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Future Science Fiction was an American science fiction pulp magazine that was published under a number of different names between 1939 and 1943 and again from 1950 to 1960.

Publication history

The magazine had its genesis in two magazines that both began to be published in 1939: Science Fiction (March 1939) and Future Fiction (November 1939). In October 1941, the two magazines were merged into the new Future Combined with Science Fiction. In October 1942 the name was changed to Future Fantasy and Science Fiction and in April 1943 it was changed to Science Fiction Stories. After the July 1943 edition, the magazine ceased publication for seven years.

The magazine was revived in May 1950 under the title Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories. The name was changed to Future Science Fiction Stories in January 1952 and to Future Science Fiction in May 1952. In January 1955, the title was changed again to Science Fiction Stories. Complicating matters, in 1955 the Future Science Fiction title was revived, and both it and Science Fiction Stories were published in parallel until May 1960, when both were discontinued.

The magazine had a cover price of 15 cents when it began and 35 cents when it was discontinued.

Summary of name changes

  • Science Fiction (Mar 1939 – Sep 1941, 12 editions); Future Fiction (Nov 1939 – Aug 1941, 6 editions)
  • Future Combined with Science Fiction (Oct 1941 – Aug 1942, 6 editions)
  • Future Fantasy and Science Fiction (Oct 1942 – Feb 1943, 3 editions)
  • Science Fiction Stories (Apr–Jul 1943, 2 editions)
  • Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories (May 1950 – Nov 1951, 10 editions)
  • Future Science Fiction Stories (Jan–Mar 1952, 2 editions)
  • Future Science Fiction (May 1952 – Oct 1954, 15 editions)
  • Science Fiction Stories (Jan 1955 – May 1960, 36 editions); Future Science Fiction (1955 – Apr 1960, 21 editions)


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Robert A. W. Lowndes was an editor of the magazine.


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