Kandi Barbour

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Kandi Barbour
Background information
Alias(s): Kandy Barbour, Kandy Berber, Kandi Berber, Kandi Barbeau, Candy Barbour
Born as: Linda Jean Smith
Location: Shawnee, Kansas, USA
Hair color: Brunette
Ethnicity: Caucasian
IMDB #: 0053831
IAFD: Barbour
AFDB #: 7155

Kandi Barbour is best known as an American adult model, a porn star and an exotic dancer.

Barbour was discovered by photographer Diana Hardy in the 1970s, and was featured in many men's magazines through 1975. That year, she performed in her first pornographic film. After appearing in 35 films, she retired from pornography in 1984. As of 2007, two different companies have released compilations of her earlier loop films, indicating ongoing interest in her work over 30 years since her departure from the adult industry.

Notable films featuring Barbour include Sex Boat, The Budding of Brie, Young, Wild and Wonderful, and Sizzle.

Modern Compilations

Like many other Golden Age stars, DVD compilations from a variety of companies have been produced from her 8mm loop work as well as clips from movies not currently available in that format. One, illustrated here, uses clips from Kate and the Indiansand California Gigilo; another marketed by different company uses loops as the main content. Additionally, Blue Vanities has several of her loops on VHS tapes. As with many adult stars, there are unlicensed compilation DVD's available through various auctions sites as well.


Movie Title Distributor Notes Year Formats
Portions of this filmography from http://www.iafd.com
Movie Distributor Notes Year Formats
Assbusters Unknown     DR
Babylon Gold Command Video   1983 V
Behind Closed Doors Unknown      
Best Of Gail Palmer Entartainment World NonSex 1981 VDRO
Blowing Your Mind Unknown   1984  
Blue Vanities 121 Filmfare Video Labs, Inc.   1994  
Blue Vanities 17 Filmfare Video Labs, Inc.   1992  
Blue Vanities 276 Filmfare Video Labs, Inc. IR 1997  
Blue Vanities 37 Filmfare Video Labs, Inc.   1992  
Blue Vanities 63 Filmfare Video Labs, Inc.   1993  
Blue Vanities 65 Filmfare Video Labs, Inc.   1988  
Blue Vanities 84 Filmfare Video Labs, Inc.   1993  
Blue Vanities S-560 Filmfare Video Labs, Inc. LezOnly 1994 V
Bon Appetit Video-X-Pix   1980 VDRO
Budding Of Brie VCA Pictures   1980 VDRO
California Gigolo Entartainment World NonSex 1979 VDRO
Centerfold Fever Video-X-Pix   1981 VDRO
Champ Pleasure   1980  
Champagne For Breakfast Essex Video, Electric Hollywood   1980  
Chopstix VCA Pictures   1979 VDRO
Classic Swedish Erotica 22 Unknown   1986  
Classic Swedish Erotica 27 Unknown   1987  
Classic Swedish Erotica 31 Unknown   1987  
Creme De Femme Adult Video Corporation   1984  
Cumshot Revue 2 Unknown   1985 VDR
Erotic Gold 2 Ventura   1985  
Extremes Caballero Home Video   1981 VDR
F Gourmet Facial 1980 VDR
Forbidden Worlds Gourmet   1988 O
Goodbye Girls CDI Facial 1979  
If You Want Me Come And Get Me Velvet   1983  
Kandi Barbour Collection Alpha Blue Archives Facial 2005 DRO
Kate And The Indians VCX   1979 VDRO
Love-in Arrangement Video-X-Pix   1981 VDRO
Mrs. Rodgers Neighborhood EVN   1989  
Nanci Blue Essex Video, Electric Hollywood   1980  
Neon Nights Command Video   1981 VDRO
Odds And Ends Legend   1978  
Pandora's Mirror Caballero Home Video LezOnly 1981 VDRO
Party 1 Unknown   1979  
Party 2 Unknown   1979  
Pink Ladies VCA Pictures   1980 VDRO
Platinum Paradise Command Video   1980 V
Rolls Royce 1 Unknown   1980  
Samantha Fox Collection Alpha Blue Archives BJOnly 2005 DR
Screwples Caballero Home Video   1980 VDRO
Service Entrance Regal Home Video   1978  
Sex Boat VCX Ltd. Facial 1980 VDRO
Sex Caper Something Weird Video   1980  
Sizzle Video-X-Pix   1980 VD
Small Town Girls Fantasy   1981 VDRO
Starlet Nights X-travision   1982  
Strange Family Gourmet Video Collection   1977 DRO
Stranger In Town Fantasy Video   1978  
Swedish Erotica 14 Caballero Home Video   1981 VDR
Swedish Erotica Hard 2000 Odyssey Group Video   1993  
Sweet Cheeks VCX Ltd.   1980 VDRO
That Lucky Stiff Video-X-Pix Facial 1980 VDRO
Turbo Sex VCA Pictures Facial 1983 VDR
Twilight Pink Arrow Productions   1981 DRO
Ultra Flesh Gourmet NonSex 1980 VDRO
Video Vixens Unknown   1982  
Young Wild And Wonderful VCX Ltd.   1980 VDRO

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