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60s-style spanking-themed 'advertisement' featuring the Glory Bee character.
Gauis Marius (a.k.a GM, Blackshade9, ChanceBlacktown, and Midnight68) is an amateur cartoonist, animator and game designer specializing in spanking-related comic strips and animations, focusing on girl spanking art (M/f and F/f). Working in a variety of different styles, he is the creator of several spanking-oriented strips, including Glory Bee, ("America's Naughtiest Girl") Selina the Moon Girl, Miho-Chan and Victory Girl.

In 2007, GM branched out into adult-oriented anime games, the first of which, Gomen Nasai, was made available for free download through the Spanking Art Wiki on 13 October of that year. Utilizing photoshop CGI and a simple point & click play function, Gomen Nasai was the first of a series of freeware games employing GIF animations and original characters (examples of which may be viewed in the galleries below).

In 2008, GM produced several short animations featuring his OCs. These experimental cartoons are roughly 60 seconds in length, shot mainly in sepiatone and based on old-school anime of the 1960s. While not exclusively spanking-oriented, one of the clips features several brief corporal scenes involving F/f participants. Examples of GM's experiments (Ikusa no Yukai) may be viewed at his download site.

In 2010, Marius began combining much of his earlier material under a single title, Kogaru Diaries. Functioning as a shared continuity, Kogaru Diaries covers a range of anime genres such as Maho Shōjo, joshikosei, bishoujo, senshi and lolicon. The launch of a related discussion board sparked considerable controversy on the wikisphere, leading to GM's permanent expulsion from Wikimedia Commons. The precise reasons for the ban are unclear, as no specific policy was violated.

As of 2011, GM has been active on both Fetish Fuel Wiki and The Artistic Forum, where he has provided numerous illustrations for independent use. His line art templates have been employed by a number of fellow contributors, including Alina and JJ Chay. Plans are underway to create an "Artastic Wiki" dedicated to adult art and fiction.

Despite his prolific contributions to the online spanking community, Gauis Marius remains a highly controversial figure due to his unwavering support of free speech and extreme opposition to digital censorship.



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