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Written by John Norman, the Gorean Chronicles portrays the lives, times and personalities of a planet named 'Gor'. This planet (which is in Earth Orbit, but is behind the Sun so eartlings can not see it) at one time had very a advanced technology, which nearly brought about the annihilation of the planet. To prevent future planetary destruction, a class of 'technocrats' known as 'The Priest Kings' keep the other inhabitants of the planet living in a feudal society comparable to the middle ages of Earth.

A major problem devlops because of inbreeding, etc., which the Priest Kings mitigate by capturing earthlings (obviously only the prettiest women, etc.) and transporting them to Gor.

The series was very popular in the 1970s and early 1980s (millions of copies were sold), and still has many fervent fans today. (I actually have the entire set of Norman's works, including a few first editions and eBook versions.) There is an entire "earth subculture" that try to emulate the Gorean lifestyle as a modifies form of Master/slave BDSM.


Chronicles of Gor (also known as The Chronicles of Counter-Earth)

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The Telnarian Histories

  • The Chieftain (1991)
  • The Captain (1992)
  • The King (1993)

Historical fiction


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