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Frottage is sexual activity without sexual penetration that can include any form of sexual rubbing, whether naked or clothed, for sexual arousal or orgasm.

Frottage can include mutual genital rubbing, sometimes called genito-genital or GG rubbing:

  • Penile-vulval rubbing without penetration for a male and a female
  • Frot, penile-penile rubbing for two males
  • Tribadism, vulval-vulval rubbing for two females

Also nonmutual genital rubbing

  • Intercrural intercourse or interfemoral intercourse, placing the penis between a partner's thighs, from the front or rear
  • genuphallation, placement of a man's penis between another person's knees
  • Mammary intercourse, putting the penis between the other person's breasts. (Also known as tit-fucking)
  • Axillary intercourse, putting the penis in the other person's armpit
  • rubbing genitals against any part of the partner's body, such as clitoris against thigh or penis against abdomen.


Frottage, more commonly known as dry-humping is the act of achieving sexual pleasure with a partner without penetration. This can include using almost every part of the body, including the buttocks, the breasts, thighs, feet, hands and even contact between sexual organs.

There are many reasons a couple may choose to dry-hump. The most common reasons for dry-humping is either as a form of foreplay prior to intercourse or as a method of safe sex, being a safer tactic for sexual stimulation. Also, dry humping can be done without the need to get undressed, and perhaps this is even preferable. Panties, bras, pantyhose, socks or stockings can aid in sexual arousal and stimulation.


The term frottage derives from the French verb "to rub" frotter.


  • "dry humping", two people engaging in clothed frottage in a manner that simulates intercourse.
  • "scrumping" a colloquialism for dry humping. A combination of the words scratchy and humping
  • "Grinding", "dubbing" or "freaking", a modern dancing style which involves partners rubbing their clothed bodies on one another.
  • "frotteur geek", a colloquialism for a person with a devotion to an atypical scenario for frottage.
  • Copping a feel

Pop culture

The gay slang terms "Princeton rub" or "Ivy League rub," and so on (referring to male-male frottage and/or interfemoral intercourse) presumably survive from the days when these colleges only admitted men.

The 1995 book Eccentric and Bizarre Behaviors by Louis R. Franzini and John M. Grossberg declares frottage, in the appropriate context, to be a perfectly normal sexual behavior for anyone "male or female, homosexual or heterosexual" in a chapter entitled "Frottage." The bulk of the content of the chapter is dedicated to frotteurists and grinding.


  • Lap dances often involve clothed frottage.
  • Sumata is a Japanese term for naked frottage between a man and a woman.
Also see the page [ Frotteurism ] and/or [ Copping a feel ]


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