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Deviant Desires and furry

In early 2000, sex researcher Katharine Gates published her book Deviant Desires, covering both furry fandom and the wider realm of other unrelated fetishes. The published result was, overall, seen as non-complimentary. In the section on furries it distinguished between "Furry Fans" and "furvert"s but then focussed on transvestism, pony play, BDSM, fursuit sex, plushophilia, macrophilia, and the "high percentage" of gay men in the fandom.

Rich Chandler was one person who gave an interview to Gates. Chandler said that he was responsible for establishing separation between such fetishes and the fandom in the book. Chandler claimed this constituted some "pretty good damage control" and that "everyone at CF who saw the book agreed" he had done a good job.

Katherine Gates and Deviant Desires were later mentioned in the widely-publicized Vanity Fair article about the fandom.


Also known as "TinySex" and "TextSex", it is the act in which one or more players engage in a conversation of sorts, where, by using descriptive phrases, their "tinybodies" or fursonas engage in an act which mirrors sex in real life for the implicitly agreed upon purpose of sexual gratification.

Having originally been popularised in an Internet roleplaying environment, the term is widely known as a reference to cybersex among furries. It refers generally to textual descriptions of the sexual act written through a role playing or persona playing environment.

This is generally the meaning of "yiff" on MUCKs (Multi-User Chat Kingdom), and often on instant messaging systems or chat rooms such as Internet relay chat, AOL Instant Messaging or ICQ ("I seek you").

Erotic or pornographic art

Possibly the most widely known definition of "yiff", this meaning involves the visual arts, particularly drawing and painting. The nature of the artwork can vary from slightly erotic poses to heavily pornographic art (often called spoogy art, or simply spooge, in a reference to a slang word for male ejaculate). Humor is also often a component of "yiffy" art.

This is a common meaning used on artwork internet forum and websites. Many furry artists have gallery websites with yiff sections as well.

Derived words

sexually aroused (person), sexually arousing (art), or one frequently sexually aroused (person)
To yiff 
or be yiffing: to perform cybersex or sexual intercourse, mostly used when describing sex between one fur and another.
someone that is sexually attractive.
Noun form of yiff.

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