Kym Wilde

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Kym Wilde
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Background information
Birthdate: Jan 07, 1969 (age 49 )
Other names: Jillian Amore / Jillian Amoré / Regina Geisler / Sandy Sonners / Kym Wild
Hair color: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
IMDB #: 0312057
IAFD: KWilde
AFDB #: 3603/Kym_Wilde
Footnotes: Years Active as Performer 1990-2004 (Started at 21/yo)

Years Active as Director 1992-1999

Kym Wilde

Adam Magazine

"Kym is a large-chested brunette who really gets into her sex scenes, bringing sustained heat to the screen whenever she walks on the set. Kym is the kind of porn star that grows on you, like a gradual hard-on. She's captured our interest and turned us into full time Wilde fans from her very first performances, billed as Jilian Amore. Recently he has turned her talent to directing bondage videos of Pleasure Productions and Red Board Studios. Her best sex of late? Her underwater sex scene in Andrew Blake's Hidden Obsessions." -- Adam Film World

Kym Wilde ran away from home at age 14 and hooked up with an older man in New York. "He told me, 'Anal sex, that's the normal way.' So for about a month-and-a-half I thought taking it in the ass was how to have sex. I liked it. I didn't even have regular intercourse. And when I realized it was supposed to be in the other hole, I liked it even better. I thought necking had something to do with a giraffe! And he told me a girl was supposed to give a blowjob. I thought it was blowing, so I blew on it. And I choked on it. But I liked the cum, still do, and I've improved." (Hustler)

Kym works with her boyfriend Alan Shustak (aka Dick "Duck" Dumont) of Redboard Video to put out Kym Wilde's On The Edge series. Volume 22 of this bondage and domination collection features Annette Haven. (Editors note: Alan Shustak died in August 2005)

"This line is not like any other bondage tapes," Wylde told AFW. "This is real...a lot of pain. I'm in every one. I've written and directed every one.... When I needed to have a submissive, I was the best because I can take any amount of pain. Metal whips, clothespins, everything."

Kym gets high from pain. "You block it out and then all of a sudden you feel it tingle... You're submissive after being whipped. I love that feeling... In one video I'm being dragged up the side of a driveway with a bridle bit in my mouth, on my knees having to carry Leanna Fox on my back and being whipped at the same time. They broke off a tree branch and whipped me with it." (AFW)

Wilde says pain makes her horny. "It's frustrating because you can't have sex in these videos. So what you do is work and then go immediately home and release the tension.

"If I feel like being submissive in a off-screen relationship, yeah, there are whips.. but I just like being told what to do." (AFW)

Kym's hardcore debut came in 1988 in Dirty Debutantes. Ed Powers and Jamie Gillis doubly penetrate her.

"They said, "Will you do a DP?" I said, "Sure." I didn't know what it meant."

A week later, Kym entered bondage and hasn't left. She's been in over 100 bondage movies, mainly as a submissive.

"I've always had the fantasy of a male telling me to do something in public and I don't want to do it... I'm embarrassed. There are people I know there. The crowd makes it better, more exciting."

Wilde has one particular fantasy so far unfulfilled. "I have not yet met one man that I could piss in his mouth. I tried it once with an ex-boyfriend, but because he shaved he said it burned his face.

"He was underneath me and I had my knees on his chest and my pussy in his face and I started pissing and it burned him and so he immediately threw me off... What I like is a party setting with a lot of people around and I know in my head that a guy is just there to drink my piss for me." (AFW)

Bondage and discipline means ropes, whips, master, mistress, etc.. Sadomasochism (S-M) means more beating and more intense pain.

Wilde remembers one particularly kinky orgasm. "I came giving head... My head was being held so close that I could only breathe through my nose. I just felt it all the way down my throat. The funny thing was that he had just started to come and it totally turned me on. I played with my pussy... and it was the weirdest feeling because with a cock pressing so far against your throat you couldn't make any sounds but I was coming... I couldn't move and I was feeling his cum going straight down my throat. Intense. I was totally gagged by a cock." (AFW)

Kym Wilde enjoys going out in public with a dildo inside of her. "If you've ever walked around for a couple of hours with a butt plug in you, you don't forget it's there. You think everyone is looking at you and you have to sit down and you're moving slowly... And the man puts his hands on my shoulders and sits me down faster. That's a great thrill."



  1. Anal Alley (1990)
  2. Asian Silk (1992) (V)
  3. Ass Backwards (1991) (V)
  4. Baccarat (1991)
  5. Baccarat 2 (1991)
  6. Backing in 3 (1992) (V)
  7. B&D Sorority {Bon Vue} (1994) V
  8. Bend Over Babes 2 (1991) (V)
  9. Beneath the Cane (1992) (V)
  10. Bondage Academy {Bon Vue} 1991
  11. Bondage Academy 2: Dark Hall{Bon Vue} 1991
  12. Bondage House Party (1993) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's Bondage House Party
  13. Bondage House Party 2 (1993) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's Bondage House Party 2
  14. Bondage Memories 1 {Bon Vue} 1993
  15. Bondage Memories 4 {Bon Vue} 1993
  16. Book of Love (1992) (V)
  17. Deep Inside Racquel Darrian (2001) (V) .... Nikki Tyler
  18. Desert Heat (1991) (V)
  19. Don't Bother to Knock (1991) (V) (as Kym Wild)
  20. Double Take (1991) (V)
  21. Dr. F 2 (1990) (as Jillian Amore)
  22. Driving Miss Daisy Crazy (1990) (V) (as Jillian Amoré) ... aka Drivin' Miss Daisy Crazy (UK)
  23. Erotic Heights (1991) (V)
  24. Fixation (1991)
  25. Flashpoint (1992) (V)
  26. Forbidden Fantasies (1991) (V)
  27. Girls Will Be Boys 3 (1991)
  28. Girls Will Be Boys 5 (1993) (V)
  29. Grand Slam (1993) (V)
  30. Hidden Obsessions (1992)
  31. I'll Take the Whip (1993) (V)
  32. Kelly (1990) (V) (as Jillian Amore)
  33. Kym Wilde Bound On Stage 1 {Bon Vue Enterprises} (1993)
  34. Kym Wilde Bound On Stage 2 {Bon Vue Enterprises} (1993)
  35. Kym Wilde Bound On Stage 3 {Bon Vue Enterprises} (1993)
  36. Kym Wilde Sessions (1991) (V)
  37. Kym Wilde Sessions 2 (1993) (V)
  38. Kym Wilde Sessions 3 (1993) (V)
  39. Kym Wilde Sessions 4 (1993) (V)
  40. Last Tango in Rio (1991) (V)
  41. Life, Love and Divorce (1990) (as Jillian Amore)
  42. Moist to the Touch (1991) (V)
  43. Ocean View (1993) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's Ocean View
  44. On the Edge 1 (1993) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 1 {Redboard Video} ...through...
  45. On the Edge 50 (1993) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 50{Redboard Video}
  46. On Trial 3: Takin' It to the Jury (1992)
  47. On Trial Part 4: The Verdict (1992) (V) ... aka Hung Jury ... aka The Verdict
  48. Oral Majority 8 (1991) (V)
  49. Painful Initiation (1992) (V)
  50. Peep Land (1992) (V)
  51. Prescription for Pain 2: The Ultimate Pain (1993) (V)
  52. Profiles 3: House Dick (1995)
  53. Puttin' Her Ass on the Line (1991) (V)
  54. Red Bottom Blues (1993) (V)
  55. Roommate Humiliation (1993) (V)
  56. Shot from Behind (1992) (V)
  57. Sweet Licks (1991) (V)
  58. Taboo IX (1991) (V)
  59. Talk Dirty to Me 8 (1991) (V)
  60. The Other Woman (1992) (as Regina Geisler) .... Neighbor
  61. The Pamela Principle (1992) (as Regina Geisler) .... Felicia
  62. The Two Janes (1990) (as Jillian Amore)
  63. The Wrong Woman (1990) (as Sandy Sonners)
  64. Things Change II (1993) (V) .... Lesbic #1 ... aka Things Change: Letting Go
  65. Tied & Teased (1993) (V)
  66. Tools of the Trade (1990)
  67. Two Hearts (1993)
  68. Victim of Love (1992) (V)
  69. Victim of Love Part 2 (1992) (V)
  70. Vivid Girl Confidential: Racquel (2004) (V)
  71. Virgin Kink 01 {Redboard} (1997) ...through...
  72. Virgin Kink 12 {Redboard} (1997)
  73. Where the Boys Aren't 5 (1995) (V) ... aka WTBA 5 (USA: informal short title)
  74. Where the Boys Aren't Part IV: Boarding House Blues Too (1995) (V) ... aka Where the Boys Aren't 4 (USA: short title)
  75. Wishful Thinking (1992) (V) .... Lucille
  76. Women in Need (1990) (as Jillian Amore)
  77. Young Cheeks (1990)

Director - filmography

  1. On the Edge 2 (1993) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 2
  2. On the Edge 7 (1994) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 7
  3. On the Edge 8 (1994) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 8
  4. On the Edge 9 (1994) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 9

Writer - filmography

  1. On the Edge 2 (1993) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 2
  2. On the Edge 7 (1994) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 7
  3. On the Edge 8 (1994) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 8
  4. On the Edge 9 (1994) (V) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 9

Producer - filmography

  1. On the Edge 2 (1993) (V) (producer) ... aka Kym Wilde's On the Edge 2


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