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Rubber, Latex, and PVC

The use of Rubber, Latex or PVC falls into three basic categories:

  • Every day / session wear
  • Fetish / clubbing wear
  • For use as bondage or Restraints

Latex is a natural substance used primarily for the manufacture of rubber. Within the BDSM/Fetish community, it usually refers to rubber sheeting used for the manufacture of clothing in fetish fashion.

Latex can easily be worked into every possible shape, whether it be for clothing (leotards, body suits, dresses, blouses, and skirts), restraints (vacuum beds, hoods, straight jackets and hoods) or fetish attire (cloaks, gloves).

If properly sized, it should be skin tight, or as they say, "fit like a second skin."

You should always take care of your latex

Natural rubber is often vulcanized, a process (vulcanization) by which the rubber is heated and sulfur is added to improve resilience and elasticity.

(Latex is processed latex gum, rubber is vulcanized latex)

Also see the page [ Rubber and PVC Fetishism ]

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Dressing Aid

Since latex isn't that easy to pull on, people have been looking for dressing aids, to make it a little easier. Best known is talcum powder, which creates a layer between the skin and the latex. Nowadays, more and more people start using lubricants such as silicone oil. If you apply silicone oil to your skin or to the latex, you can just slip in your garment.

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