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Infantilism is specialized subtype of ageplay that covers both paraphilic infantilism (adult babies) and diaper fetishism (diaper lovers), specializing in the roles from infant to toddler. This is also known combined as AB/DL or ABDL (from adult baby/diaper lover).

The majority of infantilists are males, while females are the minority. Estimates range from 10 to 20 males per female AB/DL.

Paraphilic infantilism is also known as autonepiophilia (from Greek autos, self, nepon, infant, and philia, attachment).

What infantilists are looking for in infantilism can be described as a balance between three desires whose intensives varies from person to person. This includes people who fall on an edge or even a point of the triangle with little to no desire for the other aspects. Those near the top of the triangle are often referred to as Diaper lovers, where those near the base are referred to as Adult babies.


Main article: Fetishism

This is the aspect of sexual fetishism regarding objects of babyhood and toddlerhood, in particular diapers, but can also be other objects such as pacifiers or outfits like onesies. It could be simply the wearing of such items that satisfies them, for others the usage of diapers for urination (or in child-like terms a number one) and/or defecation (a number two) is important to fulfill their desire.

Due to the sexualization, they may desire masturbation (extending the childhood names to include it as a number three), this could be achieved either while wearing the diaper though rubbing against the diaper, or as part of a naughty diaper change where they are masturbated under the pretext of applying baby oil to prevent a diaper rash (irritant diaper dermatitis).

Those whose gratification comes from the usage of diapers, can be split again into those who do it for the act, and as such wish to be changed as soon as reasonable, and others who like the feel of wearing a used diaper, and will delay changing as long as they can.

Loss of status and control

Main article: Masochism

This aspect deals with the loss of status referring to the status that comes from maturity and the age of majority for adults, but also even the more limited status achieved by teens (see teen baby). This involves a search for a type of caring, a loss of control, and even the humiliation that comes from the loss of status. With this aspect, infantilists seek to be treated as close to their play age as they reasonably can. The role of the guardian figure (mommy, daddy, nanny, nursemaid) is very important to achieving this, as this loss is a return to a time when the need for such a figure was paramount, and they could not do these things for themselves. They often have to make concessions due to the physical differences between the bio age and their play age:

  • Participating in moves where their guardian would simply pick up a child of their play age.
  • Stronger spankings to achieve the feeling that a light slap would achieve for their play age.
  • Restraints to simulate helplessness.

In the use of diapers in this aspect, it is not the act that achieves the gratification, nor the feel, but rather the act of being changed that is sought.

Change of gender role

Main article: Transvestism

This aspect deals with the change of gender role rather than age role (such as sissy babies). As baby clothing has very strong associations with gender roles, this helps the change of roles. For those that use it as transvestite alter ego, it does not mean that would be intrested in an adult version. For others it is the masochistic demasculinization of being dressed as baby girl that they are after, analogous to non-AB/DL masochists who enjoy being cross-dressed by force.

Infantilism art


Unlike many forms of sexualized art AB/DLs may seek out works showing whom they want to be, as opposed to whom they want to be with. For example, a heterosexual male adult baby may enjoy looking at pictures of men in diapers: he may be imagining himself as the men in the diapers.

ProDom notes

People who enjoy being an "adult baby" derive pleasure because they have given up control to their Mommy.

Activities might include: diaper wearing, suckling, and diaper changing.

If you are thinking about doing this type of session, you should plan ahead. You will need baby oil, clean diapers and a way to wash 'soiled nappies'.

One organization is Diaper Pail Friends a club for adult babies (AB) and diaper lovers (DL) who enjoy diaper fetish, adult diapers, adult baby clothes, plastic pants, infantilism. It was formed from members of BackDrop in the late 1970's.

See also

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