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Genital jewellery (jewelry in American English), also known as sex jewellery and adult jewellery, is jewellery which is designed specifically for wear on or to accentuate the genitals.

It can range from nipple rings to cock rings and vaginal jewellery as well as anal jewellery (including Butt Plugs). These items often blur the line between jewellery and sex toys — the latter of which are also often highly adorned (dildos in particular have for centuries been found in highly decorative and artistic versions). While some have been around since at least Victorian times (e.g. Prince Albert piercing jewellery), a recent increase in popularity and social acceptance has resulted in the fusion between function and fashion that is sex jewellery.

Another piece that makes a statement is the ball lock. Like other genital jewellery, it will not be noticed in public, but it will surely be noticed by a partner, especially if the partner is not the one that secured it in place. For the wearer, it has a feeling of potential permanence.

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