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Knotty (magazine) is a bondage magazine published by House of Milan



  • KNOTTY. 2/03 (1972) With the Bishop's Fanni Hall and 4 pages of Linda McDowell as dominant.
  • KNOTTY. 2/05 (1972) Many Bishop illustrations, tight ropes, gags and straps.
  • KNOTTY. 2/06 (1973) Many Bishop illustrations and an in-depth review of gags.
  • KNOTTY. 2/07 (1973) Bishop's "Fanni Hall" serial, hospital bed and yoga bondage.
  • KNOTTY. 2/09 (1974) With Bishop's Fanni Hall, leather straps, ropes & bandages.
  • KNOTTY. 2/11 (1974) Serena, Rene Bond & Bishop's Fanni Hall.
  • KNOTTY. 2/12 (1974) Bishop's Fanni Hall & car bondage.
  • KNOTTY. 3/05 (1976) More Fanni Hall & tight ties & ballgags.
  • KNOTTY. 3/06 (1977) Featuring 5 full pages of Bishop's bound blondes. Bondage in ropes, leather straps and arm sheaths.
  • KNOTTY. 3/09 (1978) Film review of "Steel & Leather", F. E. Campbell's "Fellowes: The Straps Tighten" & tickling torment.
  • KNOTTY. 3/11 (1979) Film review of "Two To Tangle" and 7 pages of Candy Barbour in bondage.
  • KNOTTY. 3/12 (1982) Film review of "Sweet Revenge" & 8 pages of Candy Barbour in lingerie bondage.
  • KNOTTY. 4/01 (1982) Fanni Hall, part 1- "Worser and Worser" & Carolyn Wayne.
  • KNOTTY. 4/02 (1983) Monique Leone, Linda Miller, Donna Layne, Pam Crowley, Jennifer Brooks, Dana White and Kim Hall.
  • KNOTTY. 4/04 (1984) Lou Kagan's 'Cassandra's Web' continues. Ladder, chair, bed and lingerie bondage.
  • KNOTTY. 4/05 (1984) Anastasia Caruse, Rickie Lane, Mona St. James, Barbara Langston, Chrissy Beauchamp, "By Mutual Consent" by F. E. Campbell and film review of "The Secret".
  • KNOTTY. 4/06 (1985) Barbara Ryan, Simone Devon, Sarah Hampshire, Kim Bittner (a.k.a. Michelle Bauer/ Pia Sands), Jennifer Brooks, Carol Clarke, Myra Stevens, Marilyn Pascoe and Irving Klaw photos.
  • KNOTTY. 4/09 (1986) Jane Owens, Mary Loren, Sara Evans, Tammi Windsor, Julie Parkes & Debra Lee. Bondage and tickling torment.
  • KNOTTY. 4/10 (1986) Jane Owens, Mary Loren, Sharon Miler, Sara Evans, Kimberly Wyatt, Samantha Thomas & Debra Lee. Chains, ropes, hospital beds and chastity belts.
  • KNOTTY. 4/11 (1987) Spandex, leather, lingerie and nude bondage.
  • KNOTTY. 4/12 (1987) Lingerie and nude bondage. Straps, chains, a spandex straitjacket and nipple clamps.
  • KNOTTY. 5/01 (1987) Viper & Simone Devon. Spandex, lingerie and nude bondage.
  • KNOTTY. 5/02 (1987) Chains, ropes, straps and a variety of gags. Lingerie bondage.
  • KNOTTY. 5/03 (1988) With "Solitude" by F. E. Campbell, breast bondage & mousetrap nipple torture.
  • KNOTTY. 5/04 (1988) With 'Yo-Yo' by F. E. Campbell, a 2 girl tie, harp bondage & ladder suspension.
  • KNOTTY. 5/05 (1988) Ballgags, ankle suspension, French maid bondage & Jade East.
  • KNOTTY. 5/06 (1989) Jade East, ballgags & gals in irons.
  • KNOTTY. 5/07 (1989) Plastic wrap bondage, nipple clamps & stocks.
  • KNOTTY. 5/08 (1990) With Ashley Renee. Lingerie, chains and leather straps.
  • KNOTTY. 5/10 (1991) With Christina Jorgen, Rebecca, Salty Pepper, [Tera Heart]], Ashley Nicole, Jo Anne, Gina Carrera and "Time Off For Bad Behavior" by Ernest Greene.
  • KNOTTY. 5/11 (1991) With Devon, Mercy Cast, Diamond Lane, Missy, Fontain, Tiffany Storm and "Special Delivery" by Ernest Greene.
  • KNOTTY. 5/12 (1992) Kelly Blue, Desi D'Angelo, Sandra Wapnick and "Biker Bash" by Brad Matthews.
  • KNOTTY. 6/02 (1993) Maile, Raven Richards, Misty Lane, Tanya Foxx, Tracy Phillips, Noelle and "Lie Detector Test" by Julian Bracque.
  • KNOTTY. 6/04 (1993) Greta Karlson, Crystal Lea, Geena Monroe, Taj Majal, Raeven, Brittany O'Connell and "Danielle On the Planet of the Weevils" by Josh Edwards.
  • KNOTTY. 6/05 (1994) Sabrina Bliss, Tina Fox, Meline Masglow, Shelby, Nicki and Betsy Demont. With "A Well Trained Filly" by Red Marks.
  • KNOTTY. 6/06 (1994) Francesca, China Mai, Roxanne, Theresa Dix, Morgan Navarro & Trixy Tyler.
  • KNOTTY. 6/07 (1995) Juliette Sevre, Christina West, Ashley Renee, Liberty, Belinda, Jewel & "Cheerleader" by Josh Edwards.
  • KNOTTY. 6/08 (1995) Amanda Morrison, Sandy, Alex Jordan, Tina Fox, Kelli Thomas, Ophelia Ravel & "A Less Than Fond Farewell" by Brad Matthews.
  • KNOTTY. 6/09 (1995) Ashley Fields, Porsche Lynn, Cie Cie, Epiphany, Cindy Coxx & "Blind Date" by Alexander Kelly.
  • KNOTTY. 6/10 (1996) Catalina L'Amour, Ashleigh Taylor, Gina Rome, Keanna, Sabrina, Lennox, Epiphany & "Duricial Lace" by Josh Edwards.
  • KNOTTY. 7/02 (1996) Liberty, Red, Koetlyn, Vanessa, Sharon Kane, Alex Jordan, K.C. Dylan & fiction by Corey Halloran.
  • KNOTTY. 7/03 (1997) Gema Talons, Gina Rome, K.C. Dylan, Chyanne, Tawny Rae, Michelle Markanjevic & Jacklyn Lick.
  • KNOTTY. 7/04 (1997) Catalina L'Amour, Geneva, China Tymicks, Kitten, Ice, Rachel & "Bound to Bet" by Lawrence Selden.
  • KNOTTY. 7/05 (1998) Tanya, Cassie, Epiphany, Kristen, Kitten & "Antonio" by Fallon Rochelle Abellard.
  • KNOTTY. 7/06 (1998) Ivy English, Gina Carrerra, Ember Haze, Cassie, Eva & "Celtic Knots" by Corey Halloran.
  • KNOTTY. 7/07 (1998) Shelbee, Morella, Trixxi Starr, Chloe Nicholle, Deja Blew, Victoria, Barbie Bond and "Julian's Child" by Corey Halloran.
  • KNOTTY. 7/08 (1999) Fiero, Tawny, Nicole, Shelbee, Darby, Madison and Fawna. Ankle suspension and barn bondage.
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