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Left: reverse side of a 1962 Theta Chi fraternity paddle (Univ. of Cincinnati). Right: A 1967 Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority paddle from Penn State.
A Theta Chi fraternity paddle in "Final Exam" (a video by User:Jameslovebirch). Video clip at: Spanking Tube.
Paddle from Delta Phi Epsilon, Georgetown University, GA.

College fraternity and sorority spanking is part of the annual hazing rituals associated with recruiting new members (or pledges) during "rush week". Enduring a hard paddling is often the central event in the final initiation ceremony. This ceremonial paddling is performed with a special wooden "Greek paddle" designed (and usually personalized) for the occasion.

This is primarily a North American phenomenon, but is related to the now-banned "fagging" (underclassmen forced to do servile duties for older students) once widely practiced in English schools. Recently, universities across America have officially banned all forms of abusive hazing. However, hazing rituals are still conducted in secret at some universities, and even high schools. Every year news reports surface about students being injured during illicit hazing exercises that went too far.

Hell week

After being selected from a pledge drive or recommended by a senior member, the candidate endures a grueling hazing process for several days or an entire week, known as "Hell week." A pledge essentially becomes a willing slave to the other members and must do whatever she or he is ordered to do. Typical degradations include scrubbing floors and toilets with a toothbrush, being pelted with eggs, mud or garbage, forced binge drinking of beer to the point of vomiting, and humiliation through age play or cross-dressing.

For example, a male pledge might have to attend classes dressed in female clothes or appear in public in his underwear or a ridiculous costume. In the comedy film Pledge This!, sorority president Paris Hilton forces her candidates to eat spoiled sushi and walk around campus wearing diapers and baby bonnets. As a pledge, Nikki Cox is also forced to wear baby clothes and a bonnet in the "Sorority Girl" episode of the television comedy Unhappily Ever After (season 4, episode 6, 1997).

Assuming the position

The paddling ritual is usually reserved for the final initiation or oath ceremony. Sometimes this is done in a quasi-religious fashion with the attendees dressed in monkish robes. Typically the pledge is ordered to "assume the position" and bends over to receive a certain number of hard swats from a specialized Greek paddle. He or she might also have to recite an oath of loyalty or repeat after each stroke: "Thank you, Sir/Miss, may I have another?"

A fraternity paddle spanking of this type is depicted in the cult comedy Animal House (1978) and can be seen at Youtube. Sorority pledges are paddled in the 1980 porn film Co-Ed Fever. Sorority sisters Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer endure similar initiation paddlings in Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama (1988). Paddling scenes also occur in Vampires of Sorority Row (1999) and its sequel Vampires of Sorority Row II (2000).

On television an entire episode of 21 Jump Street ("Hell Week", 3:6, 1989) was centered around fraternity hazing rituals. Undercover cop Johnny Depp becomes a fraternity pledge and is smacked once with a Greek paddle during one of his many tests. (Video clip at YouTube.)

The Greek Paddle

The so-called "Greek Paddle" comes in many shapes and sizes. Some have even been adapted from boat oars and canoe paddles. However, the larger sporting goods companies have been producing standardized oak paddles (22 inches long, 3.5 inches wide) for many decades.

Usually these are customized and given to the pledge as a memento after they become a full member. One side of the paddle generally has the name of the university, school seal, and name of the fraternity/sorority chapter printed on it. The reverse side has a decal with that chapter's coat of arms, engraved greek letters representing the chapter, plus a "to-" and "from-" dedication.

Punishments with the Greek paddle may also occur as a way to enforce the rules and bylaws of the fraternity/sorority. Recreational paddling at campus parties and during spring break vacations is increasingly common as evidenced by the profusion of amateur photos and videos posted by students on countless websites and Spanking blogs.

Hazing in films

  • For Men Only is a 1952 B-movie about fraternity hazing that leads to tragedy. Pledges are repeatedly humiliated and must wear a sign around their necks that says "Scum". On the campus green one pledge assumes the position and receives four hard smacks from a large Greek paddle. He has to recite "Thank you, Sir. May I have another?" after each stroke. This scene can be viewed at YouTube.
  • Second Initiation of the Sorority Girl (circa 1955) is a five-minute film-loop by Irving Klaw featuring fetish icon Bettie Page. However, this has no paddling sequence. Page plays a domme who gags, humiliates, and hand-spanks a pledge who is shackled in chains and wearing a bizarre metal bra and chastity belt outfit. (Available for viewing at Adult spanking videos on YouTube.)
  • Sorority Girl (1957), a Roger Corman B-movie about a bitchy, domineering coed (Susan Cabot). In a fit of rage, she gives a sorority sister three hard whacks with a big Greek paddle. Video clip at YouTube
  • Something Weird Video has released scores of vintage stag films in its Nudie Cuties series, including a 1930s sorority short Slappa Nu Thi (Volume 30). Volume 338 has Sorority Secrets and vol. 350 includes Naughty Sorority Girls, both from the 1950s.
  • Co-Ed Secrets (aka Ladies Behave Yourselves on YouTube) is a 5-minute silent stag film from the 1950s featuring three lingerie-clad women as college girls. A pledge is hazed by being bound, spanked with large, oddly shaped sorority paddles and tickled with feathers. She is welcomed into the sorority then gets her revenge by paddling the other two girls. Several edited versions exist on YouTube, but the complete film can be viewed on the Internet Archive.
  • RENT-A-GIRL (1965) is an exploitation film with two scenes featuring women being beaten with an engraved Greek paddle. However, this is part of an initiation ritual for a private sex club, not a sorority. The second paddling deals with the sadistic humiliation of another club member. (See the video clip at the Internet Archive.)
  • Kentucky Woman (1983), is another example of a paddling initiation in a non-college setting. In this made-for-TV film, a woman (Cheryl Ladd) is forced to take a job as a coal miner. In order to be accepted by her male co-workers, she has to endure a humiliating initiation ritual. After being covered in grease, she has to bend over and receive a few hard smacks from a wooden board.
  • Silent Madness (1984) is an obscure slasher film released in 3D. A disturbed teenager watches three sorority girls being paddled during pledge week. He then joins them, gets drunk, and is paddled himself. Video clip at Youtube
  • School Daze (1988), a group of male fraternity pledges line up for sadistic paddlings in this Spike Lee film. Video clip at YouTube.
  • Son of the Beach (2000-2002); TV series on the FX network. A montage in the episode "Witness for the Prostitution" shows a brief sorority paddling initiation of two girls. Watch the clip at MyVideo.
  • Sorority Girls' Revenge (2001) is a campy teen exploitation comedy. A special ping-pong paddle is used repeatedly on four sorority pledges as well as two Peeping Toms who are taken prisoner by the girls.
  • Kottentail (2004), campy horror film with underwear-clad sorority pledge smacked with a ping-pong paddle. Video clip at Sevenload.

Sorority fetish films

sisters spanking initiation. Video at YouTube

  • Sorority Spank (London Ent., 2002) – Francesca Le
  • Painful Sorority Initiation (Galaxy Entertainment, 2004) - Rick Savage
  • Hazing of Vivian (Galaxy Entertainment, 2004) - Rick Savage
  • Sorority Hazing (Jill Kelly Productions, 2004)
  • Sorority Sadists (Vixen Video, 2004)
  • Sorority Sisters Whip Ass (Brooks Applications, Femdom)
  • Asian Spanking Sorority Girls (Spice XXX, 2008)
  • Bruisin' Sorority (Bruce Seven) - Porsche Lynn, Trixie Tyler
  • Hazing Aimee (
  • Sorority Hazing (VOD Concepts)
  • Sorority Hazing Horror (Severe Society Films)
  • Babydoll Bottoms (Shadow Lane)

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