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Ian Fleming

The Spy Who Spanked Me: James Bond and Spanking

by Michael

Anyone who has ever fantasized about James Bond taking Miss Moneypenny over his knee, baring that pert bottom and giving her a good spanking will be amused to learn – if they did not already know – that their fantasies come quite close to the truth.

The Bond movies have never featured spanking. A bit risky for mainstream audiences, presumably. But the same is not true of the original novels. In "Thunderball", James Bond leaves Miss Moneypenny in no doubt what he would like to do to her: 'Any more ticking off from you, Moneypenny, and I will give you such a spanking that you will have to do your typing sitting on a pillow.' Phwoar!

There is an even more intriguing snippet in "From Russia With Love" when the Russian spy who thinks she is going to marry Bond inquires how he will discipline her when she is his wife. 'James, will you beat me if I grow fat?' she asks coquettishly. 'Certainly I will beat you,' Bond replies – conjuring delicious images of Mrs. Bond hopping on the weighing-scales while her husband stands over her with a cane. Women who have ever contemplated combining dieting with spanking, take note!

None of this should come as any surprise to anyone familiar with Bond's creator Ian Fleming, an Old Etonian from what might be called the Golden Age of public-school spankings – the cane, mainly, often administered by prefects, but in the case of Eton, the birch as well, laid on with ritual ferocity by the headmaster in full academic gown.

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Ann Fleming
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Fleming seems to have been very much into spanking, as was his wife Ann, an upper-class woman with racy sexual tastes, whose letters provide tantalizing glimpses into their life together. 'I long to be whipped by you,' she wrote in one letter, and biographers are agreed that Fleming was not reluctant to grant Anne her wishes. 'Fleming's London flat was full of books about flagellation, men and women standing over each other with whips,' writes Andrew Lycett, one of those biographers.

Exact details of who did what to whom are a bit sketchy, for obvious reasons, but one likes to think that, whether the Flemings were in England or Jamaica, where they had a second home, "Goldeneye", the sound of a well-spanked bottom would ring around the house at regular intervals. Here is Lycett again: 'Those who were lucky enough to visit Goldeneye could never understand how the Flemings went through so many wet towels. But those sodden towels were needed, literally, to cool their fiery partnership, used to relieve the stinging of the whips, slippers and hairbrushes the pair beat each with, as well as to cover up the weals Ian made on Ann's skin during their fiery bouts of love-making.'

Were the spankings always consensual? Or was Fleming a brutal wife-beater who sometimes overstepped the mark? As the couple have taken their secrets to the grave with them, we will never know. But it seems reasonably clear that, as with as many couples, spanking provided some spice in the Fleming bedroom – a detail not wasted on the makers of Fleming, a recent four-part biopic on "Sky Atlantic".

Dominic Cooper played the dominant Fleming, while the part of the submissive Ann went to Lara Pulver, last seen as a naked dominatrix flirting outrageously with Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC's "Sherlock". Here Pulver was very much on the receiving end, and loving it. The pivotal scene – not very convincing, it has to be said, these scenes are virtually impossible to pull off on the small screen – was the one in which, after a heavy flirtation, Fleming and Ann consummated their relationship. They basically had a blazing row, at the end of which Fleming took off his belt, thrashed Ann on the bare bottom and then sodomized her, with Ann moaning with pleasure throughout.

Feminists would be quick to denounce the scene as a depraved male fantasy, but they would be wrong. If it was a fantasy, it was a depraved female fantasy, lifted straight out of one of Ann's letters: 'I long for you to whip me because I love being hurt by you and kissed afterwards. It's very lonely not to be beaten and shouted at every five minutes.'

Anyone who has taken the trouble to get to know more about Ian Fleming will never think about James Bond in quite the same way again. Forget the Aston Martin-driving, vodka martini-swilling secret agent saving the world from nuclear annihilation: this red-blooded English male wanted nothing more than to find a pretty woman willing to act as an accomplice in his steamy spanking games. Perhaps the title of the next Bond movie should be "Spank and Let Spank"?


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