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The (whole) contents of one page can be placed onto another page via a process called Transclusion (comparable to calling a subroutine). If a page is specially intended for this purpose it is called a template.

Expansion is at page view time unless substitution is applied, in which case the expanded wikitext is saved. The wikitext for the parameter name is expanded, further see the parameter section.


The template namespace is the namespace with prefix "Template:" A page in this namespace is called a template. The contents of such a page (either fixed or depending on parameters and/or variables) is designed to be useful for insertion in other pages (transclusion, creating a compound document).

The syntax for insertion of the page "Template:name" is {{name}}. This is called a template tag, and comprises two instances of the "brace" at either side of the template page name, excluding the "Template:" prefix.

Also see the page [ Templates ]


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