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The GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL or simply GFDL) is a copyleft license for free content, designed by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) for the GNU project. It is the counterpart to the GNU GPL that gives readers the same rights to copy, redistribute and modify a work and requires all copies and derivatives to be available under the same license. Copies may also be sold commercially, but if produced in larger quantities (greater than 100) then the original document or source code must be made available to the work's recipient.

The license was designed for manuals, textbooks, other reference and instructional materials, and documentation which often accompanies GPL software. However, it can be used for any text-based work, regardless of subject matter. The largest project using the license is Wikipedia, a general-purpose encyclopedia, but the license is not particularly popular among other projects.


Creative Commons licenses contain four major permissions:

  • Attribution (by) requires users to attribute a work's original author. All Creative Commons licenses contain this option, but some now-deprecated licenses did not contain this component.
  • Authors can either not restrict modification, or use Share-alike (sa), which is a copyleft requirement that requires that any derived works be licensed under the same license, or No derivatives (nd), which requires that the work not be modified.
  • Non-commercial (nc) requires that the work not be used for commercial purposes.

As of the current versions, all Creative Commons licenses allow the "core right" to redistribute a work for non-commercial purposes without modification. The Non-commercial and No derivatives options will make a work non-free.

Images presented on this webpage are informational and/or educational regarding the history BDSM and SM. Most are copyrighted and are not appropriate for reposting elsewhere without written consent of the copyright owner.

Also see the page [ Copyleft ] and/or [ Free content ]

All articles and images on are copyright protected.

Most of the articles and images on SM-201 have been incorporated from other GFDL sites.

Some of the articles and images on SM-201 are copyright protected by their authors.

If in doubt, drop me an email and provide the name of the article or image, and what you wish to use it for. I will endeavor to contact the creator for you.


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