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This article is titled
Legends of Dominance
by Mistress Michelle Peters et al.
and posted with permission
(All information herein is provided by author)

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Mistress Pleasure

Mistress Pleasure in Red Leather!

Hell Fire West was opened by Sir Michael of Detroit in the early 80's,it was located at 7536 East 7 Mile Rd., Detroit , Michigan. It is now closed and was open for only a few years. Many Master's , Mistress's and slaves walked through those doors. Mistress Pleasure, Mistress Destiny, Mistress Shalimar, Mistress Michelle , Lord Michael, slave venessa, crazy joe, pooch and many more. Corporal would hold its parties there, Noir Leather got its start there.

Sir Michael was the driving force behind Hell Fire West. Eventough Mistress Pleasure and Sir Michael were a couple. A few years later Destiny came to the club and served Sir Michael & Mistress Pleasure. When Sir Michael & Mistress Pleasure broke up Destiny was trained as a Mistress. Some people say it was Sir Michael & Mistress Destiny that created Hell Fire West and that is not true.

Mistress Porshe Lynn


Porsche Lynn has starred in over 200 XXX rated movies. Most recently, Radical Affairs 6 and Arabian Nights. She has been seen in every major men's magazine including Hustler, High Society, Chic, Velvet, and Cheri.

Porsche has won various awards over the years including: Star/et of the Year, Best Lesbian Scene, and Hall of Fame. She has made several B/D movies in the United States and Europe and even has her own dungeon in Los Angeles.

Porsche Lynn has been performing for years as a Burlesque Feature. She has performed all over the United States, Canada, Guam, and Eastern Europe. Her shows include theme sets and prop shows such as Devil set, Cowboy set, Dominatrix set, Feather Fan Dance, and several different kinds of fire shows.

She is an amateur magician and incorporates this into her shows.

Porsche has also been seen in R rated movies such as For Love and Money and Dr. Blood. She has appeared on Sandra Bernhart's HBO Special, the Maury Povich Show, and several times on the Robin Byrd Show in New York.

Look for some hot new photos of her in the upcoming issues of Leg Show and Spin. She is a personal friend and I am pleased to feature her in my magazine. Mistress Jacqueline

From Porno Queen to Domina Supreme

The Story of Porsche Lynn in Her Own Words

My name is Porsche Lynn.

Some people now call me. Mistress Porsche Lynn, which I like very much. I have always liked the word 'Mistress' ever since I was a little girl of around 9 or 10. I also liked black leather, the smell of a tac room for horses and the feel of a riding crop in my hands. I guess I never had a name for my feelings until I got much older. More on this later.

I want to tell you what I did before I became involved in adult entertainment. I spent two years at Michigan State University studying sports medicine. I started 'dancing' which was really sitting behind a glass window about 3'x4'. I was paid by the minute to masturbate in front of clients while they talked to me via a hook up phone.

Of course, I was doing this job to help pay for my education. But guess what! I really enjoyed my work more than I expected. I was drawn to the sexuality, power, and of course, the money.

Soon I got jobs dancing at larger titty bars. I entered bikini contests and even did mud wrestling. I loved it all. I was also extremely good.

It didn't take long before magazines started approaching me for photo layouts. Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

By now, I knew where my true destiny would take me. My sexual power trip exuded out of my body and straight into the photographs. The magazines were happy with my work. Still dancing, I went on to classy Burlesque dance clubs. I did explicit nude shows with other girls complete with dildos. During this time, I was approached by some producers of X-rated movies. They wanted me to work for them. Again, I was thrilled and seized the opportunity. It was like a dream come true.

I had often fantasized about being in adult films, ever since I saw my first porno flick which was Champagne for Breakfast. I watched the leading actress perform fellatio on the leading man. She managed to deliver her lines expertly at the same time. She also looked liked she was having lots of fun. I knew I could be just as good, if not better. I couldn't wait to get started.

I started making X-rated movies in 1986. I was lucky to work with a lot of great people and was treated really well. I was also blessed to be under contract with a private producer. Can you believe he had my legs insured for one million dollars? If you saw my film. The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs, now you know how we got the title.

As it happened, this particular producer was into the world of S/M.

He personally enjoyed crossdressing and had a fetish for leather. He knew many of the top Dominatrixes personally. Thus, through him, I got officially introduced into 'the scene'.

I loved playing S/M type games and felt very much at home.

My producer friend said I was a natural. The costuming was a big turn on for me. It wasn't long before my wardrobe included thigh high patent leather boots, six inch spiked heels, rubber dresses, and plenty of corsets.

I had the opportunity to travel to Europe. I went to France, Germany, Italy, and Holland. Europeans are so much more sexually aware and at ease. I respect the European sex laws more than our own. We in America can learn a lot from them.

Recently, I went to the most elite S/M club in the world. Club Doma, located in the Hague district of Holland. I was hired to act in an S/M video with Ernest Greene, produced by Doma. Not many American performers get to be in a Doma production, so it was a great honor.

This was not my first S/M video. It seemed that I was getting a great deal of work with various bondage video companies and magazines. I noticed I was enjoying my work more than I dreamed possible. I couldn't help but admit, I had a strong personal need to incorporate S/M into my life.

It was then that I made the decision to do private one on one sessions with submissives. I proceeded to secure a facility in Los Angeles where I currently do personal sessions with submissives.

I've had the facility for over a year. It is a very clean, neat, private studio complete with kitchen and bath.

I have a vast array of torture devices including whips, riding crops, paddles, nipple clamps, leather wrist and ankle restraints, hoods, blindfolds, and even an electro-stimulator. Mistress Jacqueline, whom I've known and admired for years, asked me to talk about what I enjoy most about being a Mistress. I would have to say that it is definitely a power thing with me. Remember, it started years ago. It turns me on to have a slave surrender himself to me. I love being in control. I also love the sheer drama of a scene. I keep my dungeon atmospheric and dark.

Fetish clothing is very important to me. I personally have a shoe and boot fetish. Therefore, you'd be amazed at how large a collection of shoes and boots I have. I am definitely a foot worshipper's dream come true.

Leather is also big on my list. The smell of leather makes me wet. The feel of a good, strong riding crop in my hand thrills me in a way that you have to experience for yourself. I enjoy being in control for hours on end.

What's up and coming? I'm still touring all over the United States and Canada, as a featured burlesque entertainer. Dancing and meeting people keeps me feeling alive and happy.

I'm still making movies - mostly bondage. So keep watching them. We need the support. ' I do, however, devote most of my time to doing sessions. You could be one of the lucky ones. If you are interested, phone me first. You will be interviewed before a session. I also have an official Fan Club. Write to me for details. I look forward to hearing from you.

Porsche Lynn
12439 Magnolia Blvd. - Suite #203
N. Hollywood, CA 91607
(818) 362 -1759
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A Selected Porsche Lynn Videography

  • I Wanna Be A Bad Girl
  • Depraved Innocent
  • Down-N-Dirty In Beverty Hi/Is
  • Jane Bond Meets Octopussy
  • Pink-N-Pretty
  • Porsche Lynn Is The Call Girl
  • St. Sexwhere
  • Hypatia Lee's Wild, Wild West
  • Innocent Taboo
  • Taboo V
  • Black Taboo
  • Lessons in Lust
  • Born To Be Bad
  • Blazing Bedrooms
  • Mile High Girls
  • Club Ecstasy
  • Mimi: An American Girl In Paris
  • The Girl With The Million Dollar Legs
  • Lust Italian Style
  • Born To Burn
  • Miami Spice
  • Hard Rockin' Babes
  • Load Warriors
  • Maxine
  • Barbara Dare's Roman Holiday
  • Porsche: The Girl, The Car, The Legend
  • Grand Prixx
  • Mad About You
  • What A Cuntry!
  • The Young And The Wrestling
  • Voodoo Lust 11
  • Wishbone
  • Queen of Mean
  • Easy Access
  • Against All Bods
  • Sex Staved
  • 21 Hump Street
  • In A Crystal Fantasy
  • Tropical Lust
  • Very Dirty Ballet
  • Porsche Lynn's The Kink
  • My Bare Lady
  • The Case of the Crooked Cat House
  • Love On The Run
  • When Love Comes To Town
  • Wicked Sensations
  • The Big Thrill
  • Bring On The Virgins
  • Night Of The Living Debbies
  • Who Shaved Lynn LeMay?
  • Sorority Pink I & II
  • The Enchantress
  • Sex Asylum IV
  • Where The Girls Sweat
  • Night Trips
  • Bend Over Babes II
  • Buttwoman
  • Oriental Temptations
  • The Bralow Affairs
  • Passages II
  • Wishful Thinking
  • Where The Girls Play
  • The Pornographic Priestess
  • Centerfolds
  • Buttman's Revenge
  • Jennifer Ate
  • Sex Heist
  • Rocket Girls
  • Mistresses At War I & II (with Mistress Jacqueline)
Also see the page [ Porsche Lynn ] and/or [ LF-Porsche Lynn ]

Mistress Renee Larson


I don't have to much information on Mistress Renee, other than she started working at the New Era Massage Parlor in Kansas City, Mo. in the mid 70's and moved to Denver, Co with then husband and sold leather goods and did sessions in her dungeon.

The city later shut her down and it was in the News and on TV, so she retired.


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