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Jeans fetishism is a sexual fetish relating to jeans or denim, particularly worn by women but also by men. It can also involve printed or electronic material with jeans being worn. There are a number of jeans fetish sites, mostly pornographic in nature.

Jeans fetishism can involve:

  • torn jeans
  • jeans being worn during sex
  • jean skirt
  • jeans shorts
  • denim jacket
  • wet jeans
  • tight fitting jeans
  • Saggy fit jeans on males to reveal under garment
  • erotic spanking of a person wearing jeans
  • being barefoot in jeans

Jeans have been associated with sex since their widespread use in teen culture in the fifties. The reason for jeans fetishism could come from the snugness of jeans on women. Jeans could accentuate some parts of the female form that are considered to be sexual, including, but not limited to, the hips, crotch, buttocks and legs. Being barefoot while wearing jeans suggests sensuality that strengthens the association with sex. This can also apply to men wearing jeans.

Many brands are often associated with sexuality, including Jordache, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bongo Jeans, Calvin Klein, Parasuco, Miss Sixty, Guess? and Seven for all Mankind. Many of these brands use sprightly teenage girls to hype/sell their products, helping to perpetuate the "jeans sexuality".

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