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The Greedy Bastards Business Manual

Written by Robert H. Morrison @ 1981

This may appear to be a strange entry here, but this book has a really great way of getting people motivated. At the beginning of each chapter is a page of real pearls of wisdom.

One of my favorites is follows.

Diversify your contacts to the extreme

Build a bank of contacts in all areas of human endeavor - help and ideas can come from anywhere.

Robert Heinlein wrote in "The Notebook of Lazarus Long" (published by Putnam) that "A human being should be able to change a diaper -- plan an invasions -- butcher a hog -- conn a ship -- design a building -- write a sonnet -- balance accounts -- build a wall -- set a bone -- comfort the dying -- take orders -- give orders -- cooperate -- act alone -- pitch manure -- solve equations -- analyze a new problem -- program a computer -- cook a tasty meal -- fight efficiently -- die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."

Build your resource so that you either know or can find out. Know people who would know what you need. The wider your access to diverse knowledge -- the more successful you become.

Now, how does this information fit into BDSM lifestyle?

Making contacts is a cornerstone in having a well-rounded personality. It is how we find other people of like interests. It helps establish a support network when we have questions about "WIITWD" AND you can find out where the parties are!

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