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A handjob, hand job, tugjob or tug job is a slang term referring to the sexual stimulation of a penis using the hands and fingers.

It is a form of outercourse or non-penetrative sex and, not involving the exchange of bodily fluids, is a type of safer sex.

The manual stimulation of a female's sex organs is usually called fingering, although sometimes "handjob" is used to refer to this act as well.

Foot job

This is a "hand job" using one's feet. In Japanese, this is referred to as ashikoki.

With care, it may be done in public under a table covered with a large tablecloth. Someone with sufficiently agile feet can even undo the trouser zip and extricate the penis with their feet.


A common handjob technique - First, the giving partner grips the receiving partner's penis with their entire hand similar to making a fist (except the fist is made around the penis). An alternative grip is to use only a couple fingers wrapped around the penis. Second, the giving partner moves their hand in an up and down motion, which causes stimulation to the shaft and glans (head) of the penis. Some people prefer to use lubrication to prevent friction on the penis. This is generally done if the partner is circumcised, because without a foreskin to glide back and forth over the head of the penis, greater friction and sometimes discomfort is created. Uncircumcised males can use lubricant, but it is generally not necessary. There are many other techniques that can be used, and some involve the use of both hands. Because each individual male is different, it generally takes patience and practice on behalf of both partners before the most pleasurable hand technique is discovered.

Handjobs may or may not end in ejaculation or orgasm; they may or may not constitute the entire sexual encounter. They may be part of foreplay or part of or a precursor to other sexual activities. They can provide sexual pleasure to a partner when penetrative intercourse is not possible or desirable.

Little physical effort is required for a handjob, and the male is not distracted by the effort of thrusting or the need to stimulate his partner's sexual organs. A handjob can incorporate a large amount of stimulation and variety and, as with other forms of sexual stimulation, the giving partner can receive significant pleasure and sexual arousal, because they can directly control and observe the sexual excitement and physical reactions of their partner.

Prevalence in massage parlours

According to a 1975 study by A.J. Velarde, in an unnamed west-coast city in the United States, provision of a "hand job", where the woman masturbated the client, was one of the services female masseuses were employed to give. Subsequent newspaper publicity of this practice caused local councils to impose licensing requirements upon masseuses similar to the ones used on prostitutes. This licensing led to increased expectations in massage parlour clients, who expected that more than a hand job would be available, that is, sexual intercourse. Because the masseuses themselves considered that they had nothing to lose in acting as prostitutes, and because the local council treated them as prostitutes, anyway, masseuses often complied, and thus attracted more prostitution to the city. \


The term "handjob" is often considered a slang or informal word rather than a clinical term. Therefore, some people take offense to the word when used in general conversation. An academic article would usually refer to a handjob as manual stimulation of a male partner, masturbating a male partner, or manual sex to a penis.

Manual stimulation of the penis by another individual may also informally be called:

  • H.J. – An abbreviated form of “Hand Job”.
  • Happy ending – If it follows a full-body massage usually performed at a massage parlor. [1]
  • Reach-around – When during an act of anal sex, the stimulating partner reaches around and gives the receiving partner a handjob. Also it could be a hand job from behind.
  • Rusty trombone – When giving anilingus and a handjob at the same time, mimicking the motions of a trombone player.
  • Handski – a slang term referring to a hand job, similar to footski or mouthski.

Types of handjobs

There are many types of handjobs, with different placing and movements of the hands. Here are some of them:

  • Endless Tunnel - The hands alternatively slide down over the penis, giving a continuous motion.
  • Ping Pong - The penis is handed or batted left to right and then right to left between the hands.
  • Palm Lick - The (lubricated) palm is rubbed up and down the shaft of the penis and in a circular motion on the head.
  • Two Finger Corkscrew - One hand is placed in an OK sign over the penis and rubbed up and down the penis shaft, on to the head and back down again. The angle of the wrist is varied in a roughly circular motion so as to lead the fingers.
  • Swizzle Stick - One hand is placed above the other on the penis, and the hands are turned in opposite directions and back again while moving up and down the penis together.
  • Washing Machine - Both hands are placed with interlinked fingers over the top of a lubricated penis and massaged up and down the penis in a figure of 8 or a circular motion

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