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The following is a list of magazines produced by Harmony Communications

15 Hours Of Bondage

15 Hours Of Bondage #1 (Jan 1984) 
Illustrated reviews of videocassette bondage programs starring Sally Roberts & Friends! Complete bondage video descriptions. The first 15 Sally Roberts videos reviewed by "Atreus". Judith Wilson, Susan Blair, Toni Angetelli. Reviews for AH-1 to AH-15
15 Hours Of Bondage #2 (May 1984) 

Same as Volume one for Videos AH-16 to AH-30

5 Girls In Bondage

5 Girls In Bondage #1 (1984) 
Lingerie and topless bondage! Judith Wilson, Teri Martine, Kim Stratton, Tanya Page and Kandy Lane - Photos by Mark Mar.
5 Girls In Bondage #2 (1984) 
Tanya Page, Kandy Lane, Judith Wilson, Teri Martine and Kim Stratton. Photos by Mark Mar.
5 Girls In Bondage #3 (1984) 
Featuring Laurel Blake, co-starring Judith Wilson, Teri Martine, Tanya Page and Robyn Michaels. Conceived & Photographed by Mark Mar. More than 100 photos of gorgeous "Damsls in Distress" dressed, bound & gagged
5 Girls In Bondage #4 (1984) 
Featuring Laurel Blake. Co-starring Teri Martine, Tanya Page, Kandy Lane, Robyn Michaels. Secial bonus guest Judith Wilson. Lingerie, topless, costume & nude bondaging. Photos by Mark Mar.

Aaron James

Aaron James' Bondage Footnotes. #1 (1997) 
Celine Deavoux, Angella Faith, Amber Ellan, Anne Fargo & Tori Sinclair.

Adventures Of Lady Caroline

Adventures Of Lady Caroline Part 1. (1988) 
An English gothic tale of intrigue and bondage by Warwick.

Amateur Bondage

Amateur Bondage #1 (1985)  
Authentic private bondages & gaggages starring beautiful Cynthia Melrose in 18 personal poses by Hanby Downs.
Amateur Bondage #2 (1985)  
Pretty bondages & gaggages for & by 'love bondagers' only, featuring private bondage photos by Hanby Downs.
Amateur Bondage #3 (1985)  
More of the magic of Hanby Downs, with Cynthia Melrose and Bonnie Bondrite.
Amateur Bondage #5 (1986)  
Bonnie Bondrite, Cynthia Melrose, Nancy Watts and some of girls in a gaggle of good ol' down home tight love bondages by southerly bondager Hanby Downs.
Amateur Bondage #6 (1986)  
Indoor and outdoors lingerie and street wear bondage Photos by Hanby Downs Taken circa 1971 - 1976.
Amateur Bondage #7 (1986)  
Photos by Hanby Downs for & by 'love bondagers' only!

Ashley Renee

Ashley's Bondage Portfolio #1 (1992)
Ashley Rene in 6 pictorials taken by Christine Imboch. Fine. $20.00

Beauties In Lingerie Bondage

Beauties In Lingerie Bondage #1 (1979) 
Distressed damsels Angelina Ferrar, Jane Thomas, Jody Burns, Shannon Hale, Teri Davis, Anna Neider and Annie Harris.
Beauties In Lingerie Bondage #2 (1980) 
Candy Austin, Cody Nicole, Michelle Page, Wanda Baker, Stephanie Strand & Sofia Riga.
Beauties In Lingerie Bondage #3 (1981) 
Jennifer West, Dawn Chauvain, Laurel Blake, Lonnie Sanders, Dixie South, Michelle Bauer as Pia Sands, Cody Nichole & Sofia Riga.

Beauties In Nude Bondage

Beauties In Nude Bondage. #3 (1981) 
Nine beautiful women in 12 bondage situations. Juliet Maitland, Laurel Blake, Lonnie Sanders, Gretel Vaughn & Betty Lange.

Beautiful Bondage Scenes

Bondage Adventures

Bondage Buyers Guide

Bondage By Brody

Bondage By Brody. #2 (1983) 
'Brody presents his lovely ladies bound especially for those who love foot bondage.'
Bondage By Brody. #5 (1983) 
Luscious ladies in leggy bondage! Beautiful-footed bound beauties in new photo-scenes by Brody.
Bondage By Brody. #6 (1986) 
Especially for foot-bondage fanciers! Lovely-footed ladies beautifully bondaged with the Brody touch!
Bondage By Brody. #7 (1987) 
'Brody presents his lovely ladies bound especially for those who love foot bondage.'
Bondage By Brody. #8 (1988) 
All-new photo-scenes of lovely ladies bound and gagged especially for foot-bondage fanciers. Illustrations by Saudelli.
Bondage By Brody. #9 (1988) 
'Brody presents his lovely ladies bound especially for those who love foot bondage.' Tiana Cambridge, Marilyn Dowling. 5 foot bondage illustrations by Franco Saudelli.

Bondage Days Gone By

Bondage Days Gone By. #1 (1987) 
Private, unpublished color and B&W bondage photographs from the mid-seventies by a husband & wife camera team.

Bondage Fantasies

Bondage Gallery

Bondage Girls, The

The Bondage Girls #1 (1982) 
Cody Nichole and Libby Curtis photographed by Mark Mar

Bondage In Chicago

Bondage In Chicago. #1 (1985) 
(formerly "5 Girls in Bondage") : Special women in special costume bondage! Featuring Laurel Blake, and Tanya Page, Kandy Lane, Teri Martine,& Robyn Michaels. Color center-spread with Sally Roberts photographed by Mark Mar.

Bondage Life

Bondage Memories

Bondage Memories. #1 (1978) 
Digest format. This first issue of this title Concentrates largely on the DA series which was submitted to Irving Klaw by an anonymous amatuer photographer.
Bondage Memories. #2 (1979) 
Digest format. A collection of Irving Klaw professional and amateur bondage photos.
Bondage Memories. #3 (1979) 
Digest format. 3rd collection of Irving Klaw profesional and amateur bondage photos.

Bondage Models, The

The Bondage Models #1 (1981) 
A melodramatic bondage fashion fantasy with Jennifer West, Laurel Blake, Candy Austin and Cody Nichole. Plus these other great features: New Brian Sands bondage fiction (Held to Ransom) : , Nurse in bondage photo sequence, Cody Nicole and friend in John Willie style bondage.

Bondage Moods By 'Sir Frank'

Bondage Moods By 'Sir Frank'. #1 (1985) 
'Ginger Jackson and Brandi captivated in beautiful love bondages by a brilliant new bondsman.'
Bondage Moods By 'Sir Frank'. #2 (1985) 
Beautiful women captured photographically in beautiful bondage. Color and black & white photos by a superb bond and gagsman.'

Bondage Nudes

Bondage Nudes. #1 (1979) 
A quintet of Beautiful damsels in distress bound, gagged and unclothed. Jody Burns, Angelina Ferrar, Joyce Thomas, Becca Savage & Elizabeth Hunter.
Bondage Nudes. #2 (1980) 
Introducing new bondage starlets Juliet Maitland, Jana Sanders, Kelly Winston, Dianne Jagger. Plus veteran bound beauties Michelle Page and Libby Curtis. Special nude bondage with bathing cap photos section.
Bondage Nudes. #3 (1980) 
10 deliciously bound beauties including Joanne Link, Gretel Vaughn, Sofia Riga, Dixie South, Susan Culver, Stephanie Strand, Jana Sanders & Wanda Parker.
Bondage Nudes. #4 (1981) 
Laurel Blake, Sofia Riga, Rita Gilbert, Angelina Ferrar, Betty Lange, Gretel Vaughn and a special bathing cap bondage section.
Bondage Nudes. #5 (1982) 
Starring Lonnie Sanders, Pia Sands, Candy Austin. With new bound beauties Susanne Bavardent, Toni Angetelli, Winona Sturgeon, Keri Standard & Holly Elston.

Bondage Parade

Bondage People

Bondage People. #1 (1989) 
The voice of the bondage community. Cover-to-cover photos & letters from real-life bondage enthusiasts worldwide.
Bondage People. #2 (1989) 
The heart of the bondage community. All-photo issue: fetish lovers. Featuring J.R. of Ohio \'s photos of Lady Boots in Various fetish attire. Sara Foster Tate in several different fetish wears including full body rubber suit.
Bondage People. #3 (1992) 
Personal photos, art & stories from home bondage lovers.
Bondage People. #4 (1993) 
Darla Crane & Japanese model Miki.
Bondage People. #5 (2000) 
Reader submitted photos, including some of Sarah Foster Tate.

Bondage Photo Treasures

Bondage Pleasures

Bondage Pleasures. #1 (1981) 
Bondage Turnabout starring Cody Nicole & Candy Austin. Gwen Dee, Michelle Page, Joanne Link. Bondage fiction: "Alicia's Revenge" by Ars Slava and the Final Chapter of "Leslie

Bondage Premiere

Bondage Premiere. #1 (1990) 
Tina Lafleur, Debbie Cook, Rebecca Saber, Raven Cole & Teri Rose in their first Harmony sessions.

Bondage Previews.

Bondage Previews. #1 (1990) 
Video previews. Betsy Demont, Whitney Prescott, Jeanette Bernadine, Lorraine Vanowen, Linda Knight, Nichole Thomas, Elise Di Medici, Ashley Rene, Allison Brach, Laura Lee & Kiri Kelly.
Bondage Previews. #2 (1990) 
Video previews with Cassie Dark, Ashley Rene, Whitney Prescott, Abby Nash, Laura Lee, Betsy Demont, Kiri Kelly, Laurel Blake, Sharon Beacon, Olivia Chase, Rochelle Young, Monique Lamont & Tiana Cambridge.
Bondage Previews. #3 (1991) 
Video previews with Darla Crane, Catharine Beaumont, Nichole Thomas, Ona Zee, Elise, Angie, Monique Lamont, Holly Craft & Teri Rose.
Bondage Previews. #4 (1992) 
Video previews with Tanja Wilder, Sheena Loveland, Jessica Hunter, Rebecca Saber, Asuka Shimizu, Jennifer, Marita, Vanessa, Darla Crane, Whitney Prescott, Valerie Vanowen, April Collins and Molly Malone.

Bondage Romance

Bondage Romance. #1 (1987) 
Sensuality, adventure, and whimsey - bondage fantasies by Jaydee. Debra Lee, Simone Devon & Kiri Kelly.
Bondage Romance. #2 (1987) 
Fantasies in ropes and gag - Kiri Kelly is caught in the web of Jaydee's vivid imagination.
Bondage Romance. #3 (1987) 
Jaydee explores the beauty, the fantasy, the romantic imagery of bondage. Debra Lee, Marilyn Dowling, Simone Devon & Kiri Kelly.

Bondage Story

Bondage Story. 1/1 (1978) 
An illustrated tale of lovely bondage - A black and white photo-fiction in the 1950's style of Klaw and Willie.

Bound Beauties of Harmony

Boxholder In Bondage

Buxom Bondagettes

Cheryl Rothman In Bondage

Cheryl Rothman In Bondage. #1 (1979) 
The first in a series devoted to Cleveland bondage beauty Cheryl Rothman. Over 150 photos from her personal collection.
Cheryl Rothman In Bondage. #2 (1979) 
The second in a series devoted to Cleveland bondage beauty Cheryl Rothman. Over 100 photos from the personal files of a practicing bondage enthusiast.
Cheryl Rothman In Bondage. #3 (1980) 
The third in a series devoted to Cleveland bondage beauty Cheryl Rothman. From the personal collection.
Cheryl Rothman In Bondage. #4 (1980) 
Fourth in the series devoted to bondage beauty Cheryl Rothman. More than 100 stunning photos from the private file of an authentic damsel in distress.

Dawn Chauvain

Dawn Chauvain Bondage Photo Book. #1 (1979) 
A bondage beauty in a classical selection of new & original studies.

Dominic Wolfe

Dominic Wolfe's Damsels In Love Bondage. #1 (1997) 
Brook Evans, Souxie Sue, Cheyenne, Marti, Maricela, Fiona & Heather.
Dominic Wolfe's Damsels In Love Bondage. #2 (1997) 
Eve Ellis, Angel Carlyle, Vanessa Van Buren, Minorka, Victoria & Heather, Destiny & Brook Evans.
Dominic Wolfe's Damsels In Love Bondage. #3 (1998) 
Cheyenne Tyler, Michelle Langley, Kristen, Barbara, Vanessa Van Buren, Angel Carlyle, Eve Ellis, Minorka, Christina & Destiny.
Dominic Wolfe's Damsels In Love Bondage. #4 (1998) 
Angel Carlyle, Mistress Eva, Yolanda, Minorka, Andrea Neal, Alissa Anderson, Taylor Michaels, Eve Ellis, Yolanda & Barbara.
Dominic Wolfe's Damsels In Love Bondage. #5 (1999) 
Stacy Burke, Karie Almond, Cleo Nichole, Minorka, Renee Myers, Kay Johnson, Barbara, Michelle Langley, Andrea Neal and Natasha.

Dominion Street

Dominion Street. #1 (1997) 
The art of bondage erotica. Gigi LeFleur, Star Chandler, Catalina L'Amour, Sharon Kane, Devin Demoore, Summer Knight, Angella Faith, Randi StormNacy Vee, Tasha Welsh and Chelsea Blue.


  • Fetishette (1994 - 2000) {with magazine cover gallery}

Heather Irons

Heather Irons - Bondagette In Love. #1 (1985) 
Photos from the amateur videos of a bondagette in love.
Heather Irons - Bondagette In Love. #2 (1986) 
Damsel in distress photos of a superbly built "love bondager".
Heather Irons - Bondagette In Love. #3 (1986) 
Photos of an authentic "love bondager" tied and gagged in high heels, boots and bare feet!

Heidi Kester

Heidi Kester Bondage Photo Album. #2 (1979) 
More thrilling 'damsel in distress' photos of the beautiful & breathtakingly bound & gagged Heidi Kester.


Holly Learns The Ropes. #1 (1982) 
Initiating a pretty girl into the pleasures of bondage. Starring Holly Summers (born for bondage!) : and Maria Tortuga (guest instructress!) : .
Holly Learns The Ropes. #2 (1983) 
A pretty girl continues to undergo the pleasures of bondage. Starring Holly Summers with Cody Nicole, guest instructress.
Holly Learns The Ropes. #3 (1983) 
Starring Holly Summers (born for bondage) : and Laurel Blake(she was born for bondage too) : . More bondage photos of the adorable Holly Summers.
Holly Learns The Ropes. #4 (1983) 
More days in the life of stunning Holly Summers, damsel-in-distress to the world.

Home Bondage Scenes

Home Bondage Scenes. #1 (1993) 
Photos from home-produced videos

Irving Klaw

Irving Klaw. #1 (1976) 
Volume one in this series. Photographs from the golden age of bondage, covering Irving Klaw's prolific output from 1948-1963. Paula Klaw interviewed. The first commercial bondage photograph, John Willie's wife in bondage, Klaw's all time best-selling bondage picture and bondage portraits of the housewives and sweethearts who posed for amateur bondage pictures. Several Bettie Page photos.
Irving Klaw. #2 (1977) 
More than 200 out-of-print bondage photos. Starring Bettie Page, Lois Meriden, Shirley Maitland, Cocoa Brown, Joan Rydell & other principal performers of the Klaw stock company of resident bondage lasses. With Natalie Kay, Dell Hunter, Judy Young & other amateur housewife and girlfriend models who got themselves into a bind for love. Special John Willie section: 'Photos from "Bizarre" magazine & a vintage 73 photo sequence of 2 booted, breeched & bound lovelies
Irving Klaw. #3 (1977) 
More than 200 authentic Irving Klaw "Damsels in Distress" photos from the golden age of bondage. With Bettie Page, Shirley Maitland, Cocoa Brown, Lois Meriden, Shirley Levitt, Natalie Kay, Dell Hunter and Klaw's other bondage immortals.
Irving Klaw. #4 (1978) 
More than 200 photos from the golden age of Bondage (1947 - 1963) : . Cocoa Brown, Bettie Henderson, Kelly Harris, June King, Bettie Henderson, Paula Uhzan, Bettie Page, Gloria Pall, Suzanne Sands, Dolores DuVaughn, Lili Dawn and Peggy Purdy.
Irving Klaw. #5 (1978) 
Bettie Page, Shirley Levitt, Kevin Daley, June King, Lois Meriden, Louise Genner, Vicky Hayes, Shirley Maitland, Jane Neal, Patty Neal & more Klaw damsels in distress.
Irving Klaw #6 (1982) 
1948-1952 with Chris Triplett, Kevin Daley, Shirley Levitt, Sofia Riga, Lois Meriden, Cocoa Brown, Eve Rydell, Chris Kirnan, Shirley Maitland, Lili Dawn & more from the Irving Klaw archives.

Jamm Productions

Jamm Productions
A Bondage Pictorial. #1 (1987) : Bondage in the tradition of Irving Klaw. Brenda Brown, Suzie Green, Dixie Lee, Debbie Dee, Teresa Lang, Bobbie Linn, Brenda Starr and Rose.
Jamm Productions
A Bondage Pictorial. #2 (1988) : Bondage in the tradition of Irving Klaw. Theresa Lake, Brenda Lynn/Linn, Brenda Starr, Paris Beeche and Debbie Dee.

Jane Johnson

Jane Johnson -Feminine Restraint Portfolio. #1 (1983) 
Dramatic "damsels in distress" photos from the files of a bondage & restraint enthusiast.

Jay Edwards

Jay Edwards' Bondage Profiles. #5 (1991) 
Beautiful women brilliantly bondaged! Whitney Prescott, Tory Sinclair, Linda Knight, Christie, Jennifer, Gianna and Vanessa.
Jay Edwards' Bondage Profiles. #6 (1993) 
Becky, Erin, Rachel, Corina, Tory Sinclair & Jennifer

Jennifer West

Jennifer West Bondage Photo Book. #1 (1979) 
The queen of bondage at her bound and gagged prettiest. Superbly photographed in stringent bondage
Jennifer West Bondage Photo Book. #2 (1979) 
Once again, this incomparable queen of bondage is fabulously fettered in breathtaking bondage studies to be treasured forever. A beautiful woman, wonderfully bound and gagged and superbly photographed.
Jennifer West & Heidi Kester In Bondage Reunion. (1980) 
All lingerie bondage in photo storyline form. Starring Jennifer West and Heidi Kester, plus an additional feature starring Sofia Riga & Gwen Dee.
Long Day's Bondage For Jennifer. (1979) 
Beautiful bondage star Jennifer West ensnared in bound & gagged isolation by the merciless Heidi Kester.

John Willie

John Willie 1979 Bondage Calendar. (1978) 
17 B/W Willie photos. Spiral bound cardstock. A rare piece of Willie ephemera.
John Willie. #3 (1978) 
Rare unpublished photographs by the master.
John Willie Bondage Photo Book. #1 (1978) 
160 classic damsels in distress photographs taken by the most famous bondage artist of all time
John Willie Bondage Photo Book. #2 (1978) 
175 rare out-of-print bondage photographs taken by the greatest bondage artist of all time, including the complete sequence of "The Date" (a Willie photo serial) : .
John Willie Portfolio. #1 (1987) 
Rare photos and unpublished correspondence by the pre-eminent bondage photographer of our time. Edited and introduced by Carl McGuire.
John Willie's Women In Bondage. #1 (1993) 
Includes the complete photo serial "The Lazy Room-mate'".

Judith Wilson

Judith Wilson Bondage Photo Book. #4 (1982) 
The fourth in the series. More than 100 all-new photos of the most beloved private bondage model of the 1980s! Photographed by Mark Mar.

Ladies In Barefoot Bondage

Ladies In Barefoot Bondage. #1 (1994) 
Tatiana Varga, Julia Leahy, Summer Knight, Danielle Ashe, Kristine Imboch & Whitney.
Ladies In Barefoot Bondage. #2 (1995) 
Whitney Prescott, Francesca Lee, Isadora Rhodes, Morgan Phoenix, Catharine Beaumont, Tatiana Varga & Tory Sinclair.
Ladies In Barefoot Bondage. #3 (1995) 
Tory Sinclair, Kathy Argento, Danielle Ashe, Bambi Newberry, Ariele Cole, Rachel Kane, Chaz Vincent & Taylor St. Clair.
Ladies In Barefoot Bondage. #5 (1996) 
Cindy Ashton, Desiree Marceau, Erin Kay, Giga Varga, Ariele Cole, Vanessa Catlett, Sadie Atkins & Vanessa DeMorella.
Ladies In Barefoot Bondage. #6 (1997) 
Heidi Lynn, Brenda Dubois, Olivia Chase, Dorothy Laine, Vanessa Catlett, Whitney Prescott, Cindy Ashton & Sylja Kuryakin.

Ladies In Restraint

Ladies In Restraint. #1 (1985) 
Ice and fire- bondage studies of Laurel Blake & Maria Tortuga by Carl McGuire.
Ladies In Restraint. #2 (1986) 
Bondage studies by Carl McGuire. Simone Devon, Crystal Breeze & Maria Tortuga.
Ladies In Restraint. #3 (1988) 
Bondage studies by Carl McGuire featuring Tiana Cambridge, Crystal Breeze & Maria Tortuga.

Lady Leah

Lady Leah In Love Bondage. #1 (1998) 
Lady Leah as photographed by L. T.

Laurel Blake

Laurel Blake By Mark Mar. #3 (1986) 
The number one bondage model in the world in all new poses by Mark Mar.

Leather & Bondage

Leather & Bondage. 1/1 (2001) 
Brandy's sexy torment, Whitney's wild date and the steel enslavemant of Jewell Marceau.

Lessons In Restraint

Lessons In Restraint. #1 (1989) 
A story of bondage play, affection & intimacy. With Allison Brach & Jessica Hunter.

Love Bondage

Love Bondage. #1 (1990) 
Darla Crane, Whitney Prescott, Kiri Kelly & Monika.
Love Bondage. #2 (1990) 
Dusty Flynn, Betsy Demont & Toshiko.
Love Bondage. #3 (1991) 
Sheena Loveland, Avalon Easton, Willow & Darla Crane.
Love Bondage Scrapbook. #1 (1996) 
Patricia Kennedy, Angella Faith, Misty Lang, Kristen Gilmour, Annabell Dayne, Misty Hammond, Darla Crane, Star Chandler, Tiffany Storm and Ronnie Avignonne.

Lydia Carlson

Lydia Carlson In Bondage. #1 (1983) 
Sensational bondee from AB video's "Private Lessons'" video program! More than 100 black and white bondage photos of a real damsel in distress.

Males In Love Bondage

Males In Love Bondage. #1 (1996) 
Why now, why this? Traditionally, Love Bondage literature has clung to attractive females bound as part of a romance fantasy...but maybe...some women would enjoy the seldom celebrated sight." Males bound by gals in lingerie with lots of forced feminization.
Males In Love Bondage. #2 (1997) 
Reader submitted and shot -on-video-site photos. Includes forced feminization and Darla Crane tying up Calvin Austin in yarn.
Males In Love Bondage. #3 (1997) 
Shot -on-video-site photos. With Eve Ellis tying Jean Juneau and Kelly Ashton and Allison Brach tying James Cutler.

Masters Of Bondage

Masters Of Bondage. #1 (1995) 
Stills from videos available through Harmony Communications. Shots from works by Jay Edwards, Victor Ballen and Bryan Davis.
Masters Of Bondage. #2 (1995) 
Scenes from bondage masters Bryan Davis, Jay Edwards & Victor Ballen. Includes "Sensational Situations", "Pleasurably Bound", "All Ropes on Deck!" and "The Gardener".
Masters Of Bondage. #3 (1996) 
Bondage Masters Bryan Davis & Victor Ballen. With Ariele Cole, Angella Faith & Wendie Miller.

Michelle Page

Michelle Page Bondage Photo Book. #1 (1980) 
A gorgeous new model in beautiful lingerie bondage.


Monika. #1 (1986) 
1975 - 1986: A Decade in Bondage. Personal comments & photos from the private collection of a West German bondagette!
Monika. #2 (1987) 
From the private files of a West German bondage frau!
Monika. #3 (1988) 
Personal and candid photos and accounts of love bondage from West German bondage lovers Monika & Olaf.

Nude Bondage

Nude Bondage Fantasies. #1 (1981) 
The exquisite nude bondage fantasies of Laurel Blake, Candy Austin & Lee Swenson.
Nude Bondage Studies. #1 (1980) 
Michelle Page, Libby Curtis, Susan Culver, Melissa Ryan, Juliet Maitland, Cody Nichole, Jana Sanders, Wanda Baker & Dixie South.
Nude Bondage Studies. #2 (1980) 
Dixie South, Sofia Riga, Michelle Page, Gwen Dee, Rita Gilbert, Stephanie Strand & Candy Austin.
Nude Bondage Studies. #3 (1981) 
Undressed "damsel in distress" bondage with Laurel Blake, Michelle Page, Stephanie Strand, Gretel Vaughn, Lonnie Sanders and Pia Sands (aka Michelle Bauer) : .

Perils Of Topanga Tess

The Perils Of Topanga Tess Part 1 (1987) 
Lost in the Amazon, part one. Jaydee plays tribute to the serials of the 1940's in this epic bondage photo adventure! Starring Kiri Kelly as Topanga Tess & Simone Devon as the Black Widow.
Perils Of Topanga Tess, The. Part 2 (1987) 
The spine-tingling conclusion... Kiri Kelly as Topanga Tess & Simone Devon as the Black Widow.

Personal Bondage

Personal Bondage. #2 (1985) 
Bondagettes-next-door Sue and Rhonda in a variety of indoor and outdoor bondages.
Personal Bondage. #3 (1986) 
Bondage by TLB. 2 delightful girls-next-door in playful bondage, plus a guide to bondage scenes in the movies (rated from weak excuse to super)
Personal Bondage. #4 (1986) 
Starring "Adorable Sue" & Julie, featuring the return of Rhonda, and introdcing new bondage bombshells Taylor & Cindy. Bondage by TLB.
Personal Bondage. #5 (1986) 
Bondage by TLB. "Six pretty amateur bondage models in creative lingerie, streetwear and spandex bondages!"
Personal Bondage. #6 (1986) 
Bondage by TLB. "Never before published photos of 5 amateur models bondaged in lingerie, fantasy costumes and streetwear!"

Private Bondage In Britain

Private Bondage In Britain. #1 (1986) 
Clive Machan's personal B/W bondage photos. Two decades of private posing in England for "Love Bondagers" only. Features British housewife Madeline and brunette Joanne.
Private Bondage In Britain. #2 (1986) 
Clive Machan's B/W photography from 1950's to the present.
Private Bondage In Britain. #3 (1986) 
2 decades of bondage photography by Clive Machan- from an English gentleman's private collection.
Private Bondage In Britain. #4 (1987) 
Clive Machan's B/W photography from 1950's to the present.

Revolt Of The Bondage Models

Revolt Of The Bondage Models. #1 (1980) 
A thrilling behind-the-scenes melodrama about the bondage photo industry. Starring Libby Curtis, Juliet Maitland, Cody Nichole, Dixie South, Michelle Page, Gwen Dee, Sofia Riga, Susan Culver & Tammy Edwards. Also featuring Jennifer West as The Storyteller.
Revolt Of The Bondage Models. #2 (1980) 
The second chilling chapter about the struggle for supremacy in the bondage photo business. All outdoors lingerie and nude bondage. With Jenniifer West, Libby Curtis, Juliet Maitland, Cody Nichole, Michelle Page and Dixie South.
Revolt Of The Bondage Models. #3 (1980) 
The third and final chilling chapter about all those behind-the-scenes shenanigans in the bondage photo business. With Jennifer West, Cody Nicole, Libby Curtis, Juliet Maitland, Dixie South and Michelle Page.

Sally Roberts

Sally Roberts In Bondage. #1 (1981) 
With Susan Blair. "The star of Arrow films bondage entertainment in her debut photo magazine. Past and present pictures of an authentic damsel in distress".
Sally Roberts In Bondage. #2 (1981) 
America's bound and gagged sweetie in old and new photographs. An authentic bondage doll captured for your pleasure. Co-starring Susan Blair.

Sarah Foster Tate

Sarah Foster Tate In Bondage. #6 (1985) 
Sarah Foster Tate and Tara Hamilton. Private photos of a true-life bondage and fetish enthusiast.
Sarah Foster Tate In Bondage. #7 (1986) 
Scenes from her video. Ms. Tate in leather, lingerie, rubber, corsets, bathing caps, tennis shoes & even a gasmask.

Sean Harper

Sean Harper's Bondage Apartment. #1 (1981) 
48 pages of spectacular bondage beauty! With bondage superstar Candy Austin and features on the use of straps and tape.
Sean Harper's Bondage Apartment. #2 (1981) 
Maria Tortuga, Candy Austin, Jana Sanders & Lee Swenson. All new bondage photographs and fiction.
Sean Harper's Bondage Apartment. #3 (1981) 
5 wanton women who crave utter helplessness... including Maria Tortuga & Andrea Canelli.
Sean Harper's Tight Bondage. #1 (1981) 
Starring Pia Dimitri (aka Sands & Snow) : and Jana Sanders. "An all new bondage magazine concept featuring 6 beautiful women in 12 bondage dilemmas".
Sean Harper's Tight Bondage. #2 (1982) 
...reflections of a craftsman. Featuring Pia Dimitri (aka Sands & Snow) : , Lee Swenson, Nina Wade, Maria Tortuga & Jana Sanders.

Secret Lady & The Bondage Brides

Secret Lady & The Bondage Brides. Chapter 1 (1978) 
A thrilling bondage photo melodrama. Starring Holly Tiller, Annie Harris, Keri Webster, Jeanne Lasher and Dawn Chauvain as the Secret Lady.
Secret Lady & The Bondage Brides. Chapter 2 (1978) 
'The Thrilling Climax'! Melodramatic photo-fiction in a 1950's Irving Klaw style.

Secretary In Bondage

Secretary In Bondage. #1 (1982) 
More than 100 photos depicting the absolute joy of having your own private secretary in your own private office. With Dottie Von Dryk.

Simone Devon

Teri Martine

Teri Martine Bondage Photo Book. #1 (1982) 
Lingerie bondage, cheerleader outfit, full suspension, ropes, manacles, gloves, high heels, white sneakers and socks, bridal bondage and much, much more! Starring Teri Martine with Judith Wilson.
Teri Martine Bondage Photo Book. #2 (1983) 
Starring Teri Martine & Judith Wilson. "Tight new bondage photos of the first lady of fetish by Mark Mar!"
Teri Martine Bondage Photo Book. #3 (1983) 
Mean Teri Martine, the fetish queen, getting her bondage & gaggage comeupance in more than 100 never before seen photos by Mark Mar. Also featuring Toni Angetelli & Judith Wilson.

Undressed For Bondage

Undressed For Bondage. (1979) 
Michelle Page & Libby Curtis in their first Harmony appearance. "The exquisite binding and gagging of two exquisite bondage models".

Uschi In Bondage

Uschi In Bondage. #1 (1981) 
In which a legendary adult entertainment star, (Uschi Digard) : , gets in bind after bind (seven, to be exact) : .

Victor's Ropes

Victor's Ropes. #1 (1994) 
From Bondage Master Victor Ballen. Lacey Travis, Laurel Black, Tory Sinclair, Carrie Karter, Megan Porter & Brooke Evans.

Women Who Love Bondage

Women Who Love Bondage. #1 (1998) 
Ashley Rene, Morgan Phoenix, Darla Crane, Catalina (Lamour) : , Randi Storm and Molly Darcy.
Women Who Love Bondage. #2 (1998) 
Kristine Imboch, Catharine Beaumont, Ashley Rene, Dorothy Laine, Alex Jordan, Darla Crane, Morgan Phoenix & Bobbie Tawse. With toe bondage, vibrators, clothespins, suspension and more!
Women Who Love Bondage. #7 (2001) 
Darla Crane, Jewell Marceau, Sabrina Stone, Autumn Rain, Tanya Danielle, Sirena Scott and Dorthy Lane.


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