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"The Hotel Anthology"

a series of short stories by Robin Roberts

My Hotel Room • "Furniture" • My Massage • Room Service • The Banquet Room • Room Service 2 • In The Hallway • The Laundry room • The Garage

(Also see The EMF Trust)

by Robin Roberts

I am assigned to Room 212 here at The Hotel, and I am a multi-function Gentleman's Clothing Rack, Shoe Cleaning, and Foot Massage Kit.

I am positioned on the floor next to the gentleman's side of the bed, even with his waist when he lays down. I am close enough to the bed so that he has no trouble reaching for any particular part of my body that he so desires. My attire is white silk thong panties, thigh high stockings and high heel shoes, blindfold and a gag. I have a remotely controlled vibrator in me for your amusement and visual pleasure, as well.

I have two primary positions for him to choose: standing upright with my feet apart, or on my knees, depending on what apparatus he wants accessible at any given time.

Around my neck, I wear a collar with a ring in the center with a pants hanger attached. My hands are clasped together, behind my head with my elbows pointing straight up to hang a jacket on one, a shirt on the other. With my gag removed, a dish may be placed in my mouth to hold wallet, keys, change, etc. Hooks may be attached to my nipple rings to hold underwear, T-shirt, and socks. A hat, if worn by the gentleman may be placed on my head.

Because I am a Clothing Rack, I can also be placed outside the shower doors to hold the gentleman's Towel after his bath. Between my legs, the gentleman may find a cloth bag filled with water warmed by my thighs, to be placed under the sheets to keep his feet warm when he retires to bed.

Being multi-functional, I am also a shoe cleaning and foot massage kit. With me kneeling on the floor, the gentleman places his foot on my thigh. I lick will it with my tongue and buff and shine with my hair. For a foot massage, the gentleman sits in a comfortable chair, my vibrator acting as a foot vibrator. I place small bottles, filled with oil or lotion whichever he prefers, between my thighs to warm. I then massage his feet with my hands and mouth. Taking each foot, in turn, I place it between my breasts and I gently knead and rub the aches away.

I am also a gentleman's alarm clock. Tell me what time to awaken you. If I am not being used to hold his clothing and personal effects, I take his cock into my mouth and gently suck on it until I wake you up.


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