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Geomancer is a spanking story series written by Fulgur. It consists of 26 chapters and mostly X/F spankings. The story continues with an Original animated video (OAV) that promises to pave the way for a new series. This OAV has only one chapter at the moment. Geomancer makes use of the harem motif in that there is one man with several women. This story makes heavy use of plot and sometimes spankings don't show up for several chapters.

The story has not been updated in several years and Fulgur has recently said on Anime OTK that he's lost interest in the story and may not continue it. [1]

It has been noted that there is similarity between 'Geomancer and 'Mancers (by Lawrence Kinden). The primary similarities are the harem style story (one male spanker for multiple females) and the use of the word "mancer". Other similarities, including the "quest" trope and the use of magic, are fantasy story staples. According to Fulgur: "we both came at the idea independently. Perhaps it was just one of those ideas whose time has come."


Geomancer is the story of a young man named Zack and of the girls that journey with him. The story involves a unique form of magic and the uncovering of many historical secrets about the fictional world of the characters.

This story is illustrated by Cross Chan.



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