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Information from Mistress Michelle Library

Hell Fire West was opened by Sir Michael of Detroit in the early 80's. It was located at 7536 East 7 Mile Rd., Detroit , Michigan. It is now closed and was open for only a few years. Many Master's , Mistress's and slaves walked through those doors. Mistress Pleasure, Mistress Destiny, Mistress Shalimar, Mistress Michelle, Lord Michael, slave venessa, crazy joe, pooch and many more. Corporal would hold its parties there, Noir Leather got its start there.

For the those who walked on its stage and for those who remember Hell Fire!!


1) Club facilties included: private rooms , S/M and X-rated movies, and complete S/M and B/D equipment . Also , now open is a special couples only section. For complete information call 313 369-2633 during club hours.

2) In addition to featured events, the club is open WED. through Sat. from 9:00 to the wee hours. Three month membership fee is $25.00 for men and couples and $10.00 for ladies. Membership entilies members unlimited visits for a small donation.

3) Come one, come all in the midwest. Where is the this place you ask? Its the Hellfire Club in Detroit, home of S/M and the midwest Corporal parties.

4) Corporal parties are held approximately every six weeks. Each party is a celebration of a different event. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HellFireWest


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