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Jade growing up again is a multi-chapter spanking graphic novel written by RedDragon and drawn by Palcomix. The following section is a stub listing all characters currently in the comic. The comic is set in the year 2473 and is a prequel to Melody's Stories.

Major characters

The primary characters are all recasts of existing cartoon characters. They herald from the shows ' Punky Brewster' and ' Jackie Chan Adventures' with Punky being included as one of the authors favourite shows from their childhood and for continuity as RedDragon had commissioned individual pictures of both Punky and Jade chan prior to the comic. Please note that in the rejuve mythos a penny's parents change each rejuve. As such their last name changes too.

Please note all pennies are currently six years old.

Natalie Marie Cummings

Based on Penelope (Punky) Brewster from the show Punky Brewster. Creative and intrepid from childhood, Punky joined the military and was selected for an infiltration mission into Paridisio. Depicted as being the most responsible of the crew, Punky was in charge of the mission but unknown to her their mission was actually a suicide run as she had been infected with a highly contagious virus.

On ordering her ship to break through the Paridisian border she broke paradisio quarantine procedures, adding the crimes of public endangerment and trespassing and causing her entire crew to be sentenced to judicial rejuvenation. Under paradisio law she was sentenced to between 4 and 8 cycles of childhood, ages 6 to 12 and placed with 'Mr and Mrs' Cummings along with Jade.

Since becoming a Penitatas she has adapted well, often acting as the 'sensible' sister in the Cummings household and reclaiming her love of art class. She and Malcolm have started a romantic entanglement.

Jaydee Christina Cummings (Jaydee)

Based on Jade Chan from Jackie Chan Adventures. Brash and impetuous as a child, she joined Star Fleet in the hope of following in her uncle's footsteps. Depicted as being more childlike than her counterpart, it was Jade who piloted the ship into their space and tried desperately to out maneuver the Paradisio forces. A habitual thief, Jade was known back on the federation for breaking onto farming properties and steeling produce amongst other things and was considered on this mission to be an infiltration officer. On piloting the ship into Paridisian airspace she likewise was infected with a virus by their superiors and was convicted of the same crime with the same sentence as Jaydee - Judicial rejuvenation between 4 and 8 cycles of childhood, ages 6 to 12 and placed with 'Mr and Mrs' Cummings along with Punky.

Since becoming a Penitatas she has slowly adapted but still has trouble with issues of taking things without permission and has sought correction for this behavior.

Anthony Steven Campbell

Based on Paco from Jackie Chan Adventures, the Engineer and technical guy of the mission, It was Paco who attempted to bypass and fool the Paridisian sensors and scanner equipment to assist them in infiltrating the planet, however his attempts were unsuccessful. Like Jade and Punky he was also infected with the virus but unlike them he had a vague understanding of the problem once the Paridiso doctors explained the condition and how the rejuve was the only thing that had saved them. He sentenced the same as Punky and Jade - Judicial rejuvenation between 4 and 8 cycles of childhood, ages 6 to 12. However as he was a boy and first cycle he was placed with 'Mr and Mrs' Campbell.

He did not adapt to life as quickly as Jade and Punky and suffered more for it. He has proven receptive to the advances of Rinnita. He seems to have taken a role of responsibility with his new little brother.

The parents

Personalities of the parents have not been fully explored although their spanking preferences have.

Jennifer Cummings (Mrs)
Jade and Punky's Mother. Based on the character design of Viper from Jackie Chan Adventures
Patrick Cummings (Mr)
Jadee and Punky's court assigned father
Madeline Campbell (Ms)
Anthony's court assigned mother
William Campbell (Mr)
Anthony's court assigned father. and domestic discipline bottom to his wife.
Minor characters
Please note all penny's are currently six years old.

Samantha (Samual) Martin

Modeled visually off of Katie Power of Power Pack; Samantha is a Y repressed Penitatas convicted of the mugging / murder of three people. Y repression literally meaning that they rejuve is made to repress the Y chromosome converting the individual into a female. Once the sentence is over Y repressed penny's have the option of being turned back to male if they desire. Currently on her second cycle of between 3 and 5 cycles, ages six to twelve, Samantha on her first judicial rejuvenation was a foul mouthed swearing brat who made several attempts to escape, trespassing into other peoples properties and therefore recieved the full force of spankings during her first cycle.

During that first cycle Samantha was the Ward of Mr and Ms Cummings and still calls them mum and dad when she encounters them. Still a trouble maker, she has however come to terms with her sentence and has curbed her sharp tongue. At current she is placed with a male Penitatas (Malcolm) under the care of Mr and Ms Martin.

Rinnita Jane Wiley

Unfortunate enough to prove the phrase 'Spanked like a red headed penny' - Rinnita Jane is the Cameo of Palcomix member toyloli and has been stated as having a good combination of her personality and quirks.

It should be noted that the character Rinni was not created for the sole purpose of this comic and the character exists in other forms, in other comics and stories

Rinni the penny is a convicted pedophile (In a society where there are safe alternative for child-lovers that don't involve real children) - Rinnita was charged with sexual interference with a penny in her care. She was sentenced to a minimum of four hard-time cycles - ages 3 to 8 to be followed up with between 3 to 6 cycles of ages 5 to 11. Rinnita is currently in her last official hard-time cycle but the courts have the option to order additional hard-time cycles.

Rinni the penny is a parental child, having rejuved twice voluntarily in the course of studying for a parenting license. Chronologically the oldest of the pennies in the class at approximately 80 years, she often acts like a parent, coming across as a know-it-all and trying to intervene in the jobs of the teachers. Terrible at maths and over talkative she still has a small problem with her attraction to young boys but seams to have control over it, showing appropriate control with her boyfriend, Anthony. She is still an encouragable busybody.

In her last cycle Rinni was the Ward of Mr and Ms Campell and was sister to Steven.

Alexander Richards

Alexander Richards is the cameo of Palcomix member, Roguebfl and was created prior to this comic as an ageplay character for role plays and stories. He is only one of a series of rejuved characters Rogue has written for the Rejuve Universe.

According to Rogue's elaborations; Alexander is a computer specialist. He was a freelance designer who specialized in custom solutions for client's needs. When a large company allegedly stole one of his designs, he sliced into their servers, and played havoc with schedules and logistics, causing them to have appeared to have self published their trade secrets—displaying a vindictive streak. He was convicted of slicing (The Setting term for a hacker) and was sentenced to between six and ten cycles of ages 5 to 11... He is currently on his second cycle.

Highly technically minded, he still retains a lot of his computer skills and has since shown an interest in a legitimate government industry. He is currently depicted as a mostly obedient child but is still restricted in his access to computers due to the nature of his crime. Naturally helpful however he has been known to assist other children with their work and is openly friendly to newcomers.

His plushie is a dragon called Dreamith.

Malcolm Martin

Cameo of Palcomix member Sledge2071, This character was created for the sole purpose of this comic and is the representation of the Gaia avatar of Sledge2071. Convicted of Criminal trespass into a government facility in an attempt to sneak a peek at the first off planet star-ships to visit in centuries, Malcolm is a prodigy of physics and engineering but turned out to be pathetic at infiltration. Caught by the guards soon after entering the compound, he was sentenced to a rather short sentence of between 2 to 4 cycles x ages 6 to 12. Sledge2071 has since elaborated that his character had (rather comically) got stuck in an air duct and once caught was told by presiding Judge Moley: "Young man, when your sentence is through, I would advise you to return to your chosen profession of engineer, for you have absolutely no talent for crime."

Currently the brother of Samantha Martin, he is only in his first cycle and was placed with her on the misgiving that they would modify each others negative personality traits. Instead they bicker constantly and constantly get smacked for it, acting more like a real brother and sister than is common for the majority of Penitatas. In Sledge2071's side stories, the two have occasionally demonstrated some ability to work together (if only to avoid a spanking).

Reclaiming his second childhood has not dulled his mechanical skills however and he has future plans to become an engineer. Still he is not very social, used to bottling up he feelings, but he seems to be coming out his his shell in his relationship with Natalie. His greatest dream is to finally leave his planet and explore the stars.


Additional to the plot are a number of penny cameos who may or may not play bigger roles later. They at least have names.

Steven MxDonald
Believed to be RedDragon's cameo
Raven Darksong
Soft-time penny in the girls class. Convicted smuggler. Cameo of Lady Darksong
A second grade penny (age 7) with Y repression in her third cycle. Was previously a Ward of Mr and Ms Wiley.
  • Their parents
Alison Martin (Mrs)
Samantha and Malcolm's Mother.
Jet Martin (Mr)
Samantha and Malcolm's Father, a Detective and the Top in the relationship (most of the time).
Eri Richards (Mrs)
Alexander's Mother
David Richards (Mr)
Alexander's Father
Masamune (Mune) Wiley (Ms)
Rinni's Mother - Police Woman and a domestic discipline switch.
Johnathan Wiley (Mr)
Rinni's Father - Stock Broker and Stay at home dad.
Anne McDonalds (Mrs)
Steven's court appointed Mother
Joseph McDonalds (Mr)
Steven's court appointed Father
James Skelton
Raven's maternal Grandfather who looks after her when her father is away on missions
  • Important non-penitatas
Melvin 'Nerd Prime' Feinburg
A resident tech expert for Paradiso govt and cameo from the original Melody's Stories, Melvin (Nerd Prime) is a victim of a medical disorder that causes him to be a genius but has the nasty side-effect that it will kill him as he gets older due to neural hemorrhaging.

Even though the technology exists to remove the genetic flaw causing his condition, Melvin has specifically refused said treatment instead rejuving every time he gets above the age of eighteen to that of a 9yo boy - meaning he is now a perpetual medicalos. Essentially a 'child' for the rest of his life, Melvin is still the top scientist working for the government, has won all manner of rewards and earned the respect of every individual on the planet and many colonies for his work decoding and improving the rejuve technology.

Ms. Perskova

The Head Mistress at RedEnsore school for pennies, Ms Perskova is a large and burly woman well known for her ability to terrorize young penitatas. It is said and proven that most Penitatas (even up to grade 3) will pee their pants when lectured by Ms Perskova and even though she does not use the Board of correction, the lecture and having to be handed a fresh pair of undies when leaving her office seems much more efficient.

Ms Fesse

The teacher in charge of all the Penitatas mentioned in this wiki. Loving but firm, she is willing to hug but is strict and a blatant spanko top - seeking options and excuses to deliver earned spankings. As Penitatas are expected to have already gone through schooling she bars no slacking off.


Another cameo of Palcomix Member Toyloli - Kirsty is currently a member of a Paradisian Team investigating into the dealings of the people who sent Jade, Paco and Punky on their suicide mission. She is the infiltration expert on the mission.


Cameo of Palcomix member, Marybell. Working alongside Kirsty, Marybell is an intelligence expert and emergency medic. In the three person team she is also the captain of the ship and team leader. Energetic, attractive and supposedly very good at obtaining information from other women she is shrewd and business-like.


Cameo of Palcomix member 'Loki Darksong' - Loki is supposedly the only cameo who looks in real life anything like his character in the comic. He is the court assigned father of Raven. A technicians expert on the same mission as Marybell and Kirsty, he is the one who determined the exact nature of the 'Federation' plan to wipe out the colonies and worked with Melvin to develop a vaccine.

See also

Jade Growing Up Again (Main article for this comic) Looking For Information We are currently seeking information on other cameos. If you were a cameo in this comic please feel free to post information about your character under the ' Discussion' tab at the top of this page.

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