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This article is titled
Legends of Dominance
by Mistress Michelle Peters et al.
and posted with permission
(All information herein is provided by author)

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Mistress Sabrina Ward

Tampa Bay's Black Widow, Mistress Sabrina Ward
By Herman Nietzche

Danger! her flashing eyes sparked in warning as

Mistress Sabrina Ward, The Black Widow, skillfully applied her rattan cane to a male submissive's quivering bottom. Like the actual arachnid, I felt she was stinging the male into a coma before she would devour him.

The submissive had committed an unforgivable sin and now he was paying for it -- or was he praying for it? How could I tell? Her anger seemed genuine. She had humbled the man verbally with dagger- tongued invectives. She definitely let him know who was in charge.

The music crashed in crescendo with her crop -- or was it the other way around? And with a graceful flourish, she vanquished the penitent to submissive heaven. Happily scourged, he knelt before her and paid homage to her feet.

As we started our interview after this scene, Mistress Sabrina's Black Widow eyes had softened and her severe expression was open and inviting. " Welcome to my parlor, " echoed in the recesses of my mind and I wondered what I was getting myself into by accepting her invitation into her realm. With a deep breath, I began the interview.

Herman: Let's start with some general background information.

Sabrina: What would you like to know?

HN: Age, physical description, education, religion, residence, associations, family life, etc. Or anything you feel is pertinent in letting my readers understand where you are coming from.

SW: I was born, I am living, I will die ... the Earth increases. <grin>

HN: Well, that's not quite what I had in mind.

The Danger! sign sparked in her eyes and I hastily changed the subject.

HN: How long have you been interested in fetish?

SW: I can recall kinky sex fantasies as early as My late teens. I remember having dreams in My pre-teen years of capturing men in business suits and being captured. To the day, I get a thrill when I see an attractive man in a well tailored suit! It's a passion of mine. I love to capture men in nice suits.

HN: What is your fetish forte?

SW: What intrigues Me the most is the psychological aspects of psychodrama role playing. Let's face it ... anyone can spank someone ... tie them up ... It takes a Mistress with intuition, a skill perfected from practice and experience, creativity and patience to really get into a slave's MIND.

HN: Has there been any movie or literature that influenced you?

SW: People have influenced Me more than movies or books. Miss Vicki from Georgia greatly influenced Me in My early career as a dominatrix. I was getting into the scene as she was leaving it and received a few of her slaves. They shared with Me many of her practices and I incorporated them into My sessions. Later, I met Mistress Mia-Joi and Mistress Carla. I have learned much from these women.

HN: Is there any particular music you like to play to?

SW: I have always liked the blues. Gary Moore is a favorite. I love Bonnie Raitt and Melissa Etheridge. Enigma is marvelous for sessions and when I am not feeling so relaxed, I like to get things accelerated with Warren Zevon.

HN: Business or pleasure - what are your feelings about professional dominatrices?

SW: I enjoy B&D and role-playing in my personal life as well as business life. My feeling about professional dominatrices is that we are often misunderstood. There is so much more to what we do than most people realize. We must possess a certain level of intelligence and creativity in order to keep our sessions new and fresh. We must have patience in order for the slave to learn at his level.

There are many women out there who are solely motivated by the money. These women seldom understand the complex nature of the profession they have chosen. They fail to take the time necessary to find out the psychological needs of the slave and are basically just lingerie models dressing up and playing a game.

HN: What should your slaves expect?

SW: Any slave involved with Me can expect to serve an honorable and ethical Mistress. I care about the slaves I train. I am a strong woman with a deep respect for the Lifestyle. I never promise what I can not or will not do. I am a sensualist and all of My scenes reflect that sensuality but I never engage in sexual practices so a slave can expect a safe and lawful encounter.

HN: What are your favorite implements?

SW: My favorite implement is a natural rattan cane. I do not get to use it as often as I would like because it does leave nasty marks with very little effort on My part. I love the way it whistles through the air and the nice dance a slave will do while receiving it! Another favorite of mine is a black flogger made of many strands of thick soft leather, purchased for Me from Zen Whips. I use it often. It's My first choice for a sensual or strict session.

HN: When you are conducting a scene, what are you trying to achieve?

SW: Mutual pleasure!

HN: What are your feelings about safe, sane and consensual?

MS: It's the only way to play.

HN: Pan sexually?

SW: I say to each Her own ... as long as children are not involved and it's mutually consensual.

HN: Before beginning a scene, what specific things do you talk about with a potential submissive?

SW: My first contact with a slave is usually on the phone. I am straight-forward about the fact that it is NON-sexual role playing. I ask the slave questions regarding his experiences and feelings about the D/s scene. At our first meeting, usually at a restaurant or lounge, I question them further and encourage them to ask questions. Once I deem a prospective slave worthy of My time and of the privilege of entering My World he is first taken to My Antechamber to receive instruction in things such as: the use of a code word, the proper slave positions and the basic rules I enforce in My sessions. Only after satisfying Me that he is ready to enter My Inner Domain is he led on his knees to My Dungeon.

HN: How do you determine when a submissive is worthy of your attention:

MS: I look at the way he is dressed and how he conducts himself. Is he a gentleman? Does he have a strong desire to serve Me? Is he attractive? Intelligent? If the answers are yes, then I will allow him opportunity to petition Me for My attention.

HN: When you are in a scene how do you determine when to get harder or softer or to change to another instrument?

While training a slave, I watch for reactions. There are subtle changes in expressions particular to each slave. Also, when I am with a new slave, I will allow them three code words until I feel I know them well enough to determine for Myself their limits. They are green, yellow and red. I will ask for a color every now and then and determine by the answer if I am getting into an area that the slave is emotionally or physically ready to go to. In time, the slave will lose the first two and will only have RED as a code word. Interaction, time and experience with a slave allow Me to get to know the slaves requirements and enticements, sometimes better than they know these things themselves.

HN: Have you always been a top?

SW: My first D/s encounter was with a couple. Mistress Debra would dominate Me and I would assist in dominating Her TV slave Bobra. I will never forget the first time we met. It was My 18th birthday. That 18th birthday party was My first taste of the tutelage I would receive from Mistress Debra. I consider Myself very fortunate to have received such an extensive education at such a young age. Mistress Debra took me under her wing as an apprentice and I enjoyed the lifestyle so much I decided to devote my life to it.

HN: Do you play only with experienced submissives?

MS: I prefer experienced slaves. I get many calls and letters from people who are phonies and are not interested in serious B&D. It's hard to separate the true inexperienced slaves from the phonies. One of the reasons for starting Black Widow Productions was there were and still are many inexperienced people wanting to get into the scene. I wanted to give them a chance to see an artistic performance of a session and get a chance to learn about safety from our seminars. Also, they get an opportunity to meet other Dominas, perhaps one that will take on a novice. Black Widow Productions is My trade show and seminar company. We had a great reception to our first exhibition in November 1994. We featured vendors from the B&D community that were able to connect with consumers of leather and PVC attire as well as restraints, whips, paddles, body jewelry and more.

Sabrina Ward's website - http://www.blackwidowprod.com/
active as of 10/2010

Mistress Jacqueline


We were discussing, "Who influenced You?" Mistress Sabrina Belladonna stated she was influenced by Mistress Jacqueline. I've known Mistress Jacqueline for some time and over the years her and I have gotten to be good friends. Mistress Jacqueline interviewed me for her magazine Power Exchange in issue number 5 and there was a photo of us taken at Mistress Antoinette's New Year's Eve party in the this. Well at the party, I had my girlfriend Margaret with me, when she first saw Mistress Jacqueline her words were , "WHOOOO IS THAT??"

I said, " That's Mistress Jacqueline." And Margaret says, " I'd just die for Mistress Jacqueline!" That was New Years Eve and for months that's all you heard around my house was Mistress Jacqueline. One day I went into her bedroom and she cut photos of her out of B&D magazines and hung them all over her bedroom. So this is all I heard for months , how she would die for Mistress Jacqueline to where it got on my nerves, so one day I told her I think I can arrange you dieing for Mistress Jacqueline! Mistress Michelle ( Photos of her and I posted here in this site under MistJacqueline )

From Attitude Magazine issue no. 5,
The Goddess Dianna Vesta interviewing Mistress Jacqueline

Mistress Jacqueline, how long have you been a professional dominant?

1993 marks my 10th year of being a professional Dom. It's a true celebration for me since they have been very successful years full of growth and fun. To mark the event, I am currently working on a magazine which will commemorate highlights from my career. I'm very excited about this project. I know that anyone who has followed my career will be wanting their own copy of this magazine.

How did you first get involved?

I've been active in the S/M scene all my life, especially in my fantasies. After I divorced my first husband, I went all out on a sexual exploration. When I finally had the guts to answer an S/M ad in a local sex newspaper, I knew that I had come home. I took to the scene like a duck takes to water - the rest is all history.

What things do you enjoy the most personally?

Scene related. Well, I'm very versatile. I really enjoy almost everything - depending on whom I'm playing with. The most important thing is involvement. I love passion and excitement. When there is true commitment to a scene, no matter what it is, I find it personally exciting.

Mood, music, creativity, good costuming, and theatrics all lend itself to the drama I crave.

Talk Shows.

I've been on so many talk shows that I really can't list them all. Particularly when my book came Out, I did a national tour that included every major radio station in the country. Major TV shows include Donahue, Joan Rivers, Sally Jessie Raphael, Sonya Live and Montell Williams. I actually decided to go on shows way before my book came out. I wanted to do these shows because I knew how healing it was for me when I first came out of the closet and admitted my S/M side. I hoped I would be able to reach others like me. From the mail response I feel that I accomplished this. However, studio audiences have traditionally given me a hard time. It seems that the nature of the game is to badger and provoke. Talk shows are by nature very exploitative. I'm glad that I did them but I think there are better ways to reach people. Just recently I turned down Geraldo, Maury Povitch, and Jane Whitney. I'm no longer willing to go on shows with slaves in hoods and be treated like a freak or cartoon character. I have better things to do. Did you know I don't even get paid?

Living in L.A. how do you find the scene there and is it very different from other places?

Well at least there is a scene here and that's better for most parts of the country! My favorite scene place is New York City. In fact my favorite place is NYC - maybe because it's my hometown I like the New York scene because it's wide open and always happening. Whenever I go to New York I'm always at the Vault or Paddles. I love the freedom these clubs exude! The scene in L.A. is reflective of L.A. - showy! It's pretty underground and it gets more uptight every year. However, I'm lucky. I have my circle of friends to party with here and get plenty of activity. The local club, Threshold, is active, but for whatever reasons, they have gotten so rule oriented and have so many regulations when it comes to parties, that I've become very inactive. I'm a true anarchist and it's important for me to always be able to do as I please.

Whips and Kisses

Whips and Kisses is my own personal autobiography. It's mostly about how I got into the scene and about the struggles I had within myself and how I've overcome a lot of the crap I've had to deal with in my family and society. Again, I wrote the book because I truly felt my story could help others like myself. Anyone can order a copy through my 1993 catalog. My address is listed at the bottom of the article.


Yes, I am currently involved in the best relationship of my life. I've waited a long time for this so it's very special to me. What makes this so good is that we are true equals and love each other unconditionally. Of course it is not a "straight" relationship, you're talking to Jacqueline. However, even though we do live stage performances together (he's a rock star), our personal play is done in the bedroom only and what we do there is intimate and private. Because my slaves are never my lovers, this relationship does not intrude on my Mistress/slave activities.


Yes, I am certainly a spanking enthusiast. I am very much a part of the spanking community and will always be. I think spanking is something that is very separate from S/M. The people and the mindset behind it are completely different. I currently run therapy support groups in L.A. and I have separated the spanking group from the S/M group because the issues are not the same. Incidentally, I will be doing a seminar on spanking in various locations throughout the country this fall. Anyone interested should write immediately for a free brochure. This one day workshop will not only provide important information but it will also allow spanking enthusiasts to gather and meet others in their area. It's another project that I'm really excited about doing. I know it will be lots of fun.

Private Sessions

Because I am so busy, I hardly have time to do private sessions. However, ~ do have a fully equipped dungeon and see very special slaves for sessions. I'm very selective but I can generally tell how honest and sincere someone is by the way they write to me. So, I guess the first step is to write to me. Anything of value and quality is worth the pursuit and my slaves will all testify that I'm definitely top notch.

Sessions Style

I am versatile and fluent in all aspects of S/M, fetish, slave training, and corporal punishment. Since I love spanking personally, I give a particularly good discipline session and love to role play. Though my look is leather/rock, I can easily turn myself into a governess or school teacher and administer sound, firm discipline. My dungeon lends itself to all kinds of scenes. I have great bondage hardware as well as facilities for cross dressing scenes. My wardrobe is leather, leather, leather - I love it. Crotch high boots, stiletto heels, latex dresses - S/M fashion will never go out of style as far as I'm concerned.


I totally believe in safe, sane S/M play. As long as a fantasy is between two or more consenting adults it's perfectly O.K. in my book. I wish more people understood that it's not only O.K. to explore fantasies, but it's healthy and healing. Like dreams, S/M play reveals a great deal about one's inner psyche. It's a great outlet to express hidden parts of our personality within a non judgmental environment.

Current Projects

This tenth year of my participation in the scene is bringing about a great deal of change and new projects that I am pursuing. 1993 marks the year of my first complete mail order catalogue. Though I have been selling items through the mail for many years, I now am re-vamping my entire mail order business. I know that everyone will be very pleased with the results. Most exciting, I have a fantastic line of leather items for sale at incredibly affordable prices. Slave Anton from Australia is a skilled leather maker and has designed a complete line of leather bondage equipment. My catalog includes hoods made from quality leather, leather restraints, blindfolds made out of soft, sensual kangaroo fur, leather cuffs, and other unique items. In addition to leather, I carry a complete line of videos and my book `Whips and Kisses' is also included in my catalog. Future projects will be my own Mistress Jacqueline Magazine, nationwide seminars, new video and audio tapes, and products all my fans will just have to have!

The Chief - OBEAH a Secret Society?

Obeah, was practiced in Jamaica and the Islands years ago. It steams from ancient occult powers, underground shamans and people that were into the occult. While Obeah its self was Sercet it was modified by the tribal people who spoke Ashanti from West Africa. The word Obeah is it self a word obscured and clouded, ORIGIN of the word is indeed obscured and clouded in secrecy, it is primarily because Obeah, above, is in itself once very powerful and celebrated SECRET religious Order lost in the mist of time.

I had never heard of the history behind this secrecy of OBEAH. In fact never asked nor really cared. MY association with OBEAH was through S&M Express Newspaper published in the early 70's by Jay & Dianne Hartwell and later taken over by Dave Nesor in the mid 70's. The mission statement as stated by " Chief " Hamilton said , The OBEAH SOCIETY is dedicated to the enrichment and enlightening of adult persons truly interested in interracial adventure. We believe in the beauty between consenting adults. no matter what form it takes! We are not "out to get the honky," nor is the word hate in our vocabulary. ALL unsolicited material such as art, photos or stories must be accompanied with a stamped, self addressed envelope. We reserve the right to refuse or edit any ad. Photos are published free, but at our discretion. You must be 21 or over to subscribe, advertise or answer any ad in this newsletter. We welcome any news that has to do with the swinging world of black and white. Forwarding priviledges are for members only. OBEAH cannot guarantee replies to letters forwarded to other members. We cannot assume any responsibility if you don't like who you meet. We do guarantee all ads are authentic. Remember, only a fraction of our members advertise in any one issue. You increase your capacity for meeting people by placing your own ad. It is mandatory that you answer all your mail! Members who spend time and money to contact you are due the courtesy of a reply. If there is any reason that prevents you from sending your answer to the writer, such as, illegible handwriting, no address, send it to us and we will sea that it is delivered. In the event you are unable to handle your mail due to unforeseen circumstances such as severe illness, being out of town for an extended period of time, etc. Please send us a note. We in turn will notify the writer that an unusual condition exists and to be patient longer than the usual thirty days. ONE JUSTIFIED COMPLAINT AND YOU ARE OUT! !

OBEAH is published by Absolute Productions, box 987, Newark, NJ,
approximately every ninety days.

I attended one or two OBEAH parties in the late 70's and found MANY Black Dominants , black submissives, white submissives, few white Dominants, there was no racism , just people who were having a wonderful time enjoying each others company. I cant remember any type of racism B&D or anything close to that until I got on the internet! But when I went around to promote Obeah Society , for a Yahoo group, I was confronted with a couple people being offended by the original mission statement from Obeah Society that was set up in the early to mid 70's. Someone said they were offended by the word , "honkey" , a term that came from New York and it referred to whites honking and the girls that stood on the corners. Those type of girls were also referred to as a "Beep, Beep Baby," like in the song, a beep, beep baby on 45th st. An area in New York City that was frequented by prostitutes. I was told that they couldn't even say the "h" word, honkey , without being offended. And I was also told I wouldn't want to be called the "n" word. I told them I've been called worse!

They didn't change their feelings towards me until I told them I was white. I left that group and thought it was very sad that we have racism on the net. Still today some think that Obeah has something to do with Black Supremacy , and it doesn't. It was set up so that Blacks AS WELL AS other ethic groups can experience the interracial experience.

--Mistress Michelle Peters

About the Author (Mistress Michelle Peters): Even at early age I had a dominant personality. By 1963 I started looking at the Ridged Bondage Roster (a mimeographed sheet of adds) , Centurians catalog with ads and also a rag sheet put out by Barbara Behr in Chicago.

By 1964 most of the rag sheets had disappeared , in there place B&D magazines. From 1964 to 1975 I answered ads in those magazines and met with people.

In 1975 while working for General Motors a friend of mine, Don Cope (Now married to Mistress Darlene Johnson) suggested that I run an ad in one of those magazines as a professional Mistress to compensate my income. In April of 1975 the first B&D magazine I advertised in was Obey My Command, a Matriarch Publication. In June of 1975 I was the first Mistress in the U.S. to be featured as a photo spread. (Submit vol.1 no.3) From 1975 to 1987 I wrote articles for all the major B&D magazines, Esoteric Press, Matriarch, Mistress Antoinettes Erotic Reflections, B&D Digest, Tonja Volien, Guide Press, Fetish Times (first Mistress in the US to have a phone number in an ad) and many more. I wrote a col for High Society Magazine and for 5 years had my own col. in Corporal Newspaper. In 1977 I appeared in a column in Playboy Magazine and In Feb. and Mar. of 1978 appeared Hustler Magazine. I have done videos for Bizarre Video, Versatile Fashions, Mistress Ann Murray and Corporal video. I have done guest appearances on TV and Radio and have given talks at colleges and universities. I currently live in southern California where I host one of the largest well equipped dungeons in the US.


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