of years and never found that combination of sensuality and sincere dominance i was yearning for. i asked myself if i would feel any differently after my session with Mistress Brigit.

Suddenly, the door opened, and in walked a stunning woman standing 6'3" in her high heels. Her attractive face was framed with blonde hair and the black leather bodice she wore seeemed at once sensual and severe, but what really struck me about her was her legs. They were long and shapely, encased in nylons, and as my eyes wandered down to her feet, i saw she was wearing the open-toed, high-heeled sandal type shoe which made a foot fetishist like me weak with desire. Grateful for both her size and beauty, i fell to my knees and kissed the hand she proffered before me.

Mistress Brigit ordered me to rise from the floor and sit on the couch, and when i had complied, she placed herself right next to me, her nyloned leg pressing against me. Slowly, she began unbuttoning my shirt, talking with me about the session and putting me at ease in terms of my health and safety. After she undid the last button, she opened my belt, and with her hand resting on my still-covered cock, she began kissing and blowing in my ear. My Mistress sent tingles racing through my body right down to my crotch, and immediately my cock grew hard.

This was the first sign of her dominance

Mistress Brigit was showing me she could control when i would be excited, and where. The teasing and tickling sensations made me want to turn my head, but i stayed still and yielded to her as her tongue "raped" my ear...as her tongue forced its way in and out and around my ear at will. When Mistress saw i had thoroughly submitted to the intrusions of her tongue, she stopped and ordered me to remove the rest of my clothing, and then to kneel before her. i raced to obey.

As i crouched naked before her, my eyes on a level with her knees, Mistress Brigit slowly and sensually stretched her magnificent legs just inches from my face, teasing me with my fetish desire. As she watched my eyes, she surely knew what her legs were doing to me. Her thighs and calves were neither thin nor fat, but magnificently shaped; her ankles were gloriously curved and the sight of her high-heeled feet sent mixed feelings through my mind - her shapely feet excited me to no end, but i inwardly shuddered at the severe shape of her spiked heel as it rested on the floor, since it reminded me that this Mistress could give pain as well as pleasure.

Mistress Brigit smiled down at me, as if she knew exactly where my mind was, and then she ordered me to kiss her feet. Inwardly i blushed, since she had now exposed my weakness for her feet, and I felt a bit like a dog who is granted a most humble reward by his trainer. Mistress Brigit chuckled as i began to kiss her feet with all the passion i could muster. Clearly, she was enjoying directing my descent into submission, and this only increased the sense of humiliation which was welling up within me.

My embarrassment, however, soon gave way to the sheer pleasure of worshipping her gorgeous feet. "Why hide it?" i thought, "i need to kiss her feet...she knows it... and she will use this need in any way she chooses." Indeed, i was filled with gratitude as i placed my lips, first on the curved instep of each foot, then on the heels, and finally on each perfectly shaped toe. Over and over again, i kissed her feet: sometimes short, dry kisses, and sometimes long, passionate kisses, as if i were kissing a woman on the lips. Sometimes my lips were firm and sometimes soft, as i sought to give my Mistress different sensations on her feet. i wanted more than anything to please my Mistress with my humble service, and her complimentary words only made me work harder.

When she sensed i was completely lost in my worship of her feet, my Mistress suddenly stood up and ordered me to lie on my back on the floor.

i quickly obeyed and then looked up as she towered above me. She placed the sole of one of her shoes on my forehead, and i felt a part of me surrender to her. "This is where i belong," i said to myself, the excitement rising within me. The symbolism of my lying beneath the sole of her foot seemed perfect.

My Mistress removed her foot and then lay down next to my prostrate body. She began sensually rubbing my chest with one hand and painfully squeezing my nipple with the other hand, all the while saying to me, "These hands can give you pleasure or pain, slave. I enjoy the mental aspects of domination as much as the physical, and I enjoy breaking a slave down with both sensuality and discipline. I can overpower you with pleasure and with pain, slave, and I shall use every inch of your body to teach you submission." Her talk of domination was driving me wild with desire, and another piece of me surrendered to her at the moment.

Suddenly she turned around and with her back to me, proceeded to sit on my chest. She picked up a black leather strap and began beating my thighs, alternating back and forth. After twenty or thirty blows, i began to moan from the pain, but that did not stop her. She hit me with strong, forceful blows, and lying under the weight of her body as i was, i could not move. Then, she stopped beating me and began touching me ever so sensually, first on my cock, then rubbing my balls, then touching me behind my scrotum and in the anal area. She continued this for a few moments, her light touch making me spread my legs wide apart with desire. Suddenly, as i was straining to expose more of myself to her gentle touch, she resumed the beating, right on the inside of my thighs. An explosion went off in my brain, as Mistress Brigit once again showed me how thoroughly she understood my mind. She was mingling pleasure and pain so intimately that my desire for one made me desire the other as well. Again, i felt myself sink into another level of submission to this marvelous Mistress.

Then one of her blows struck me on the balls, and my knees lurched up involuntarily. Mistress Brigit was displeased. "Why are you flinching from me?" she demanded to know. "You obviously haven't been properly trained. The next time you see me, i will teach you how to receive a beating without flinching." i knew it would be a painful lesson, but it was one i was eager to learn from her.

Suddenly, my Mistress was fingering my anus and asking if i had ever had a Mistress' finger up my ass. When i confessed i was a virgin in this respect, she instantly rammed one of her long, strong fingers as far in as it would go. The sensation was overpowering, as i had no choice but to try and force myself to relax every muscle in the area, since she was so totally controlling me with just one finger. "Once again, slave, you have not been properly trained in the past," Mistress Brigit informed me. "The next time I see you, you will take three of my fingers. Do you understand?" I immediately answered affirmatively, eager for the day when she would stretch the boundaries of my submission.

Apparently satisfied for the moment with her physical dominance over me, Mistress Brigit returned to her sensual dominance. She lay down on my stomach, her ass an inch from my face and her legs around my head. Slowly, she began rubbing on my body, using me like a rug for her pleasure. "Rub my ass," she ordered, and with both hands, i began massaging her pretty, round cheeks, i started at the bottom, where the ass meets the back of the thigh, and rubbed in a firm, circular motion. Then i began rubbing vertically, up and down her cheeks, moving closer to the crack in her ass but not going in, since i had not been given that permission, i longed to kiss her ass at that moment, but being obedient (as i knew i must be), i contented myself with rubbing her ass with all the passion and sensuality i could possible invoke. My Mistress was giving me such a thrilling experience of submission that i desperately wanted to pay her back with a pleasurable massage on the magnificent ass which lay right next to my face.

From the sounds she uttered, i gathered that she enjoyed the sensation, but eventually she stopped rubbing herself on me and stood up once again, towering above me. "Up on your knees, slave," she ordered, "and put your head between my feet." Of course, i was only too happy to obey, but little did i realize what she had in mind.

She locked my head in between her high-heeled feet, and as i began kissing the arch ofh er right instep, she began spanking me with a painful paddle. "Count each blow, slave, and thank me," she said, and i began.

WHACK! "One, thank you Mistress."

WHACK! "Two, thank you Mistress." Again, the sensation was overwhelming: the mingling of the pain on my ass with the pleasure of kissing her feet. i didn't like the pain, but i craved more of it because i craved kissing her feet. i felt helpless and debased, yet also excited, as i surrendered still more to her overwhelming power.

When she got up to forty whacks, the pain was causing me to moan and twitch. Again, my Mistress told me i would be made to do better in the future, and i believed her. i thought she would beat me until i cried, as a further sign of her total control over me, but she stopped after another ten or fifteen blows. She left me hurting but excited about what she might do the next time.

I was nearing the end of the session, and Mistress Brigit walked over and sat down on the couch. On her command, i crawled to her and removed her stockings ("Be careful not to rip them slave, or you will truly be sorry!"), and then 1 began massaging her legs, beginning with her feet and then moving to her calves. At her instructions, i moved up to her thighs, and i could see she was plainly enjoying my service. Again, i wanted nothing more than to give her the absolute best, most satisfying leg massage she had ever been given, i felt like a mere instrument of her pleasure, a tool, really, but that only heightened my inner excitement in serving her. i got up to the very top of her thighs, and her expressions of pleasure thrilled me enormously. It was such a pleasure to serve such a sensual Mistress and to try to repay her in some small way for the gift of dominance she had imposed on me.

Finally, Mistress told me to lie down before her. With her naked feet resting on my chest, she ordered me to masturbate myself, and then she started whipping my thighs. Again, my Mistress was perfectly blending sensations of pleasure, fetish and pain, enslaving mymind to her unique dominance as she had already enslaved my I body. In an instant, i had an enormous orgasm, and my Mistress was smiling down at me. She had taken me, a complete stranger, and within an hour, had me surrender to her control. She had clearly enjoyed making this "conquest" - her smiles and constant chatter throughout the session made it clear that she found pleasure in imposing her will on me and breaking me down into abject obedience. "Yes, slave," she said, "I enjoy doing this, and I will expect more from you the next time." i knew she meant it, and i was overwhelmed with gratitude and desire to serve her.

As my Mistress leaned over to look into my face, i looked up at her with sheer adoration in my heart. "Who owns you now, slave?" she asked.

"You own me, Mistress Brigit," I replied.

"Who do you belong to, slave, and who controls every inch of your flesh?"

"You do, most beautiful Mistress," I responded, meaning every word from the bottom of my heart. With her special style sensual dominance, Mistress Brigit had made me a slave, body and mind to her. i looked into her eyes, and we both smiled. Again, she understood what i was thinking! She knew, as i looked up at her from my place on the floor and beneath her feet, that i now had surrendered to her completely. She knew from the look on my face that my search was over, and i had at long last found my Mistress, i can't wait to see her again. Thank you, Mistress Brigit!

Brigit and I shook hands as we met, as if we were to have our first business luncheon together. Half an hour later, I was naked on my hands and knees; she was whipping my ass and the soles of my feet. This was my first time at being dominated. My anxieties on taking this plunge were a mile deep, primarily because it was into completely uncharted waters, and into waters which were sexually taboo. Leather?

Latex? Foot worship? Bondage? What would happen when I was confronted with these powerful icons? Would I lose it? Or would I find it a stimulating art form, a salaciously different way of expressing myself?

Mistress Brigit immediately put me at ease.

We talked for a few minutes, and then I got undressed for her and she started taking control of me. She deftly tied a black cord around my balls and penis; not painful, but tight enough for me to understand my relationship to her.

Later, while on my knees, she slapped my erect penis; and just as I was getting over the shock, she slapped me again, sending my mind reeling a second time. I waited for the third slap, but it didn't come. And that left me emotionally off balance, as I was braced for a shock that never came. Her control of me was both elegant and masterful.

Still on my knees, she rubbed ice cubes all over my sensitive skin, and she quickly followed that up by applying hot towels. She pinched my nipples; she bit them. She assaulted my nipples again and again. At the time, it was but another sensory overload, but the feeling was lasting: my nipples were sore for almost a week afterwards.

Mistress Brigit quickly exposed me to one form of domination after another. I can't recall the order of the things she did to me, because they all seemed to blend together into a dreamy, timeless flow. I just remember her pretty, sweet face; her big blue eyes, wide mouth, with full lips; short wavey blonde hair. She was always looking down on me, firmly giving orders or offering gentle encouragement. She wore - at least early on - a sleeveless black top with a very short black miniskirt, long black gloves, and spike-heeled black leather pumps.

The gloves were important to me, as that was one of my strongest fetishes. I loved kissing and sucking her gloved fingers! I not only worshipped her hands, but her entire curvy body. I was on my knees and she sat in front of me. I submissively licked and kissed her, and she bent over and blew and licked my ear. This was stimulating. It left me nearly delirious, so sometimes I could only moan.

After she whipped me, I had to lick her wonderful spike-heeled pumps! My soft tongue licked and kissed the heels, the tips, and after she sat down again, the soles. She told how much she enjoyed seeing me on my hands and knees, completely at her service, while my wet tongue stroked the soles of her high-heeled pumps again and again.

Her long black gloves came off, and she pulled a latex glove onto her left hand. She had me lie on my back, and she straddled me, kneeling over my crotch. She applied baby oil to her gloved hand and my anus, and slowly began working one of her fingers up my ass. It was my first time at being fucked up the ass, and it sent shockwaves through my body - my hands were helplessly squirming. Mistress Brigit noticed this, and clasped her free right hand over mine. I loved this gesture, because it reinforced her dominance (because she was now holding my hand down) but also reasured me of her tenderness. I was better prepared when she inserted her second finger up my ass, but it was still a powerfully stimulating experience.

While she was fucking me, I gently kissed her ass cheeks and ran my fingertips up and down her long, shapely legs. I lost my concentration a few times, because the anal penetration simply overwhelmed me.

Finally, she made me masturbate for her. As I came, I sprayed a fountain of sperm all over myself; Mistress Brigit watched the whole time.

It was my first time, and I began to understand how naive I was. While everything was new to me, I also recognized I hadn't gone very far. I had been given an introduction into a new, thrilling world, which had dozens of paths which were waiting to be discovered. I can't wait until Mistress Brigit and I meet the next time - i want to start exploring those paths.

Mistress Hilda

Head Mistress Hilda

Sophisticated Domintrix

The late Mistress Hilda

Oh, that Mistress Hilda! The things she does! The things she says!

I had been stripped, spanked, strapped and whipped. Now I lay on my back, shackled to a bondage table while Mistress Hilda squatted over me. She crouched over my chest, knees pressing my sides, back and backside turned to my face. Her black lace panties were narrow in the back, bearing most of her buttocks. Her smooth white ass was poised over my face. She spoke in a low throaty voice, sexy, intense, her words spiced with the music of an exotic French accent: "Dirty little boy! Do you know what I'm going to do to you next time? My niece, my beautiful 22-year-old niece, will sit on your face and make you lick her-you'll have to satisfy her and all her girlfriends in every way - if you don't you'll be spanked and whipped in front of strangers, women who aren't even in the scene - you'll be punished until you scream and cry like a little girl..."

I begged to kiss her bottom and was granted permission. I pressed kisses on her buttocks, worshipping them. She shoved her rear against my face, forcing it into the crack - That's Mistress Hilda. Head Mistress Hilda Traditionally, a Head Mistress is a dominant's dominant, an authority figure among a breed of Female Superiors who by definition embody the will to power. A veteran dominatrix who by virtue of skill and experience has achieved a high degree of proficiency in the Art.

Such a one is Mistress Hilda, a Head Mistress who's also a master of Head Trips. She's not only a beautiful and cultured disciplinarian, she's also an expert at putting her submissives and slaves in exactly the right head space to maximize the experience of going under her thumb and heels.

New York City is her latest stop on a glamorous international circuit which includes ; Berlin, Paris, London and Madrid. Not long ago, II was privileged to visit her in her lair in Manhattan, in a safe and chic neighborhood only a tone's throw away from Lincoln Center. While she relaxed, luxuriating on a big brass bed in her nner sanctum, I knelt on the floor, scribbling in notepad some vital facts about the Lady.

First, there's her overwhelming physical atributes. Of French origin, this mature and oluptuous Mistress more nearly resembles a Nordic ice Goddess. She's tall, blonde, beautiful, and buxom, with a sensational physique. No lean-hipped marathon runner is she, but rather a full-grown, full-bodied, full-breasted woman.

Her blonde good looks are what you notice first, but her mastery of the art of Female Dominance in all its aspects is what qualifies her for the coveted title of Head Mistress. She knows what secret desires lurk in the hearts of submissive males, and how to actualize them. She is a professional dominatrix and the majority of her clientele are affluent, generous executives.

Her technique is energized by a sophisticated European sense of sin and decadence, wicked and wordly-wise.

Her place of dominance is clean, intimate, and well-equipped. All the necessary hardware is well-represented: a variety of alluring and/or intimidating outfits for the Mistress, from breast- baring black leather Merry Widow corsets to a complete nurse's wardrobe, including white cap and shoes; an equally complete collection of footwear, from thigh-high boots to high-heeled pumps to drool over. Of course, there's a full array of the instruments of discipline: whips, crops, paddles, straps, chains, cuffs, clips and clamps, spreaders and cinchers, and all the rest.

Not to mention a wideranging assortment of unique and unusual bondage devices, boards, blocks, stocks and the like.

So much for the hardware. The software is the submissive mind-and-body programs which the Mistress subjects you to. At her command is a spectrum of erotic psychodrama scenarios and fantasy role-playing games. As a Head Mistress she is, of course, superb. She is the Strict Aunt, the Wicked Mother, the Rubber Nurse, the Stern Schoolteacher, and all the other highly-charged erotic images of Female Authority.

One role which her towering blonde physicality is uniquely suited for is that of the SS-type prison guard; the Gestapette, the icy uniformed bitch of the "Lisa She-Wolf of the SS" ilk. You'll confess all before her black-gloved hand slashes the first vicious cut of the crop across your naked ass, but your pleas and cries won't save you from her rough justice. As a Strict Schoolteacher, she denounces you as "an intolerable disgrace... who will be rigorously punished as an example to your peers and fellow classmates." As a white-clad Nurse, in cap and gown, her buxom body wrapped in a tightfitting rubber apron, she will freely control and manipulate your nude body, her latex-gloved hands greasing you for a cleansing enema, followed by a diapering.

Crossdressers will reach their full potential under her tutelage, be they trembling virgins or wanton slut-slaves in need of harsh discipline. A full wardrobe of female finery awaits the preening transvestites who will be dressed by their Mistress in silks and satins, leather and lace; in schoolgirlish frocks or sassy split-crotch panties with a split in the rear as an invitation to sodomy. Crossdressers and all other submissives must face the threat of turning up their naughty bottoms to one of Mistress Hilda's arsenal of dildoes. Of course, there is no straight sex, and hygienic safe-sex practices are scrupulously maintained throughout every stage of the proceedings.

As if this weren't already an embarrassment of riches, Mistress Hilda also has some likeminded associates on call. As mentioned earlier, she has taken under her wing her twenty-two-year-old niece, a college coed who has taken time off from her university studies in Franch to study the fine art of Female Domination under the tutorship of her Aunt Hilda. Also assisting the Mistress is a beautiful dominant TV. It is possible to arrange that either the niece or the TV (or both?) be present during your session. Such arrangements should be made well in advance of your scheduled appointment with the Mistress.

Also - outcalls and overnights may be arranged under certain cirumstances.

So much for the vital facts. I also had the opportunity to enjoy the Mistress Hilda experience on more than a theoretical basis. During the interview, she wore an ultra-provocative outfit that tested this writers's powers of concentration. It was hard not to be distracted by the presence of a Mistress garbed in a black leather corset with garters, black lace panties, black stockings, and high heels. The corset had a harness which cupped her bare breasts, displaying them in all their mouthwatering abundance.

The interview ended, it was time for me to go from scribe to subject. Since I was already on my knees, I was in the proper position to beg to serve her, a request to which she generously consented. I was ordered to strip naked to serve her properly.

My inferior status was immediately reinforced when I was ordered across her lap for an old fashioned over-the-knee spanking. Tender flesh quivered as I was pulled across her lap with my genitals pressed against her rounded stockinged thighs. My head hung down, shamed and red- faced, as she gave me a hard hand spanking that left my bottom hot and stinging. I couldn't help but admire the curve of her calves and the elegant fit of her shapely feet in their high-heeled shoes.

Then I was ordered to my feet, where I was put into cock-and-ball bondage. A black rawhide thong wrapped my genitals, securing them against the possibility of leakage and other accidents. As I stood facing a wall-mounted bondage tree, my wrists were locked into leather cuffs at the ends of chains. My ankles were secured to the cuffs of a spreader bar. Mistress Hilda inflicted corporal punishment on my squirming submissive ass. She beat heat into it with a leather strap, slashed it with a riding crop, whipped it with a cat-o-nine tails. During each set of strokes from the different implements, I was forced to keep up the count:

"One, thank you, Mistress; two, thank you, Mistress: three, thank you, Mistress; etc..." Sometime during the discipline, she donned a pair of skintight latex gloves. She spread my hot striped cheeks and finger-fucked me with a well- greased finger. Then she continued the punishment.

Throughout the session, she kept up a running commentary, a low-voiced intimate monologue about the depravity of my sins and the painful degradations she would have to inflict on me to correct my behavior. The things she says, and the way she says them, are almost as exciting as the things she does during the session. She's a truly gifted practitioner of the art of verbal humiliation.

Time does not permit a lengthy catalogue of the many pains and punishments I eagerly suffered during the session... Later, I was unchained from the wall, only to be put in restraint stretched face-up across her bondage table. I begged for, and was granted permission to orally adore her succulent ass. Finally, she granted me the privilege of release.

As I neared lift-off, her sultry voice insinuated evil thoughts into my head as she murmured: "You're such a slut - I should leave you tied up so you suck off my next client - you'd do it, too, you nasty little boy -what's that you say? You're begging me to let you suck off my gorgeous TV assistant? Next time, you'll not only suck her off, but you'll get fucked in the ass by her ten-inch cock - Salle perveuse, filthy little she-pervert!" Sometime during that, I blasted off into whole new realms of white light, and was a long time coming down.

Head Mistress Hilda. Sophisticated Domination, Euro-style. Call NOW.

Mistress Hilda, professional Dominatrix

-- Compiled by Mistress Michelle

From Black n Blue Magazine - Vol. 2, No. 8, 1996

It is common knov/ledge that Mistress Hilda Pierce was slain in he apartment/dungeon in a brutal fashion. However, nothing was quite a brutal as the news media who descended upon this fresh kill like the scavenger pigs they fackin' are, trying to sensationalize the story in such a manner as to make it appear that they were really chewing or something. When, in fact, what they were really doing was some mental masturbation; with the saliva tricklin' down their puffy red faces in response to the fantasy images they conjured up in their heads!

To farther compound the problem, some members of the New York BDSM community sold their souls in an attempt to capitalize on the publicity surrounding this French woman' s demise. I won' t give them anymore notoriety by printing their names. Wolfie could usually care less about who exploits who, it's too common to fight, but damn man, how about some respect for the dead. Funny, but those giving the info to the Press and Police appear to be somewhat dead themselves; and probably have been for quite some time.

Regardless, Mistress Hilda Pierce is now in a much better place.

May her soul rest in peace. Black & Blue will run her advertisement until the end of the year in respectful memorium to a beautiful Lady.


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