Le Dressage de la Maid-Esclave

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Cover of Le Dressage de la Maid-Esclave (1930) by Bernard Valonnes (aka Don Brennus Aléra).

Le Dressage de la Maid-Esclave (en: The Dressage of Maid-Slave) (1930) by Bernard Valonnes, pseudonym of Roland Brévannes (Select Bibliotheque: Paris); two-volume story of pony play with women trained as cart-pulling slaves.

  • Volume 1. corsets and shoes. Seals: Impr.-Select-Edition Library , 1930, in-16. Illustrations signed 'Esbey.'
  • Volume 2. harnesses, braces and headgear. 1930, Illustrations signed 'Esbey
Allegedly a translation of an English work by 'J. T***.' Vallones is credited as the translator, but is more likely to have been the author.

Published by Select Bibliothèque in Paris, France #63, (1930)


Here is a very rare text and highly sought after, as all tracks by the legendary Select-Library (so dear to Christophe Bier) who specialized in the fetishist literature in 1906 and until 1939!

Its catalog includes 98 titles, printed on a very fragile paper and poor quality, unlike other publications of the time operating the same type of fantasies (corsets, heels, domination, whipping etc.) Bernard Valonnes (anagram of Roland Brévannes , which is according C.Bier the main or even the only man to manage the Select-Library) book here quite a classic novel of female domination: the Training of the maid-servant, Volume 1, corsets and shoes , 1930. the orphan girl Emily , of Swedish origin, finds herself delivered to the United States. On the docile temperament, it leaves quickly coax the wealthy Miss Audley who hires as a maid. Soon, the innocent young realizes that his mistress more ask him to clean ... Despite all this does not seem too embarrass. Very quickly sign it in exchange for a large sum it will recover after ... 2 years, a deal making it the slave of Miss Audley. Accordingly, her voluptuous nightmare begins. He is forced to wear corsets, heels higher and higher as the corsets compress more strongly his battered body. Humiliations come to any disagreement, whips ravage her sweet and tender flesh, plunging it into an abyss of pain and exquisite sensations! I will say no more except that the interest of the book lies not one second in writing Valonnes / Brévannes, which is somewhat awkward, but in the accumulation of very detailed descriptions of the abuse, mainly clothing. The feet tablets are too small heeled shoes two sizes, breathing hard after the port corsets increasingly tight, compressing the size of the poor Emily at a critical point, etc. etc. I leave you now with the Esbey illustrations which fit the story, which will allow you to get a better idea of the disorder and sadistic atmosphere of this book!


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