Kokoro Amano

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Kokoro Amano
Background information
Birthdate: Aug 30, 1982
Location: Miyako, Iwate, Japan
Height: 5' 0" / 1.52m
Measurments: 83(D)-59-85(cm)
Natural bust: yes
Ethnicity: Japanese
Blood: A

This article is about a Japanese porn star

Kokoro Amano (天野♥こころ Amano♥Kokoro), is an AV Idol who starred in pornographic movies between 2001 and 2004 . She worked mainly for Soft On Demand and Moodyz. Noted for her "pure beauty" and "sexy eyes", she became a "popular top idol" in the Japanese AV field.

Life and career

Kokoro was born August 30, 1982 in the city of Miyako, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. She was seeking employment at the time that she was recruited for work in the AV industry. An AV scout found her in the audience of a TV gameshow. Her stage name was given to her by Makoto Kitano. Her AV debut was in the December, 2001 release Confusion. Made for the Alice Japan label, and directed by Kazuhito Kuramoto, the video told the story of a couple, both of whom aspire to be actors. Amano's character has been secretly appearing in adult videos, and is afraid that her boyfriend will find out.

Critics have often pointed out the documentary-inspired format of many Japanese AVs, which often begin with a lengthy interview with the main actress of the video. Amano's second video for Alice Japan makes use of this format, for which her Iwate accent in the interview was a selling-point. The video's further documentary-like scenarios included outdoor sex in the countryside, and rape scenes. Amano's February 2002 AV for Alice Japan, Sealed Love, returned to the fictional narrative format of her first work. In this video, again directed by Kuramoto, she plays an employee of an IT company who has fallen in love with the best friend of her boyfriend. Some of Kokoro's later videos for Alice Japan continued in the purely fictional narrative format. In My Lovely Nurse Sister she plays the role of a nurse who has sex with doctors, and her brother-in-law who is a patient at the hospital where she works. Her July 2002 DVD for VIP, Kokoro Amano [R], is a game in which Kokoro plays the viewer's younger sister. Different endings result depending on selections made during the watching of the story.

Kokoro's career took the path of the AV idol who debuts as an inexperienced "new face," and whose sexual performances become progressively more outlandish. Regarding this type of AV career, Kjell Fornander says, "Viewers are invited to follow, from appearance to appearance, her sexual initiation, dawning self-awareness and gradual acceptance of her inner, dark depths." Erotic Mind, her next AV for Alice Japan, had Kokoro making her first steps into the more adventurous themes that her later videos would explore. This video includes scenes of voyeurism, sex in public restrooms, vibrators and a threesome.

Her July 2002 video for Cosmos Plan was her wildest venture yet, including sex with four men at once, S&M and saliva-swallowing. Later in 2002 she signed exclusive agreement with studio Soft On Demand and the first movie that came from this relationship was the popular 24 Hours of Bukkake Anytime and Anywhere. The ideas that made this movie interesting were:

  • Kokoro agrees to live 24 hours in an apartment designated by the studio, starting at 1:00PM.
  • Apartment next door is inhabited by a group of about 20 men who can see Kokoro's activity realtime through a set of seven fixed CCD cameras installed in her apartment.
  • Whenever they want (even at night) they can enter Kokoro's apartment and ejaculate on any part of her body (Bukkake), but they cannot touch her or talk to her. If any indication is required, they have to express it with gestures.

Kokoro also worked in the gokkun genre in the video Gokkun Bazooka 150 Shots (Special 2003), in which she swallowed up to 175 cum shots. She retired from the AV industry in 2004.

Partial filmography

Filmography based on Amano(Kokoro Amano) (English). AV Idol Directory. Retrieved on 2007-05-20. and Kokoro Amano (Filmography). Urabon Navigator 1997-2006. Retrieved on 2007-08-08.

Video title Company Director Release date
Alice Japan Kazuhito Kuramoto VHS:December 28, 2001
DVD:March 22, 2002
Sunny Love aka Love At A Sunny Spot
Alice Japan Kunihiro Hasegawa January 25, 2002
April 19, 2002
Sealed Love
Alice Japan Kazuhito Kuramoto VHS:February 22, 2002
DVD:May 24, 2002
Erotic Mind
Alice Japan Tagamaro March 22, 2002
June 21, 2002
My Lovely Nurse Sister
Alice Japan . April 23, 2002
July 19, 2002
Wet Young Wives
Alice Japan Kei Morikawa May 31, 2002
My Sister
VIP Kei Morikawa June 28, 2002
Fallen Angel X
堕天使 X
Cosmos Plan Daimei Kurata July 10, 2002
Kokoro Amano [R]
VIP . July 19, 2002
ENGEL Kazuhito Kubodera VHS:July 25, 2002
DVD:August 16, 2002
Splash - Kokoro Amano
スプラッシュ 天野こころ
Samansa/MAX-A Yoshiho Fukuoka August 16, 2002
Fallen Angel
堕天使X 2002DX
Cosmos Plan Daimei Kurata November 10, 2002
VIP GOLD DISC VIP . February 21, 2003
Anal Release
SOD . April 2003
Angel's Kokoro
SOD . June 2003
Dream Woman X Semen Drunkard, DX 5
Moodyz Legend Alala Kurosawa May 15, 2004
Once Used Then Tossed Away M Slave 6
使い捨てM奴隷 6
Moodyz Legend Shibato Taiyo June 15, 2004



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