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The Hayward Clubhouse
In May of 1974, we moved to Santa Clara Street in Hayward. (Shortly after moving in, we painted the house gray with white trim.) We started with the old (1800's old!) four bedroom house on the left. The place had been condemned by the city, and we had to literally remove 'Condemned' stickers and tape from the front door. After a few weeks of rebuilding the plumbing and replacing the stairs from the ground to second floor.
A short time after we took over the two bedroom house next door to the right. I have always has a really special place for the Hayward facility because it actually felt like a clubhouse. It was not uncommon to find people just sitting around and playing chess in the living room.
Some of the people on staff included Mistress Monique, Mistress Lana, English Kitty, Steppi, Sarona and Devora.
People who bring smiles to my face: John and Alice; Jay, Kay and Rae; Bill B. and a lot of other really nice people.

Incidents that come to mind and bring smiles.

  • Mistress Lana REALLY enjoyed giving enemas, and she enjoyed using very hot and very cold water in the same enema even more. One afternoon, I get a call that the drains had clogged up again, which they did on a pretty regular basis. I hooked up the adapter to the end of the garden hose and began feeding it through the bathroom window. Suddenly a whole series of screams came from the bathroom. How was I to know that Lana had a client in the bathroom? He saw the hose coming through the window and he thought.....
  • We rented a house boat on the Sacramento River Delta for a week, and about a dozen of us go to the river for a weekend. The first evening we had dinner aboard with 'the slaves' cooking and cleaning for us. The following morning, I go to the Galley to make coffee and find the galley trashed. We decide that we will handcuff the slaves to the rail, issue oars and have them row the houseboat along as the Masters and Mistresses clean the galley.
John was grousing about how he was a pleasure slave and not a 'work slave'. After several minutes of complaining, Candy (my slave) says, "Actually this isn't too bad. At least "He" doesn't want to water ski!" Ah, yes, humor in the face of adversity!
  • We had one couple who came to our parties who would attend our parties. He would always stress the fact that he was a "DOMINANT', while she showed her submissive side. After a few weeks, they both started coming to the club for professional sessions, but with a twist. He was sub and she was Dom in pro sessions. One afternoon, they were both in the house, but in different rooms. He was sub, she was Dom. I thought that it would be a lot of fun to put a hood on him and put him in a room with her to play with. Ah, but then, we must have ethics, don't we. <G>
Macho Magazine, August 1977

It was the series of interviews in Fling and Macho magazines that were the seeds and dirt for Jay Wiseman's "SM-101". Click here to read the Robin's Nest article in its entirety.

The picture is of Arv Miller of Relim Publications (left) and Robin.

Ray Engel's Party, Los Angeles

Several of us went to a party in Los Angeles. Candy would bet people they couldn't tie her up and hand them two hundred feet of rope. Although she was a contortionist, she would stand there and smile while they would slather her with rope. At some point, she would ask if they were done. When they said yes, she would just wriggle and all the rope would fall off her body and land her feet.

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  • Several magazines and newspapers did articles on the club in Hayward. It was becoming camp to be involved in BDSM and "inquiring minds wanted to know". I'll never forget the smile on Marvin's face while doing an article for Fetish Times. He was supposed to 'stop by and visit', check us out and write it up. The article when finally published was titled, "Three Days with a Master" #10 circa 1974 .
(So much for 'just stopping by', Marvin!)
  • We had one of those when were working a late night. We had gone to Ricky's for dinner. There was only one other couple in the restaurant, and when they left, I thought it would be fun to play a trick on our host. I had 'the girls' massaging my shoulders, hands and feet when the guy came back looking for his glasses. Oh the look on his face was truly priceless.
  • Several of our members liked the idea of having Mistress/slave parties and rituals without having any Dom Males around. Bill, Sarona, Frank, Devora and Sonja spun off and became 'The Service of Mankind Church'
  • Alex De Renzy produced and directed the film "Femmes De Sade". Robin was the bondage rigger, many of the staff were extras in the film, and most of the bondage equipment used in the film were "borrowed" from the Hayward clubhouse session rooms.
  • We were holding about thirty events per month. We held dinner parties at The Loft; Prime Rib Inn; and 'The Farm Hose'. We also held regular social meetings at the 'Red Cape Inn".
  • We held a Halloween Party at the UAW Union Hall in Union City with 400 guests. We also invited each and every club and store in the Bay Area to put up a booth. When the band took a break, we invited each group to come on stage and explain who they were.
  • About twenty of us went to the University Theater in Berkeley to see the premier of The Story of O. The guys in black suits, the ladies in long velvet, medieval gowns and chained wrists. The joy of watching the audience as we left the theater will always be a high point in my life. Review Histoire d'O   at the Internet Movie Database

  • Joanne M, Leora W and a large number of other names who were bondage models, BackDrop Staff, and really good friends.

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