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This article is titled
Legends of Dominance
by Mistress Michelle Peters et al.
and posted with permission
(All information herein is provided by author)

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Mistress Jacqueline English

by timothy

I had dreamed of being a slave to a dominant bitch for many years. But I had newer called one until this particular day when after smoking a cigarette while reading a fetish paper, I called Lady Jacqueline.

"May I help you?" a masculine voice answered.

"Could you please tell me about the services Lady Jacqueline offers?" I asked.

The slave explained the services after he finished I set up a session with Lady Jacqueline for Wednesday afternoon. I did not know at the time, but it would be a day that would change my life forever! At 3pm I showed up at Lady Jacqueline's dungeon as instructed. When my eyes met Lady Jacqueline I was astonished. How incredibly beautiful she is. The pictures in all the fetish papers could never portray her accurately I fell down to my knees and placed my lips fervently to the tops of her 6" spiked heels. She told me to follow her and I crawled on my hands and knees as fast as I could after her and into her dungeon where she sat down on her throne and ordered me to place my face on the floor before her feet.

Smiling she said, "Very good slave! That is very good so far but you will have to prove to me that you really are my slave."

I uttered, "Thank you for the opportunity to be in your presence and prove myself as a loyal slave that wishes to be completely under your divine control. My only hope is that I may give you pleasure and make your life a little bit easier."

"If you prove to be sincere slave, you will never want a Goddess again," she stated as I stood up and handcuffed my hands behind my back. Next went on a collar wound my neck.

"Up slave, quickly on your feet!" she ordered as a cat tail slashed across my back. I raised up as fast as I could from this position only to feel a sharp slap across my face.

Laughing she said, 'Too slow slave!"

"I expect total obedience from you slave. That means I expect you to do exactly as I tell you the moment I command it!" she explained as she pulled off my collar. "I can see you're excited at the prospect of being my slave," she said as she looked at my erection and placed a cock and ball restraint on me.

Next she snapped a leash around on the cock and ban restraint.

As she pulled on my leash she proudly announced, "I have both of your heads on my leashes. Now get down on your hands and knees because I wish to go for a ride!"

The weight of her ass sitting on my back made my cock throb.

"Giddy up! Giddy up horsy." she giggled as she dug her heels into my sides and pulled my cock behind my balls.

She rode me for over an hour. The strength in my arms was gone when she got up. She released my hands and instructed me to lie flat on my back. Next she chained my hands and feet so that I was totally helpless and at her mercy. All of a sudden the heel of her boot sunk deep into my chest.

Then the other heel as her full weight was on me.

There she was smiling down at me as she stood firmly on my chest.

'I know exactly what you're thinking slave." she said with a smile.

"Yes Lady Jacqueline I would like to worship your beautiful feet," I replied,

Laughing she questioned, "You would hmm, slave?"

"Yes, Goddess I would. Please allow me to worship your divine feet," I begged.

"That's right slave. Beg!" she demanded. At that her heels continued to dig deeper and deeper into my chest,

"Please Lady Jacqueline! Please Lady Jacqueline! Please allow me to worship your divine feet!" I begged and begged while she stood on my chest laughing and demanding me to continue to begging.

"Please Lady Jacqueline. I would do anything to worship your divine feet!" I cried. "Please Lady Jacqueline!

"Please Lady Jacqueline " I begged.

Finally she voiced, "Very good indeed slave. You will do everything anything I command of you and will do it when I command! Do you understand slave?"

I helplessly and submissively uttered, "Yes, yes, my Goddess!"

"Open your mouth, slave!" she ordered while standing on my which by now felt as if it was going cave in. She slapped my face as she ordered me to open my mouth.

"That's right. Open your mouth wide as you can!" she said smiling.

Suddenly piss was flowing out of her pussy .

She demanded, "Swallow it! Swallow it!"

The stream of piss flowed into my mouth and i swallowed and swallowed.

Finally after about 30 seconds of swallowing piss continually it finally began to drip into my mouth. ff I was a miner I would have said, "The another load had come in!" As she sat down on my face I could hear her laughing.

'You have been my toilet and now you win blow up toward me until I am dry.

She stood there using me and I blew for I don` t know how long.

Finally she stood up and said, "You have done well so far, I may allow you to worship my feet."

"Please Lady Jacqueline! Please Lady Jacqueline!" I was in a frantic. "I beg of you Lady Jacqueline.

Please allow me to worship your divine feet.Please Lady Jacqueline! Please Lady Jacquelinel" I begged on.

She sat on her throne and placed her heels on my face. I sucked and kissed her shoes as I begged on. Finally she placed her feet flatly on my face as she ordered me to worship her feet. I started kissing and worshipping her feet. I was in heaven.

The smell of her feet breathed life into my nostrils. My mouth and my tongue kissed and sucked her feet.

I said, "Thank you Lady Jacqueline! Thank you!" Yes that was my first visit with Lady Jacqueline. Today I am her complete slave knowing that my only purpose is to please her.

Thank God, I mean thank you Goddess Lady Jacqueline English.

Thank You!

Lifestyle & professional Domina.
New Studio!
Other participants available:
Web site - http://www.ladyjacqueline.com

--Complied by Mistress Michelle and slave english

Mistress Velvet Rhodes

Agressive Gals, Vol. 5, No. 5 , 1984

FATE — Female Ascendency Through Enlightment—but after sending in my $75 membership fee I was very disappointed to never be further contacted and to learn that FATE's New York phone had been disconnected. F.A.T.E. seemed to be exactly the kind of organization that I wanted to give my time and effort to, but now I'm afraid that I was either duped or unable to convince F.A.T.E.'s founder, Ms. Velvet Rhodes, of my sincerity to serve her organization. It wasn't the loss of the money but rather the disappointment which really hurt. Do you know of Ms. Rhodes and F.A.T.E.? If so, can you advise me on the legitimacy of her group and how I can try to reestablish contact with them, if they are for real?

D. N. Vera

Beyond Fantasy
From Dominant Mystique Newspaper - October , 1987
by Diane Vera
Copyright (c) 1987 Diane Vera. All rights reserved.

Yes, it's me again, writing an article for Dominant Mystique after a two-year absence. First, please note that I have changed my mailing address. My new address is:

Diane Vera
Center for Matriarchal Awareness
114-41 Queens Blvd. Suite 218
Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375

(When writing to me, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.)

Some of you may have written to me this past year at my old address and not received a reply. If so, please try writing to me again at my new address.

Both the old and the new addresses are private mailbox rental services, not my home. This past spring, my old mailbox service in Flushing started flaking out on me; I am aware of at least several letters that were sent. to me that I never got. Then, this past summer, the Flushing place went out Of the mailbox business. Alas, the post office does not forward mail that is addressed to private mailbox services, so there were probably lots of letters sent to me between August and now that I didn't receive.

I've also changed my pen name slightly. I used to use the name "D.N. Vera." I now prefer "Diane Vera."

Anyhow, ever since I got a job as an electronic engineer two years ago, I haven't had much time for writing articles. So, I won't be writing a monthly column. I'll probably write maybe one or two articles per year.

But I've still been active in the scene.

Lately, my main obsession has been finding help for Marquise Marie, a professional dominant in Michigan who got busted this year. She also used to write articles for Dominant Mystique, and she has appeared in some videos. We are trying to get the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) involved in her case, and I have contacted S/M clubs and organizations around the country in an effort to raise money. If any of you know Marquise Marie personally, please give her a call and ask how you can help.

I've been working closely with George Morell, a man in Western Pennsylvania who is staring a clearinghouse of legal and political information for S/M people. If you ever get into trouble for any activity related to consensual S/M, George Morel! can advise you on things like how to get the ACLU interested in your case and how to raise money from sources .like the Libertarian Party. For more information about this, send a stamped, self-addressed, large-size business envelope to: George Morrell, c/o S.M.A.L.E.R.S., P.O. Box 99628, Pittsburgh, PA

I'm still doing my counseling service for submissive men. I advise men oh how to approach the dominant women who are now in the S/M scene, and I also advise men on how to introduce their wives or girlfriends to S/M. Please note that I am offering (for a fee), information and advice, not professional dominance. If a submissive man learns well, I might then take him on as a slave myself (non-prof essionally), or I might introduce him to one of my female friends.

I also would like to expand my friendship network of dominant women. All interested women, whether experienced or novices, are welcome to write to me.

I do have some dominant female friends, both in New York and in other parts of the country, but not as many friends as I would like. For the past several years, my unfulfilled dream has been to build a much larger and more cohesive female-dominant subculture than now exists.

Last year I started a group of dominant women who got together for meetings and parties at my home.

However, the group petered out after six months. Other people in other parts of the country have also tried to start groups of dominant women, with no success except in San Francisco, and even there the groups have been very on-again off-again.

Alas, most of the dominant women in the S/M scene aren't interested in having anything to do with other dominant women.

Apparently, most of these women just see each other as competition.

It has become obvious to me that if I want to attain my goal of building a female-dominant community, I will have to reach out beyond the women who are now active in the S/M scene. Somehow, I will have to find some means of reaching out to potential dominant women out there in straightland. For the past year of so, I've been trying to figure out how to do this. In the meantime, if you know any dominant women who are interested in at least talking to a sister dominant, I would be inter- ested in hearing from them.

I have already appeared on the Phil Donahue Show with a panel of several out-of-the-closet S/M people. I no longer believe that talking to the public about S/M (or sucheuphemisms or "erotic dominance") is enough to attract substantial numbers of women into the scene. I still do believe that educating the public about S/M is a desirable goal, and I encourage other S/M advocates to continue doing what they're doing. But, to attain my goals, a totally new approach will also be necessary.

One problem is that the S/M subculture revolves around a particular kind of erotic activity, whereas I believe that more women would be interested in a subculture that-revolved around a particular kind of relationship. What I now plan to promote to the general public is the idea of a "woman-centered alternative extended family" - a lifestyle involving two or more women who have a primary long-term relationship with each other while also having men in their lives.

The relationship between the women can be a nonsexual friendship (if the women are heterosexual), OR it can be an erotic relationship (if the women are bi). Either way, the woman-to-woman relationship is their primary emotional and practical commitment, even though their primary erotic interest may still be in men. The women also have secondary but hopefully close, longterm relationships with men, who are included as part of the alternative family.

Of course, some degree of female dominance is implied in such an arrangement.

It wouldn't necessarily involve S/M or any kind of kinky sex, but a woman who has become involved in an inconventional type of relationship is far more likely than the average woman to at least be open to exploring alternative forms of eroticism, too.

Thus, a subculture for people into "women-centered alternative extended families" would be very distinct from the S/M scene, but would probably overlap with it to a large degree.

And I suspect that there are lots of divorced women out there who might be interested in a "women-centered alternative family."

Anyway, there certainly are lots of submissive men who fantasize being a slave to a lesbian or bisexual female couple.

But before I try to go public with this idea in a big way, I need feedback from straight women. Do you know any women who, while they might not be into S/M or kinky sex, are nonetheless very dissatisfied with standard male-female relationships and are open to hearing new ideas? If so, I would appreciate it very much if you could introduce me to such a woman,

I also occasionally participate in the (non-S/M) lesbian-feminist "women's community." Among other things, I'm exploring Goddess-oriented neo-Pagan spirituality.

As far as my own relationship with men is concerned, I'm interested in slaves with whom I can be dominant in the entire relationship - not just in the bedroom. I want consensual but REAL slaves who aren't focused on a particular fantasy or fetish, but who will truly surrender control to me as totally as possible, and who can really get into serving and being used by me in a variety of ways, non-erotic as well as erotic.

I want a slave who can enjoy doing housework, cooking, and errands for his Mistress. And I want an intelligent, politically-aware slave who can appreciate and enthusiastically support my larger social goals (though I don't require that my slave be quite as fanatical as I am) I do like to play with my slave's body too.

I enjoy bondage, teasing, inflicting occasional heavy pain, and making the slave feel generally helpless and vulnerable. My favorite kind of bondage is loose bondage - chains padlocked around the slave's wrists, ankles, and/or balls, fastened to each other so as to restrict movement, yet loose enough to let the slave hobble around and do useful things.

As for other kinds of erotic play, whether painful or otherwise, I'm big on the element of surprise - making false threats and then hitting later on when the slave least expects it. I like a slave to respond to me with a mixture of turn-on and fear, and I like a slave with a sense of humor who can make cute comments about how "cruel" I am.

I'm NOT into straight sex, oral sex, or any activity involving the slave's salive or body fluids anywhere on my body. I also DON'T wear high heels or other uncomfortable "feminine" clothing. As for humiliation, I am into humiliation of the "your body is no longer your own" variety. But I am not into the "you worthless worm" style of humiliatoin. I don't regard a true slave as being weak, stupid, subhuman, or worthless. On the contrary, a good slave is valuable property. And such a total gift of self requires a kind of strength and courage.

When a would-be slave first writes to me, I like to get to know him as a friend and comrade before I accept him as a slave. I expect that any would-be slave in his right mind will want to take his time getting to know me before he trusts me enough to surrender control to me to the degree that I would like.

There are two ways a would-be slave can get to know me. One way is by being a client of my counseling service. The other way is by helping me in some way toward my larger social goal of building a female-dominant community. (For example, if and when I ever start another women's group there will be endless little tasks pertaining to running it. In the meantime, I need people to help me do research. And if you don't • enjoy doing research, there might be other projects you could help me with.) I like to talk to a would-be slave at least several times on the phone before we meet. We might have a telephone counseling session, and/or we might agree on some little project for the slave to do for me before we meet.

When I finally invite the new slave to my apartment, I like to show him my toys and I watch his reaction carefully. I have quite a collection of whips, some of them pretty nasty, and I like to see some FEAR in a would-be slave's eyes. However, the first time he visits me, I don't actually start doing things to him yet. I have to see a new slave at least several times before I'm familiar enough with him so that I can truly feel in total control - which I need in order to get turned on.

When I do start to play with a new slave one of the first things I like to do is fasten a chain around his body underneath his clothing. We then go out together, usually to an S/M club. Outwardly, we may look like an ordinary couple, but he and I know that he has a chain locked around his balls, or perhaps just around his waist and under his crotch, and every now and then I might decide to pull gently on the other end of the chain, which is looped over his belt and hanging down into his pocket.

The next time he visits me after that, I might then chain him to the bed and try out my various whips and other toys on him, to see how he reacts to various different kinds of pain.

Depending on hov7 he reacts, I classify some activities as "torture for fun" and other activities as "punishment" By "torture for fun," I mean activities that are a turn-on to both myself and the slave, and which I will do to him when we just want to play.

• On the other hand,' 'punishment' consists of activities that the slave does not find enjoyable. "Punishment" is what I do when a slave has displeased me. It therefore consists of activities that the slave will sincerely try to avoid.

"Punishment" usually involves heavier pain than "torture for fun," but not always. It depends on the slave's likes and dislikes.

For example, I once saw a man who just loved being whipped - the harder the better. But he hated having his hair pulled, even lightly. Therefore, when I really wanted to punish him for something, I would require him to submit to having his hair pulled for a little while. If I liked the way he responded to having his hair pulled, I would then REWARD him by whipping him.

Besides inflicting pain, I also enjoy other kinds of dominant erotic play. Often I enjoy teasing. I enjoy playing with a slave's nipples and cock, and I enjoy being unpredictable about it. I like a slave who understands that I am playing with his body for my own amusement only; that I have the right to start and stop whenever I please, and that I am under no obligation to make him come if I don't feel like it. His orgasm is a privilege, not a right, and it is a privilege that I can either grant or withhold.

I like a slave who fully accepts my right to play with his body whenever I want, in Whatever way I want, and for however long or short a time I want.

I enjoy touching and grabbing a slave's body generally - not just his intimate parts, but whatever part of his body I might feel like playing with at the moment. I enjoy feeling that his body is my property, to do with as I please. He, on the other hand, is NOT allowed to touch ME unless I specifically tell him to.

I prefer a slave who ISN'T a super-heavy-pain masochist. Have you heard the old joke about the masochist who said, "Beat me, beat me," and the sadist who said, "no"?

Well, it's true. Although I own quite a collection of nasty toys, I dislike being expected to use them all the time. Most of the time, I'm into lighter activities, such as basic teasing. But I do enjoy having the RIGHT to torture a slave however severely I want, at least once in a while. And I prefer a slave who doesn't SEEK pain, and who doesn't expect it reguarly, but who nonetheless gets off on accepting my right to inflict it.

If you're a submissive who truly wants to submit, I look forward to hearing from you.

--Compiled by Mistress Michelle and slave english

Mistress Patricia Marsh

Mistress Patricia Marsh
Dungeon - Dominatrix

The Mistress Patricia Marsh House of Domination and Fantasy is Toronto's leading Dungeon for the safe sane and consensual exploration of Female Domination and BDSM fantasies. Mistress Marsh - beautiful, strict and demanding lifestyle and professional Dominatrix extraordinaire - has created six superbly appointed Fantasy chambers designed to offer the ideal environment for bondage, discipline, sadomasochism and fetish fantasy role-play. Whether you fantasize about a leather or latex-clad Domina, strict teacher, sadistic interrogator, corporal punishment enthusiast, animal trainer, evil nurse, or seductive governess, Mistress Marsh has brought together some of the most decadent, creative, and imaginative Prodommes, submissives and slavegirls in Toronto.


Mistress Paloma

Remembering Mistress Paloma
Interview by Mistress Jacueline
From Power X-Change Magazine - Issue 3, 1994

Mistress Paloma is a well respected Dominatrix in my hometown, Los Angeles. In the past few years, I've seen lots written about her both in the local tabloids and national publications. Her thick, dark hair and exotic beauty captured my eye. When I finally ran into her at a recent S/M event, I decided it was about time I met her personally.

The following is an interview I conducted with her recently.

Mistress Jacqueline: Introduce yourself to me and the readers of Power X-Change:

Mistress Paloma: My name is Mistress Paloma. 1 have been a professional Dominatrix for over six years. However, the truth is, I've been Dominant ever since I was born. S/M has always satisfied my own kinky pleasures. Domination is 'normal for me'. I seem to have fallen out of the womb a kinky type of person. When my slaves accuse me of being ultra kinky, I remind them that they came to visit me for similar reasons!

Mistress Jacqueline: What made you choose Domination as a profession?

Mistress Paloma: Unemployment. I was out of work and home playing with a slave. I was doing some intricate bondage at the time. All of a sudden, I realized I had a real talent at something that could be potentially lucrative. The rest is history.

Mistress Jacqueline: What was your profession at the time?

Mistress Paloma: I was an interpreter. I'm fluent in French and know Spanish, Italian, and German.

Mistress Jacqueline: Wow! So, you're. kind of like a United Nations unto yourself! Ever dominate slaves from foreign countries?

Mistress Paloma; As a matter of fact I do. Being multi-linguistic is a real benefit. I make my slaves feel at home, no matter where they're from! Mainly, I see slaves from Europe who speak only French. You can imagine that they find a lot of comfort finding a French speaking Domina. I speak French fluently because I lived in Monaco, France for a year and a half. I was fluent in French even before I moved to Europe. I speak Spanish on an intermediate level. I studied Italian a lot before and during my time in Europe but I haven't been able to keep up my fluency. I still understand well. My German has been lost for the most part. I studied German for a couple of years but I can no longer speak German well at all. I can understand it some but it takes some effort. I hope to pick it back up again some day. It takes a lot of time to study a language to the point of becoming fluent. As you can see, I am truly a linguist. I think it is in my blood.

Mistress Jacqueline: Speaking of blood, what are your favorite toys?

Mistress Paloma: All of them to be precise! I love spanking so my paddles interest me quite a bit. I have some special whips that a slave made for me. They are not only crafted beautifully, but they make my slaves dance to my tunes!

Mistress Jacqueline: Now you're singing my song! Go on, tell me more.

Mistress Paloma: Electric shock is fun but of course I only use that with the slaves who are into that kind of severity. Medical sessions are another specialty area of mine, I've been trained by a doctor and have the proper equipment.

Everything is kept very sterile.

I am also into leather restraints and toys. One favorite toy is my black strap-on dildo. It has given me many hours of amusement!

Mistress Jacqueline: You mentioned leather restraints and I see you're wearing a beautiful black, leather dress. Is leather your material of choice? What's your wardrobe like?

Mistress Paloma: You're right. I do prefer black leather but I do have some PVC outfits. I don't have much rubber. Above all else, I'm a leather Dominant. I have leather skirts, tops and gloves. Stiletto heels are really my thing. I love wearing my high, high heels and my slaves never complain. Except when I step on them! I also love boots. My favorites are my crotch-high black leather boots which I wear with my black leather corset. Real hot!

Mistress Jacqueline: You seem to have a certain playfulness about you that I like. Would you describe yourself as a stern Mistress or are you more sensual?

Mistress Paloma: Actually I can be stern or sensual depending on the situation. I think flexibility is important when you're professional. I try to get into their heads, so I can figure out what they really need. Lucky for me I've had some classes in psychology which helps me to give a better session.

I try to be gentle if a slave is real nervous and can't relax. I am a very sensitive person so this assists me a lot in understanding slaves and their underlying needs. Then again, I do torture sessions involving true masochists and love it! I can definitely be stern when the situation arises!

Mistress Jacqueline: I believe that! How can a slave get in your good graces?

Mistress Paloma: My motto is: "Be REAL or Be GONE!" Because I consider myself to be a down to earth kind of person, I expect the same from a potential slave. No bullshit.

Slaves who bring me a fresh bouquet of flowers are a plus. Kisses on the feet are a good start. In general, considerate, well mannered slaves earn high marks with me.

Mistress Jacqueline: What about slaves who mess up? How do you punish or humiliate naughty slaves?

Mistress Paloma: As I always say, "Let the punishment fit the slave!" Each slave is different so one slave's punishment, is another one's pleasure.I get to know my slaves very well. I find out what turns them on, what frightens them and what limits they have. I do respect limits but I do like to scare them a bit. I am a very good listener. I use that ability to train my slaves.

I must say that I am an excellent slave trainer.

Mistress Jacqueline: If a slave would like to see you for training how should they contact you?

Mistress Paloma; They can either write or phone. I actually prefer the phone for direct contact. Here's the information they need:

Mistress Paloma

Canoga Park, CA

--Compiled by Mistress Michelle & slave english


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