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Lawrence Kinden Self Portrait

Lawrence Kinden is the pen name of an author and artist of spanking stories and spanking art. He is also the webmaster of Lawrence Kinden's Corporal Fiction, a free website housing his work and that of a few others. This site hasn't been updated in years and is likely abandoned.

Lawrence's drawing style consists of several styles including a cartoon/old anime style and creative tracings. He often colors his art with colored pencils and sometimes with computer coloring programs.

He has written 425,000+ words, over 170 stories (according to the Library of Spanking Fiction) and has written all pairings but mostly X/f. Many of his stories are of the fantasy genre. Mr. Kinden has collaborated on stories with fellow authors Haley Brimley (2091: Nocturne Three) and Kiotokai (Royal Treatment). He entered the 2006, and the 2009 Short Story Contest.

Lawrence Kinden's work can be found at:

The Aynafesse Chronicles

Aynafesse Chronicles is a series of spanking stories by Lawrence Kinden that take place in the same universe and share many of the same themes, most notably spanking. By in-universe chronological order, The Aynafesse Chronicles include:

Selected Bibliography


Stand Alone

Selected Gallery



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