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A guardian is a person having legal responsibility for another (the ward). Often this refers to a person, other than a parent, who has legal responsibility for, and authority over, a child (although technically a parent is a child's legal guardian unless the child has been adopted or another person has been appointed as the guardian).

In spanking art, a guardian may appear as a person having legitimate authority to control and discipline another, usually a child.

In ageplay settings, a person is often refered to as a "guardian" if he or she plays the role of an adult who has, within the role play, authority over one who plays the role of a child.

The term "guardian" generally implies a parental or semi-parental relationship to the ward. Guardians are supposed to be benevolent figures, although the stereotype of the "stern, uncaring guardian" is, like the stereotype of the "evil stepmother", an old and widely used one.

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