L.A. Bondage

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L. A. Bondage

Dave Naz is sticking to a formula that works - and it's paying off for him. Like his previous books (Fresh, Legs, Panties, and Lust Circus), L. A. Bondage is populated with attractive, glamorous young ladies who are willing to strut and pose in in accord with his fetish-flavored vision. Beauty plays as big a role here as does the bondage element. Even when his subjects are tied-up and hoisted into trees, they seem light and effervescent, even delighted with their predicament. His distressed damsels are absolutely dreamy to behold - and that's very likely what Naz intended.

Once again, Goliath hits a home run on production quality. This 10x7" volume is 157 pages of exquisite photography matched equally by it's flawless production.

< ISBN:3936709289 > on Amazon.com


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