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The First Steps - Τα Πρώτα Βήματα, painting by Georgios Iakovidis (1853-1932).

A grandparent is the parent of one of a person's parents.

As every person has two biological parents, a mother and a father, biologically (and also often in practice) he or she has four grandparents. The two female grandparents are called grandmothers and the two male grandparents are called grandfathers:

  1. the mother of a person's mother -> grandmother
  2. the father of a person's mother -> grandfather
  3. the mother of a person's father -> grandmother
  4. the father of a person's father -> grandfather

In practice however, not all of these may still be alive. Besides, a child's parent or grandparent may remarry after being divorced or widowed, which can result in non-biological (step-) grandparents.

Grandparents in spanking

In traditional domestic spanking, spanking stories, and spanking role play that is based upon such traditional discipline, a grandparent is not uncommon to spank his or her grandchildren.

A grandparent, particularly a grandfather, is often the head of an extended family, and as such is in a position to administer spankings. In other cases, a grandparent may serve as a particularly authoritative babysitter, or in other in loco parentis roles.

An example of a grandmother/grandson spanking scene in film is featured in the 1969 American drama film Midnight Cowboy.

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