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In parts of the United States, Canada and Australia (NSW, TAS and the ACT) kindergarten (from the German language where it literally means "children's garden") is the word used to describe the first year of compulsory education. Other areas might call this level "Juniors" and in these areas the word "kindergarten" might refer to preschool instead.

Kindergarten serves for young children as a transition from home to the commencement of more formal schooling. As part of that transition, kindergartners typically only have half the school day of the primary school peers. Children usually attend kindergarten any time around the ages of five or six depending on the local custom. Children who attend kindergarten are called kindergardener, kindergartener or kindergartner. The staff who are working in kindergartens are called kindergarten worker or kindergarten teacher. Occasionally the terms kindergartener and kindergartner are also used to refer to the teachers.

While play is still a strong component in teaching methods for children to develop basic skills, structure is more emphasized so that they are ready for the rest of primary school.

Kindergartens and spanking

Due to the young age and position in the system, kindergartners are treated leniently. But limits of that leniency will be reached as they are being prepared for stricter structure. So in schools that use, or have used, corporal punishment, it will also be used in kindergarten, although such punishments will be lighter than in higher classes. Slaps or smacks given to children in kindergarten, if any, will normally be light and only with the open hand, without any implements. Stereotypically such spanks will be given to exposed back of thighs rather than their bottoms, typically in the standing position. Bigger trouble, however, might result in a traditional Over-the-knees spanking.

In countries where school corporal punishment is completely banned, this ban will apply to kindergartens as well. In countries where all spanking of children is banned, such a nation-wide ban applies to all areas.

Some kindergartens, mainly in the United States, celebrate the tradition of a fun birthday spanking.

Kindergartens and spanking art

Kindergarten spanking scenarios play only a minor role in spanking fiction, much less than school spanking scenarios. One such example is found in Crimson Kid's Maternal Matrimony.

Kindergarten spanking scenarios may appeal to ageplayers whose play age is that of a kindergartner.

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