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Independence Ave


What can I say? We took on 7,000 square feet of space so that the South Bay would have a large space to rival San Francisco.

It had 1500 square feet of session space; 2000 feet of open play space; nearly 1000 feet for library and classes; and 1500 of work and office spaces.

Incidents that come to mind and bring smiles.

  • Ruby, Sara, Genevieve, Chloe, Tish and Divina were some of our headliners.
  • 'Arachnophilia' held several parties at Independence. Nearly a hundred Goth revelers, a dozen DJ's. Ah, it's to bad that such youth is wasted on the young.
  • We held a "Bizarre Bazaar" with a dozen vendors.
  • Eric Kroll spent days in our library copying books for inclusion in his book.

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