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Fanime Imageboard was a Futaba-style imageboard dedicated to original fan art, both anime and toon based). Maintained by Noman and hosted on the AnonIB image hosting network, Fanime incorporates five seperate sub-boards, including Fanart, Spanking, Gifs, Games and Sketches, each of which include some degree of spanking imagery.

Described by its creator as a "Troll Free Zone", Fanime is devoted to the promotion of ecchi subject-matter in online amateur artwork. For this reason, most of the illustrations deal in ribald or risque imagery, usually (but not exclusively) involving pre-adolescent and teenaged girls. Popular genres include panchira, spanking, nudity and humiliation.

Regular contributors include web cartoonist William J. Griffin, Japanese illustrator Unit GX, graphic designer Vic Feiger, European fan-artist Umino, and comics historian Yardlet. At the time of this writing, the Spanking sub-board features mainly works by resident hack Gauis Marius, though all contributions are naturally welcome.


Due to the vast numbers of trolls and flamers infesting the fubata subculture, Fanime Imageboard is strictly moderated by Noman. Official Rules as posted on Fanime's Spanking sub-board are as follows:

Naturally, all visual material must be posted under the appropriate category, and photographs of real people are banned from the site. That said, visitors are encouraged to contribute new images to the various sub-boards, and requests are welcome anytime.


Fanime imageboard was terminated by Anonib's new administration in April, 2008. The site's former inventory will now be incorporated into Shoujo Imageboard as a specialized sub-board.

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